Open Thread/DVR Reminder: Michigan basketball @ Iowa 1:00 Big Ten Network

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Men's basketball tips off against Iowa at 1:00 today on the B1G network.  Michigan has the better team, but that has been the case for several years, and Iowa has been pesky.  Dylan(by way of Ken Pomeroy) has Michigan winning by 4 ,

He also points out that Iowa barely shoots from downtown at all...I'm thinking woot 1-3-1?

Vegas likes Michigan by a field goal.  Beilein says Iowa is going to try to get out and run, and that Michigan will have to play significantly better than Iowa to win on the road(why does that sound familiar?) 

My personal take: Iowa has serious Multiple Personality Disorder, as evidenced by their Wisky/Minny road wins vs their baby seal impersonation against those two SU schools who celebrated when Nebraska joined the conference(because they finally have a school to look down on).

That red-headed kid Aaron White is pretty good, and Basabe is still there, but I dont really think either one is ready to keep up with Novak, the Notorious SMOTRYCZ or Morgan. If Stu can slow down Matt Gatens(and all evidence suggest he WILL be able to) I like Michigan's chances.



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Had to go into work today but luckily I have the Xfinity Mobile app that lets me set recordings from my phone to my DVR.  Came in handy on Wednesday for the NW game as I was out at the movies.


Go Blue!


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Blue boy johnson

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PSA, Basketball games do not progress in a linear fashion. If M falls behind early, it is NOT because they aren't trying.

If Michigan gets down by double digits, posting things like, "they don't deserve to win this game", are pointless. Yeah, if you are down 10 points you don't deserve to win. Not real insightful.


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This game is big.  Get that 15th win before the brutality of a schedule begins.  Beilein's 2 tourney teams have both had a brutal stretch - the 6 game losing streak last year and the team two years before that lost 7 of 9.  Today starts a stretch that includes 6 road games out of the next 8, and 4 games against top 10 teams.  If they can split those 8 or better, especially if they win at least one of the games against the top 10 teams, they should be sitting good for their tourney position.  Anything better just improves their first round matchup.


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It seems like Burke, THJ, and Smot trade who's hot for each game. If they could all put it together simultaneously the team would be putting away games easy and early.


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Playing terrible, but only down 2. 12-10 Iowa

Burke with 2 quick fouls... look to see Douglass in for most of the first half.

McLimans looking decent.