Orange Bowl open thread

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The Orange Bowl. (RIP Miami Orange Bowl)

This is the scene at kickoff. Tickets were going for $3.25 on stubhub.



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lol Remember when we wouldn't get Dan Mullen, Gary Patterson, or Les Miles, and Jim Harbaugh was laughable. We were supposed to pray that Tom Herman or Steve Addazio took it because Michigan was such a bad job. Suck it ESPN. This is Michigan.

snarling wolverine

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The 2000 Orange Bowl wasn't a sellout either.  The truth is, it's hard to ask huge numbers of people to travel and buy these super-expensive tickets on short notice.  

For the same reason, the NCAA tournament is played in front of mostly empty arenas (except when there's a de facto home team) until the Final Four.


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And with only 72 hours to get out there? /s

I was at the 1991 regionals at the Silverdome.  They drew close to 30,000 for the Sweet 16 matchups (St. John's/OSU and Duke/UConn).  But when OSU was upset, everybody went back to Columbus.  There were maybe 15,000 people there on Sunday.  

If we ever move to a 8 team or 16 team playoff, at least the first two rounds need to be played on campus.  You can't expect fans to travel to all these different locations during the holidays.

Yostbound and Down

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I'm actually kinda interested in this game to see what Mullen does and always like watching Ga. Tech. Triple Option FTW


Also, has anyone heard anything about Mullen going anywhere or is he staying at Miss. St?


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he has nowhere to go

Foley dislikes him at UF

Michigan had him as  B candidate

Nebraska was a perfect fit and they wanted Bielema and went Riley instead.

I think his stock was super high this year and he did not cash in. 

Arkansas is going to be a player in the SEC next year IMo and Ole Miss with Treadwell back and that guy with the cool name on D will be healthy.  LSU offense will be back next year - super young this year but Chavis leaving is bad.  Auburn got Muschamp as DC.  Might be a 5th place finish next year for Miss State.


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- They had nothing to play for.
- This was a big letdown after an exhausting regular season.
- If Miss St or Ole Miss were playing in the playoff, you would've seen a different team out there.

The only SEC team that would have a legitimate loss in their minds will be Alabama because they're actually playing for something.  All the other teams really didn't try.


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I have a feeling it's the programs. No one really feels like going to a Georgia Tech vs. Mississippi State game even if the teams are better then a lot of the blue bloods out there. The arkansas Texas game was sold out and that was two 6-6 teams. USC vs. Nebraska was sold out too.


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I don't think many people realize now how big a rivalry Arkansas/Texas was, back in the day. They played the first Game of the Century of my lifetime. (No, that's not true, but I don't recognize the other one.)

Marine One landed President Nixon on the field for the start of the game. The TV share was 52. Nixon and GHW Bush  gave a National Championship plaque to the winner, even though there was still a bowl game to be played.

That's pretty big.

Ed.: I had no idea that while we were watching the Orange on ESPN, ESPN2 was running a special on this very game. Wow.


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They mentioned that a Big Ten crew was working this game. This could make things amusing later on, particularly if it gets close. 

I did like Georgia Tech's aggressiveness from go after that interception. Let's see if they can keep that up for a bit. 


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