Opinion on Notre Dame Performance Vs. Purdue?

Submitted by Glen Masons Hot Wife on September 8th, 2010 at 7:13 PM

Didn't get a chance to see any of Purdue Notre Dame. Just wondering what people thought of the new Irish, Crist as a QB, etc. I'm too impatient to wait for Brian's scouting report.

The game summary only says so much.

Any opinions?



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Living in Chicago Comcast Sports Chicago re-aired the PU / ND game last night, so I watched a bit of it. To me (now maybe it was beacuse of the great show Dlilithium put on) both teams looked very slow. Marve burned ND on his TD run - D line and LBs looked completely lost. My gut tells me we'll be able to move the ball easily on ND. As for the ND offense, they ran the ball more than I thought Kelly wanted (I heard later he is looking to run 60/40). Allen had a good day - running right up the gut. PU also seemed to play soft in the secondary, though Floyd did not have a great day. My overall thoughts, ND looked slow and their offense very bland - but I bet that was by design. Also, it looks like Weiss (miss ya big guy XOXO) left better talent than Carr, but still not the type of people he wants for his offense.

Everything I've heard about Kelly is he is PISSED OFF both UM and MSU passed him by for coaching jobs and he wants to destroy both schools. So I am sure he kept a lot to the vest.

Not a lot of info, but maybe this helps hold you over until Brian gets his scouting report out.

Go Blue!


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Plus, he would have left MSU for a better job eventually.  Good coaches do that unless the name is Izzo. I did hear recently he actually interviewed and they went Danner.

Michigan is a landing job though.  I don't really know the history on that with U of M. Cincinatti was his first big conference job and he'd been there 1 year when Lloyd retired.  Rich had run a big conference program for over a half decade and turned it into a power. 

I don't know if Coach Kelly was on the short list for the job. I wouldn't argue if someone said he should have been.  He is a fine coach.


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Everything I've heard about Kelly is he is PISSED OFF both UM and MSU passed him by for coaching jobs and he wants to destroy both schools.

I could maybe believe this regarding MSU - they jerked him around a little before choosing Dantonio - but I don't think he was interested in our job when it came open.  He had been at Cincinnati only one season, and probably didn't want to move right then.  And even then there were rumors that he was waiting out Charlie Weis.   

 Anyway, it doesn't matter.  This is UM-ND.  You don't need any extra motivation for this. 

Enjoy Life

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Kelly is the same situation as RR was -- not very many players to fit his philosophy. But, they do have Armando Allen. If we can keep him in check, it should be another win.


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Guys who watched: was their defense look slow or fast?  I have heard and read both.   How do you think it stacks up with UCONN's D just on your eye test?


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I've got to agree, most of the comments above are downplaying ND in my mind.  I think you guys will be quite the test (and vice-versa).  We might be on different sides of this one Irish, but I think we'll both agree that ND is looking like a fairly good team.

I DVRed the ND-Purdue game and though I think ND wasn't as world-beating as I'd anticipated them looking, they're still going to be tough to beat.


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I think you can't glean enough from a team after one game, Michigan included.

I know Notre Dame did something Michigan hasn't the past two years - beat Purdue. I know that doesn't mean much but I've heard a lot of people making the argument that since UConn beat ND last year and we beat them this year that means something.


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My dad could totally kick your dads ass...

Lets be honest fellas, it doesn't really matter either way "how good and quick" ND looked against Purdue... Purdue isn't exactly a powerhouse this year and they lost their starting RB to a knee injury, and UConn this year is not UConn last year.

We're still going to have to go out there and out-hit, out-hustle and out-play those Irish to get the win.. Kelly isn't going to give it to us with a 3rd down playaction.

That being said, I believe the saying is "you can't coach speed"


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It was a consistent performance all the way around.  Very few mistakes were made.  The defence was pretty solid except the one play where Marve took off.  4 sacks and 2INTs is pretty darn good.

Offensively things were probably as vanilla as you can get while trying to keep Crist from over doing it.  The run game was exceptional for ND standards as of late.  Passing game needed some work.

To recap: Marve TD, safety, not so crisp passing attack == Bad.

Running game and solid defense == Good.


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The biggest improvement from a ND standpoint is their defense.  They were pretty solid on Saturday.  Now there's reason to question just how potent Purdue's offense is given they have a new QB and are playing a backup at RB but it was still a solid performance for Notre Dame.  They should have shut the Boilermakers down and that's exactly what they did.

The biggest question mark for Notre Dame is their new QB.  Crist looked good but he definitely got a case of the yips when he felt some pressure, which is understandable given it was his first start.  There's no question ND is worse at that position than they were last year.

As far as what I look at as a Michigan guy is how Notre Dame's line holds up.  If they can open up holes in the run game and give Crist time then the Irish should be in good shape.  If they struggle then Notre Dame is going to be in for a long day.  They have a fairly inexperienced o-line so that could play into Michigan's favor.

Can't wait for Saturday to get here!


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Kelly ahs butt loads of talent in his first year, while Poor lil Rich Rod is STILL suffereing from the effects of Lloyd--get over it.

This is Rich Rod's third full year, If he loses to an ND team starting a first year QB behind a rebuilt OLine, and a defense that stunk forever under Weiss, something is wrong.


Quit lowering and lowering expectations. Michigan should be in a position to DRILL Notre Dame. They will, based on how great everyone here seems to think Rich Rod and his speedy midgets are, beat Notre Dame by three touchdowns. Period.


September 9th, 2010 at 12:16 AM ^

Question for all you out there. How does Notre Dame normally do against fast qb's...or even mobile. I remember last year tate had a great run and marve yesterday had a great run...both of which are mobile but not "fast".  I know traditionally in the lloyd years michigan was terrible against the fast qb's, dixon tore us apart.