Opening the South Florida Pipeline through Satellites

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You have to love the Nostradamus Bucknut types who said this 7 months ago:  "Desperate coaches do desperate things."

The South Florida recruiting grounds have so much talent, making recent recruiting gets there a real threat to FSU, UF and Miami long term.  This was much more strategic then most people realized, especially when you look at the venue of the camp.  Which is kind of unusual beacuase Stephen Ross being an alumni and having a Stadium.  Anyone know what other strategic recruiting areas (besides AL and NJ) that are going to be a steady permanent pipeline areas under Harbaugh i.e. certain areas in Texas and California?  





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I honestly think that a large reason we are taking 2* and 3* guys from Georgia and Florida is to build a pipeline for more highly regarded recruits in the future.  Not that those guys don't merit the offer, but Harbaugh seems to be targeting specific schools to get his foot in the door.  That's why we have so many sets of teammates coming in.


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but didn't we do something similar with Denard and a less-heralded teammate Adrian Witty?

I mean look at what we are doing in New Jersey. I'm sure it helps with familiarity to have fellow players from the same state or region. One has to think Rashan Gary sees this as a positive and eventually punches his ticket to Ann Arbor.

Fun Fact: Adrian Witty is still playing college football for UC Bearcats. Look it up. Like 6th year medical hardship senior or something. Yeah, he's 25.


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Well the 5 for '16, and the 3 (who will all play next year) more in '15. I would have to say the work done in S.Florida has been undeniably significant.

Harbaugh has done well in not only in Florida, but obviously NJ. Texas is starting to looking promising as well with Elliott and potentially Jean Delance.

Recruiting on a national scale is wayyy more exciting than just hitting the midwest

Mr. Yost

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Because how would any of us know?

But whatever, I'll answer it without trolling. Georgia.

Gerogia churns out D1 prospects at a similar rate to Florida, Texas and Cali. In fact, I think they're #4 right behind the big 3.

OH, PA, LA are all hotspots as well, but Georgia.


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Per Capita Rankings :


I think Georgia is a real good spot to start hitting on and if Smart cant get things going these kids are going to look elsewhere. I trust the staff is onto this notion and knows what they are doing and will start attacking other states with rich talent as they did Florida this year. 


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Right. Follow the offers. That's all you can do.

By my count, Michigan has offered 24 players in Georgia for the class of 2017. That's roughly one-sixth of their offers so far. So when 16% of your offers are going to one state far away, I'd say that's a pretty good indication of a place Harbaugh wants to recruit. So far it has panned out with Taylor and Holloman.


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Leroy Hoard, James Hall, Chris Howard, Anthony Thomas.  Those are some good building blocks to get more guys.  Plus LSU is the only competition in that state.  Considering LA is right next door to Texas, it also makes it easier to drop in on kids when going back and forth to TX.


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It is currently an almost impossibility to pull a kid from Louisiana that LSU or Alabama wants for an SEC school, let alone a northern school like Michigan. Even Meyer struggles as he has never and I mean NEVER, pulled a kid from LA in his entire coaching career. If Harbaugh can in some way pierce the iron curtain that Nick Saban built around that state and Les Miles has maintained...


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As Carlos Spicyweiner said, we are not a "threat" to the big Florida programs yet. Not when recruiting Florida's top prospects.

OSU has been signing some of Florida and Georgia's best players for the last few years. They are much more of a threat in SEC country than we currently are. 


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Considering that we have virtually stopped recruiting Ohio, building these pipelines in places like South Florida is a strategic endeavor for us.



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I will admit that I've been curious as to why that might be, considering that Michigan recruited Ohio heavily in the past. I wonder if it is something relatively simple such as the relationships that the current staffs have when it comes to recruiting being largely elsewhere, but all the same, this staff has its hands in places where the talent is the most plentiful, it seems. 


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There was a good article on here about that.  I think Brian may have indicated that his take is that we aren't necessarily AVOIDING Ohio, but that we haven't gotten around to targeting it yet, either.  I mean, we did pick up an Ohio HS coach for a recruiting position, right?  I'm sure we'll be sneaking around in OSU's backyard sooner or later.