The Opening Day 3 Open Thread

Submitted by MichiganMan2424 on July 8th, 2012 at 12:34 PM

The Opening Day 3 has just started with 7 on 7 play. There is already some Michigan news.

#AlphaTalon w/ a 12 yd TD strike from Tyrone Swoopes to Jake Butt. ‪#Hookem ‪#Michigan

And this from Allen Trieu

Big collision. Laquon Treadwell down.



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With Treadwell and RSJ as WR's....ole Hackenberg has not been good this weekend from the way it sounds.

Still seems like this weekend it was mainly Morris/Browne being the standout QB's


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Not that it's Michigan related, but OJ Howard is going to be a monster TE at bama.  Wolverineinabag would be proud 

On our side of the fence, I'm glad to see Jake Butt is performing well in the 7 on 7's.  TE's are going to be an integral component to our O going forward.   Things are looking up with Butt, Funchess and Hill

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Brice Ramsey is struggling a lot early today as is Swoopes, Hackenberg throwing a lot of picks as well. Browne, Morris Bateman best early

Wow, when Hackenberg is hot he is good but when he is cold, he is ice cold. So many picks the last two days. Tries to force it way too much

he's either 1 or 2 with Browne : how has Shane Morris looked? Where would you rate him in the QBs there?


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I kinda feel bad for Swoopes in that this setting just kills him. Cant take off and use his legs and for a guy like that those legs can create passing windows as well.

Be like Denard in one of these 7 on 7's.....

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Brice Ramsey's Carbon squad eliminates Christian Hackenberg's Speed squad 30-8 at

Shane Morris' Land Sharks are going to knock out Tyrone Swoopes Alpha Something squad 18-13

Hackenberg's Alpha Speed also had Laquan Treadwell, Ty Isaac, and Cameron Burrows on the team.

Swoopes' Alpha Talon had Jake Butt, Mike McCray, and Leon McQuay on the roster.


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This may be good news for us... USC is still in Treadwell's final group... they already have 3 WRs commited and limited scholarships, so if Harris commits to USC, I have to think they are done at WR even if Treadwell shows interest.  One less school for him to visit before he makes a decision... one less option for him to choose over Michigan.  Plus, Harris has always seemed a longshot for Michigan despite his stated interest.

Both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have 3 WRs each for 2013... have to think they're getting close to filling as well, although without limited scholarships, they may be willing to take Treadwell as "best available" even if they have 4 WRs....

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From 247Sports Board:

Today, Browne has been the best followed by Morris. Bateman has improved. Hackenberg struggled. My personal opinion is that he's just a split second slow with his decision-making. Keep in mind, he hasn't had a full-time quarterback coach like some of these guys, is a three-sport athlete and still has a high ceiling, so just because he was a turnover machine in 7-on-7 and threw a lot of interceptions last season doesn't mean he's doomed as a prospect.

There is no doubt that he has all of the tools if he can fix those issues.

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Vapor Talon scores to put Shane in a 2 TD deficit in 2nd half. Doesn't look like we are going to get to see Shane on ESPNU tonight.

Quick 3 and out by Shane Morris' Sharks, Brice Ramsey throws Tramel Terry for a TD, PAT to Travis Johnson good 22-6 Carbon

Shane strikes back to close the gap:

Shane Morris lofts one in the corner and Ahmad Fullwood goes high to get it for a TD, PAT fails, 22-12 Carbon still leads