An Open Letter to Dee Hart and the rest of the Michigan Recruits

Submitted by ChalmersE on December 18th, 2010 at 3:29 PM

Like Michigan fans around the country, you may be a little perplexed and nonplussed about the Michigan coaching situation.   However, I'd like to give you a little perspective.   Regardless of who is coaching you during your four (or perhaps five) years at Michigan, you will have a quality individual for a coach, and you will have opportunities that you've never dreamed of.  Nowhere else can you combine the academic excellence of Michigan with the ability to demonstrate your athletic excellence.  Nowhere else can you play week in and week out before over 100,000 fans with every game televised nationally so your friends and relatives can see you perform even when they can't get to the game.  You may have heard about the so-called Michigan Man (or Woman).  It's not a myth.  Just ask Chad Henne or Mike Hart or Charles Woodson or Jim Mandich or Desmond Howard.  You will get a warm feeling when you walk down the street wearing a Michgan cap and someone says Go Blue -- and that can happen anywhere.  For me recently it happened on a street in a small town in Italy.  I know you may want to know who your coach will be for the next several years, but in this day and age, there are no guarantees.  Do you think the players who committed to Florida two years ago ever thought that Urban Meyer wouldn't be there forever.  You might be inclined to go to Alabama, but do you know how many different jobs Nick Saban has had in the last decade.  Some of you may be picking your school with a view to a career in the NFL, but if you're good enough you will make the NFL regardless of where you matriculate.  But, if you come to Michigan, you will get an education that will open doors for you the rest of your life even if your NFL career is frustrated by an injury.  Just ask Antonio Bass, who was a lock for college and pro stardom until he destroyed his knee in a pick-up game.  All this is a long way of saying, you will do fine at Michigan regardless of whether Rich Rodriguez or Jim Harbaugh or someone else is the Michigan coach.  Come to Michigan!



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I love Michigan, but a lot of these kids have a lot of good options.  Each kid maktes a decision based on geography, academics, scheme, coaching, relationships w/ players, history and a lot more.  Also, Michigan is not the only school where you can get a quality undergraduate education.  Bottom line: do be offended or shocked if a recruit decided not to come to Michigan.


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There are few schools that have it all:  academics, athletics, spirit, international reputation and even attitude.  Michigan is not the only one, but it is one of them.


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Just because your team goes 11-1 this year, does not necessarily mean you are a quality individual. A quality individual does not get a DUI. A quality individual does not have a $70K private bathroom installed. A quality individual does not call out the UofM's academics to score cheap points with recruits. A quality individual does not leave behind a wake of stories about how they are such a legendary jerk.

Um, is it obvious yet that I'm not in the hire JH camp?


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that's a BS statement.  there is a HUGE segment of the population that has driven over the limit but was just lucky enough to not get caught.  if you've ever been to a bar, i guarantee the vast majority of the people there have taken the wheel while over the limit. 

i don't condone it, but i certainly won't be a hypocrite and chastise anyone and everyone who has rec'd a DUI.  i know several quality people who have been unlucky enough to get one.


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I feel the same as you . . . except the complete opposite.  First, this topic has been discussed before on previous thread(s).  Second, you are way off base with your "statistics" unless you consider a minority to be "huge."  Third, if your have friends that have been convicted of drinking and driving, you need to find new friends.  Not only are they stupid for drinking and driving, they're even dumber for getting caught.  They deserved a mandatory jail stay and a license revocation.  But no, they're like the guys that killed my 5-year old cousin and the guy that killed friend of mine.  It was probably their first offense (DUI for your friends, involuntary manslaughter for the two "quality individuals" that killed people I cared about) so their conviction carried with it a lesser penalty.  Meanwhile, I have an aunt and uncle that will never be the same.  But, you're right, support your friends that were either too dumb, lazy, or selfish to simply call a cab.  Because everyone else is drinking and driving, right?

[EDIT:  I just re-read this and considered scaling back the response.  I think I'll leave it.  Your post deserves my initial response.  Neg-bang all you like - I don't give a sh-t.]


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You are right. Everyone who gets a DUI is a horrible person. I also think people are not allowed to make mistakes. Even if they are remorseful, they shouldn't be allowed to have any friends. Or they should just hang out with all the other worthless people they meet in jail. What a bunch of assholes.


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They'll read the first sentence and , if they get past "perplexed" will soon thereafter reach "nonplussed" at which point they'll probably just stop reading...BUT IF THEY DONT -- theres a decent chance they go to and look up the meaning of that word and this post will have some utility.

Heres to promoting education.


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this is.  I get "Go Blue" everywhere I go.  It truely is a fraternity amoungst men.  I will always find someone who is either an alum, or have children in school.  I have never eaten alone while on the road.  There is always other M faithful in every town.....including Columbus.


Oh how I hate ohio state