Orange Bowl Eligibility of Sammy Watkins in Question?

Submitted by wresler120 on December 13th, 2011 at 10:46 PM

So, Apparently Sammy Watkins was scheduled to appear at a "for profit" party at the Firepit in Fort Myers Florida on December 23rd. Along with Sammy Watkins, the other players who were going to be present were the Gators' Jaylen Watkins, West Virginia's Brodrick Jenkins and S. Florida's Spencer Boyd. As everyone on this blog knows, along with every NCAA athlete (should know, because it's common sense, and their compliance officer's should have it drilled into their head) that they are now allowed to be used as advertisement in any "for profit" events, nor are they allowed to host a for profit event. The use of these individuals names in connection with a party is a direct NCAA violation.

I have read the article, and I have a hard time believeing these guys weren't being compensated  in some way. (I can't say this for sure, but not many people are doing things for free now-a-days, unless it's a school involved event or charity event, especially when the place they are "hosting" the party for will be making huge bucks off their appearance).  Each of these guys are from the Fort Myers Florida area, and I would have a hard time believing any story wherein they say they did not know anything about this, and had no involvement in it. Actually, according to the flyer, these guys were hosting the party. For anyone who doesn't know ... 239 is the area code for Ft. Myers Florida.

In my opinion this is something the NCAA should investigate further, especially to see if there may have been a monetary exchange. While the investigation is going on, these kids should be forced to sit out the bowl game. I know people will disagree, but the distribution of these flyers is already an NCAA violation, and there could be more severe underlying violations that could come out through an investigation. It's time for student athletes to use common sense in their judgment calls. With all the clouds hanging over many programs this year, you would think these kids (especially those participating in an upcoming bowl) would not take any chances when it comes to NCAA violations. Unless the NCAA grows a pair and starts making an example of individuals and teams (yeah that was directed at you Ohio State), then teams and individuals will continue to make a mockery of the NCAA.

It seems like Clemson is "kind of" blowing this off by saying they don't "expect" Watkins to be ruled ineligible. But, I have to believe they will be sweating it out up until kickoff, as they can ill afford to play this game without Watkins.



December 13th, 2011 at 11:36 PM ^

This has NCAA violation written allllll over it!  Of course nothing will come of it and will be considered just a friendly gathering in the 239.  How f***ing dumb are some of these kids...


December 14th, 2011 at 12:11 PM ^

I doubt that there was any NCAA violation (other than the promotion). At least not anything NCAA could do anything about.

Most of these club "promotions" are done by oral agreements and cash payouts. The DJ probably told the players "come to the party, I will set you up as VIP, free booze and girls all night." It is possible that the DJ also promise them cash, but it is highly doubtful that there was any formal agreement.

Without any paper trail, it would be impossible for NCAA to prove anything.

The only violation that can be proven is the flier. I doubt that anything too harsh will come from that.


December 14th, 2011 at 12:58 AM ^

The NCAA has shown it has no spine or will do anything about it aka OSU - those guys played in their bowl game, so will these guys.  If anything happens at all it will be during the offseason or next year...and I stress at all.

Especially when WVU/Clemson is the weakest BCS game - gotta keep up every hope of attendance and TV ratings.