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Lets do this boys!!!



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I hate all Canadian hockey I have since I played AAA and we would go up there and destroy teams. The way fans and players would act was worse than State and Ohio combined. That was over 10 years ago. Still hold that grudge. Crosby was a douche bag then and still is. I'm not saying he isn't an awesome player.


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Who gives a crap.  Most Americans could careless about hockey.  It's the one team sport of the big five that I and most haven't really played.  It would have been nice if we could have taken your one thing away from you, but it looks like you managed to keep that one little thing.  Big deal.

Blue in Yarmouth

February 23rd, 2014 at 10:56 AM ^

You came up here 10 years ago and used to destroy teams in AAA. I find that funny, but I have to ask, your paragraph runs on to suggest that you have had some interaction with Crosby in those trips 10 years ago and from those interactions you found him to be a douche, is that what you're saying? Because I am calling BS if that's the case. Crosby played his AAA hockey here in Nova Scotia for the same team I played for (though separated by a few years), not in Ontario. 

I understand that many of you hate Crosby because he beat your red wings and I can understand that (well, not really but I do get not being a fan of his) but you guys have taken it far too personally, especially the fact that he didn't shake your captians hand. He has even said it wasn't a big deal so why many of you fans can't get over it is beyond me.

You know before I came to this blog I used to be a fan of the USA in general. I also cheered for the USA in everything they competed in because I always looked at them as like a sibbling or something. I still do that today, but I have to say when i see posters like you making your ridiculous comments about my country I can't help but take a little joy in fact that we sent your team home. I mean, I know the players aren't cry babies like you so that isn't really fair....but there you go. 

Neg away guys...getting that off my chest was worth it!

Crazy Canuck

February 23rd, 2014 at 11:48 AM ^

That most of the Canada bashing on here today is just in fun. Or like the above poster said like a sibling rivalry. I, like a lot of Canadians feel like Canada is the younger sibling to the US. So I don't mind the sibling banter and teasing most of the time. But it's funny that you beat us is about 80% of the sports we play against each other, but when we beat you in a few you get your panties in a bunch. Much like an older sibling. But for you and all the others who have a problem with or hatred for my beautiful country, please feel free to go [email protected]*k your hat. I need to go watch me some Rick Mercer "Talking to Americans" after reading some of this garbage.

Michigan Arrogance

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OK guy, 1st off:  Brock wasn't even Canadian, we was from Guernsey, one of the British isles. What's next, you gonna claim Burgoyne for yourselves too? Montgomery? Typical Canadian- anything the British Crown does, you take the credit for.

2nd off, buddeh: Detroit in 1812 was the backwoods frontier and as usual you (and by "you," I of course mean, "the British") can't win shit without enlisting Natives to fight your battles for you.

3rd off, pal: Who kicked Brocks ass at the Niagra River when a real continental army threadened to invade? THATS RIGHT NEW YORKER STEVEN VAN RENSSELAER, who later started the 1st engineering school in the English speaking world.

I think the queen just called for you- better go see what she wants.


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Unlike most of America, I'll be happy for Canada. They need *some* way to feel national adequacy, right? Even if that way is winning curling and hockey every 4 years at the Olympics, poor fellers.