The Opening Day 2 Top Performers

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247 put out another list of top performers for the second day of the opening. They did one for the offense, defense, and lineman in pads.*

*Due to HS rules, both Taco Charlton and David Dawson can't wear pads at events like this, so neither were eligible for this list. The third Michigan lineman there, Kyle Bosch, went home early Saturday with an illness, so he had no chance to participate.…

Performers of note for Michigan:


1- Shane Morris- The Michigan commit had the most consistent day. In a setting where quarterbacks tend to settle for the checkdowns and short, safe passes, he was able to consistently throw the ball down the field successfully. We have seen Morris in this setting throw the ball inconsistently in the past, but today, he was on the money.

Wide receivers

2- Laquon Treadwell- Treadwell has impressed for two days and on Saturday, there was no better receiver on throws down the field. He showed the ability to get off the line quickly for a bigger receiver and has a bounce in athleticism with the way he moves. Anything thrown that was a high point ball, a skinny post or a similar route was very good to Treadwell. He has to work on getting back to the ball and getting his arms extended, but his stock is definitely on the rise. Treadwell is uncommitted, but Michigan is the team to beat.



-Four-star California safety Tyler Foreman had several nice pass break-ups and moves well for his size. Leon McQuay III and Hatari Byrd also had nice moments.

-------- From here on is my commentary

While Morris was the only Michigan committ to show up on the lists, the rest of the Michigan players in attendance performed well also.

The consensus on Jourdan Lewis was that he had a solid day, especially in the televised 7 on 7 game he played last night where he had one pick and another one called back due to a sack. The knock on him was that he struggled a bit with larger receivers, specifically once when he got beat deep by Treadwell, but hopefully we won't have to worry about that in the future.

Taco Charlton couldn't play in pads so he didn't show up on any lists, but he was very impressive yesterday.

"The guys from states where you can't wear pads are going now. Taco Charlton has been dominant."

"Taco Charlton with a quick hesitation/stutter step and right around Shamire DeVine. Massive frame potential with Taco"

Just a couple of reviews

There wasn't much out on David Dawson, but what I could find was very good.

"David Dawson takes none of Tyquan Lewis. Stuffs him." *Lewis is a LB/DE recruit with a top two of OSU and UNC.

I couldn't find much on Jake Butt either, but what I found was fairly consistent with what I've heard in the past. He has very soft hands, good pass catcher, but not at the elite athletic level as some of the other TEs.

The last committ, Mike McCray, also didn't have much out. That's not surprising though because 7 on 7's usually aren't the place that LBs shine (save Jaylon Smith.) This is all I could find.

"Talked about it a little on our Michigan site this AM. We had some nice comments on McCray from Friday, but for him, 7-on-7 is not really his platform to standout among the rest. Either way, our analysts like the caliber of prospect Michigan is getting in McCray."

All in all, a very nice day for Michigan. By all accounts Treadwell and Morris were two of the top performers.

Then there's this tweet from Mike Farrell as well.

Mike Farrell @rivalsmike

Laquon Treadwell told me he's 75% sure he's headed to ‪#Michigan , obviously I think it could be higher. Kid has been awesome at ‪#TheOpening



Leaders And Best

July 8th, 2012 at 11:55 AM ^

Holland Fisher, Shane Morris, Jaylon Smith in that order as far as who had the best performances in 7on yesterday. That's just taking yesterday into account and just my opinion.

And the funny thing about that is that they are all on the Land Sharks team.  Hopefully, Shane and the Land Sharks can pull out the 'ship in prime time tonight.


July 8th, 2012 at 12:24 PM ^

The McCrayken is just lying low until his wrath is awakened. Then he will emerge from the depths and crush his opponents.

I think he is my favorite recruit from this class solely because of his nickname and the potential it has. I am intensely rooting for him to become an elite player in college and beyond. If not, oh well. Still had an awesome nickname.

Leaders And Best

July 8th, 2012 at 12:36 PM ^

--Sounds like Treadwell just took a shot:

Laquon Treadwell making plays again on day two... Looks like he might have gotten banged up on last play. Should return

Big collision. Laquon Treadwell down

--Leon McQuay opened the game with an INT off PSU's Hackenberg:

Leon McQuay with a pick to start day for Alpha Talon... Mark Dodsen with a couple nice plays to move them into the red zone.

Space Coyote

July 8th, 2012 at 1:11 PM ^

It is very unlikely he gets a 5 star, partly because of his projected position, also because he isn't playing in pads at any of these camp settings, and I'm not sure he's a top 40ish prospect.  I do think he is going to keep moving up a bit more and solidify a ~top 150 type player and a top player at his position, but for him to get all the way up to 5 star is a big, big move.