Optimism on the Situation

Submitted by MaizeNBlue on August 30th, 2009 at 7:09 PM

In light of a lot of people freaking out about different aspects of the outbreak last night/today, I wanted to offer some quick optimism on the topic.

First, remember that only six to ten players were dissatisfied and reporting violations to the Free Press. For those of you who are afraid of a locker room division (I am one of these people), just remember that this is only 6-10 people, not half the team. I bet most of the team is just annoyed by this distraction and will probably move on after a few of them (likely seniors) issue statements about the legitimacy of the program (possibilities: Minor, Sheridan, Forcier, Mathews). I've seen the observation that those who were complaining are probably lower on the depth chart, and I can definitely see the logic in that. A future starter probably wouldn't have reason to complain.

It seems 95% certain that nothing will really come out of this, as petty accusations are launched against a carousel of schools every season, year, and decade, and are dismissed respectively without a second thought. Bill Martin has done the right thing in conducting self-investigation and will likely find that the complaining players mis-interpreted either the rules or the conditions in which they were practicing, and thus their argument is void. A few of these players might announce their leaving the program early in the season, thus easing any "team tension."

My expectations, at least, for Saturday, have not lowered.



August 30th, 2009 at 7:12 PM ^

Also remember, at least some of the players that were making these statements are no longer on the team. I would guess the number of players that made statements and are currently on the team is probably only 2 or 3, if that.


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Also, I have the feeling that some of those 10 were not really actively complaining to the Freep in secret. The cynic in me says that the "reporter" (i can't even utter his name) simply took advantage of some young kids and aksed them a few simple questions about how long they spent doing "football stuff" during the week.

If I was really cyncial I'd say this was ultimately organized by a certain former wolverine now playing one state south of Michigan (and his slimy coach)...but I try not to automatically go towards conspiracy theories.


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Yes, and they said they interviewed 10 total, right? 5 were disgruntled, one did not deny the claims, and the other four's opinions were not published (which probably means they were either in different or supportive). Former players' opinions should not create a locker room distraction. 5 players being truly disgruntled (some of which may not even be attending the University this semester) should not cause a division, either.

steve sharik

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...then that is further evidence of shoddy journalism. Nice fucking sample size, dilholes. Why didn't Snyder interview more? Probably b/c people would've gotten wind of what he was up to and fed him to you-know-who (hint: eeeeeeeeeeeee).


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were Hawthorne and Stokes. We know the context.

And the former player comments were any number of guys lingering in the basement of the depth charts- O'Neill, Clemons,etc.

Much ado about nothing.

Go Blue.


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I wouldn't be entirely shocked if the FreeP authors counted Hawthron and Stokes as the only current player, even though its clear that their statements are baited and out of context. So, perhaps we have something like two baited freshmen and four former players complaining.

EDIT - Sorry, looks like my opinion is not exactly a novel one.


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I made the mistake of watching this interview, and I instantly became infuriated all over again. This guy talked up on his high horse and when he was asked about his response to Michigan denying claims he just said that we are going to have no where to hide this upcoming season and its all gonna come out. He was then asked by Michael Kin (who I think is a Michigan fan) about the alleged effects this had on academics last year, and of course Rosenberg left out the little detail about the teams GPA being one of the highest ever. I was basically screaming at the TV for Kim to bring up that detail, but this is ESPN we are talking about. Rosenberg is just loving his time in the spotlight, and ESPN is just egging him on. Makes me physically ill!