Open Monday night football thread

Submitted by BigBlue02 on September 19th, 2011 at 9:43 PM

So I have an actual reason for starting this.  First, this can serve as an open thread for the game.  And being such, did anyone just see the Giants' Boley return that backwards pass for a TD? If you look closely, he crosses the goal line and chucks the ball.  I am guessing he didn't mean for what happened next, but it drilled a random guy on the sideline in the face.  I had to rewind it just to make sure I wasn't seeing things.  Slow motion shows it hit the guy in the face...and Boley was about 10 feet from him!  I encourage those of you watching to rewind and watch for yourself.  It is quite the spectacle.

And now you may continue with the MNF talk



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Step 1 would be to declare a variable:

int prime_numbers;

Since we're just working with primes, an int will do just fine.  If the program is all packaged up and ready to go, just declare prime_numbers at the start of the program, using whatever format the book says to use for declarations.  To get the data to display, use cout.

cout << "The first thirty prime numbers are\n" << prime_numbers;


September 20th, 2011 at 12:57 AM ^

The quota that gives all 32 teams a nationally televised game needs to go. St. Louis recently won just six games over three seasons ('07-'09). They were 7-9 last year in a pathetic division. Sam Bradford is not exactly the most exciting QB in the world in terms of either mobility or arm strength.

The Rams are not MNF material and it's a sign of how much the brand has been soiled that they were on tonight.


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It wasn't Super Mario's night.  First, Eli underthrows him for 2 sure touchdowns.  Then when he finally hits him in stride for an easy 6 he bobbles the ball and concusses himself diving after it.