Opinions on Alden Hill

Submitted by jbibiza on June 9th, 2011 at 8:23 AM

Have a look at the highlights below and see what you think of running back Alden Hill.  TomVH spoke with him a while back and I think he said he was camping at Michigan  in hopes of an offer.  He has great size, good speed and the attitude of the downhill type of runner that Hoke is looking for.  Other pluses are that he could convert to a BJ Askew type of FB in a split backfield and he is on the same team as 2013 ( Michigan lean) RB Dymonte Thomas.  He plays in Div. 3 in Ohio, so anyone who knows please advise as to what level of competition that is.  Hoke is on record as wanting a RB in every class and they also are looking at fullbacks, so this kid could fill both niches.  Check it out:




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with 8 rbs currently under scholarship, i dont see the downside of waiting until next yr to grab a RB. With so few scholarships available (4 + attrition), and so many positions of greater need (DT, WR, OT, S), I'd rather not take a RB (unless it is an elite guy). Especially since RB is a position where a freshman can come in and play right away, I don't see the point in getting a RB in every class just for the sake of it. 

And while I recognize that Hoke stated that he wanted to take a RB in this class, he may have just been saying that in case any elite RBs were paying attention.


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I think we are going to wait on Dunn, Marshall, and one or two other top targets we are after. Since, RB isn't exactly a position of need, I think we can afford to wait around and see if more scholarships open up for an elite guy making a decision closer to signing day.


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I think that at least one of the nation's top tier RBs will strongly consider UM between the end of this fall and signing day.  Our ability to finish the season strong (against a tough schedule) will enhance the consideration were given.


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A top level FB is probably more necessary in the 2012 class than a top level TB. After McColgan moves on, I'm not sure they have an optimal candidate on the roster.


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Joey Kerridge is a preferred walk-on who will be joining the team this fall. This kid is pretty good, he tore up his ACL as a senior, otherwise he may have had some pretty good offers. Still need another FB, but if Kerridge comes back healthy he will see a lot of playing time during his career.


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I agree Kerridge looke impressive in video that use to be available on YouTube.  He reminded me of ND's TE Randolph when he ran the ball.  He looks big, strong, and runs people over.  He didn't look like a big 'cutter,' so I don't know that an ACL repair will affect him all too much.


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I wouldn't mind if we taken an elite running back this year (Marshall, Dunn, etc.), but Alden Hill doesn't fall in that category.  We don't need just another guy.  We need a very good running back...or we can settle for what we've got in Cox, Toussaint, Smith, Hayes, Hopkins, Jones, and Rawls (in no particular order).


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edit: You corrected it while I was writing so now I'm just unnecessarily taking up room. *self high five*

Re: Hill-Like Magnus said, we really don't need a RB just for the sake of getting one this class. We'll have 7 in 2012 in an offence where the OC has openly said he'd prefer one feature back as opposed to a platoon. Unless we can get an elite kid (Marshall, Dunn, Garmon, etc.) then another runningback is a bit of a waste.


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This has probably been discussed before and I know, the coaches know what they're doing. But, does anyone know why we haven't offered Rushel Shell? He's a big, highly ranked back from this area. Granted I've never seen his tape and I don't know his situation.