Open thread: M basketball vs. Utah

Submitted by jmblue on December 10th, 2010 at 6:54 PM
It's 17-8 Michigan so far, with 10:59 left in the first half. Go Blue!



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While I know M has been down for a long time, it amazes me with the Big Chill tomorrow and probably lots of alumni in town, that there are numerous empty seats down low.

In comparison, I paid $110 for a pair of nosebleeds in 1987 to see M play Minnesota.  Now those were two really good teams but still.


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There probably are a lot of alumni in town...but they're probably at the Jug. Or anywhere else. As sad as it is, that's the state of the bball program. This is a fun team to watch but until we're consistently ranked and Crisler is renovated, you're going to have a hard time getting the majority of people excited about going to a game.


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There probably are a lot of alumni in town...but they're probably at the Jug. Or anywhere else. As sad as it is, that's the state of the bball program.

That is also the state of Michigan fandom, unfortunately. We have never treated the basketball program well and it makes me mad. I don't go to every game but I try to make at least one in three. That was the best non-conference game at Crisler this year and on a Friday night. NO excuse for all those empty seats around me tonight.


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Not to be a dick, but, reasons for an empty Crisler:

This is also a world-renowned university, and finals are starting up.  

Not as many students bought BBall tickets this year due to the anticipated mediocrity of our team (which, hey, they're looking good!). 

With the Big Chill tomorrow, we have to get work done at some point.  

So many posters lament a perceived lack of school spirit by the students.  Then, when the students come full of spirit(s), the same people lament how classless and smashed we are.  For all of the grumbling about the "Down In Front-ers" that goes on here...


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To be clear, our basketball fanbase as a whole (of all ages) has done a poor job of turning out so far this season.  It's not just the students.  But spare me the "We're not there because it's almost finals" stuff.  It's Friday night . . . think the bars are empty?


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6.30 bball game vs. 11.00 trip to the bar...  And, given the Big Chill tomorrow, yes, I'd say the bars will be less crowded than usual tonight.  Empty? No. 

And I'm not sure why I'd "spare you the finals" excuse. I mean, I know for a fact that myself and a large number of my friends/classmates will be spending most of their weekends studying, with the Big Chill being the last fun activity until it's all over.  Forgotten what it's like to go here?


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I completely understand your reasoning, but the upper bowl has basically been unfilled this entire season, whether finals are next week or not.

Michigan, in general, has not supported basketball that fervently (even in the Fab 5 era, most, but not all, games sold out), but the attendance for these games looks to be less than attend a typical hockey game at Yost.

I'm not expecting 10,000+ to fill the gym for a game against Concordia, but Utah is a solid team. I really hope (assuming the team enters Big 10 plays with 10 wins) that students get on the bandwagon and support the team. I'm not sure if that will happen. It also would be nice if alums supported the team more as well, but students have much more fun & energy at the games and make for a better crowd.  I would hope out of 40,000 students, we could get over 2,000 to go to games.


December 11th, 2010 at 12:00 AM ^

We'd all like to see more support for the team, and basketball right now just isn't the marquee sport here.  Those that truly care and follow M bball fanatically buy season tickets and attend.

Unfortunately, season tickets are $100, and a lot of students aren't willing to part with $100 for season tickets that don't guarantee a decent seat (for bigger games you need to get there pretty early to get into the student section).  We already cough up $225 for football tickets (anecdotally I can say more expensive than a lot of schools).  Additionally, a lot of the games are at pretty inconvenient times and are often against subpar opponents.

Yes, more students should buy tickets. Yes, more should buy individual tickets.  But do you really expect 2,000 students to get pumped enough to spend the extra cash on Utah tickets? The big games/B10 games usually fill up pretty well.


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That was the greatest comparison I've ever heard.  It was something like:

"you remember the game Mario where you start out small, then you get the mushroom and get bigger, then you get the star and you run wild over the turtles and everything?  That's Darius Morris right now"


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If only Jordan Morgan could have been healthy last year.  If he was anywhere near this year's level, last season could have gone very, very, differently.


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I agree 100 percent

And its also why I dont mind burning Horford's redshirt. The team still needs to be able to throw out as many big guys as they can who can make plays, even if its just hustle plays. Morgan would have had had a huge impact on last year's team, for sure. This year's team is better and Horford can add some of the element they missed last year with the Morgan injury. Plus, so many more lineup combos for a guy like JB. I see the value in the redshirt, but I am happier to see some immediate dividends from Horford. The program needs that


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Michigan Offseason plans:

Football team: Do whatever Denard did last offseason.

Basketball team: Do whatever Morris did last offseason.

That is all. Oh and I saw a quick shot of Lloyd Brady for a split second when the camera was panning earlier.


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The most definitive info I've seen on this was in an article on the renovations from January:

Michigan will replace seats in the lower bowl, align aisles with entrances, along with adding handrails and disability seating to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Re-seating of the lower bowl will not displace the Maize Rage student section. Martin said “we want the students to be behind the bench.” Instead, though, he said architects might look at moving the benches - and the students - to the other side of the court. But nothing was definite with that.