Open Thread: M SB vs Purdue on BTN

Submitted by MGoSoftball on May 11th, 2012 at 6:34 PM

Just a reminder for those who are not out enjoying this wonderful day; M SB is on BTN playing Purdue.  This is the last series of the season.  Our magic number is 2.



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This kid is the real deal.  Did you see how she introduced, what appeared to be, some new pitches late in the game?  She has such good control it is sickening.  This will motivte Sara to work hard in the off season

Iowa is playing Minny now on the BTN.  We need Minny to take one tonight so we can seal the deal.


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They can play at the highest age group, I don't remember if it's 18U or 19U. There also might be some Team USA action she could try and get in on, I know a couple girls from MGB's team actually play on the Canadian National Team during the summer.


May 12th, 2012 at 12:47 AM ^

She's a sophomore, so it was last year. All I know is that her pitching coach from club was running the team, and it was ASA Gold (she's young for her grade, so that might have played a part, but she has told me that her club team as a senior in high school had eight or so Division 1 players).

As far as the Canadians, they're good but not great (think 3*'s that pan out, but not 4/5*'s). They're a fantastic steal for mid-majors (her team is 3/14 Canadian), since Vancouver isn't scouted much and produces some good talent, but they would probably be situational type players at Michigan or the SEC, and maybe full time backups in the Pac.

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One win tomorrow and Michigan wins their 5th straight B1G Championship. Really hope the ladies can get it done tomorrow and have the seniors leave the field with the B1G trophy.

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With 1 day left...

1. Michigan (16-5)

2. Iowa (15-7)

3. Purdue (13-8)

4t. Wisconsin (13-9)

4t. Nebraska (13-9)

6. Northwestern (13-10)

7. Indiana (12-10)

8. Illinois (10-13)

9t. Minnesota (9-13)

9t. Ohio State (9-13)

11. Penn State (9-14)

12. Michigan State (0-21)

One win by Michigan or one loss by Iowa will clinch the Big Ten championship for Michigan.  Michigan hosts Purdue for a doubleheader at noon; Iowa is at Minnesota in a doubleheader that starts at 3:00 EDT.