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Submitted by UM4ME on July 14th, 2010 at 9:11 AM

For those of us who can't make it today (like me, stuck at work for a LONG day), please, everyone, post your thoughts on the open house. I'm listening to Sam and Ira on TKA and wishing I was there.



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Not to say I told you so, but I told you so: remember a few days ago when you said the stadium capacity was going to be no more than 108,000 because that's what was in the Freep article? I accept cash for apologies. In fact, I can't find the thread but my prediction based on the 106,000 number was in the 109,000 range, I think 109,500. So I would say I was pretty close to being 100% correct. </gloating>


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I said nothing of the sort. I gave two calculations. 1 based on the 107501 number and 1 based on the 106,201 number. Which gave me the two numbers I was talking about, one of them was aroudn 111,000 and the other was around 109,500. Which would mean I was pretty accurate in my prediction.

Where as you stuck to the assertion that because the Freep put 108,000 in their text that this was going to be the stadium capacity because you had no reason to question it.


July 14th, 2010 at 12:50 PM ^

I didn't say anything about an unlikely minimum. You just made that up. 108-109 would be wrong. My predictions were an estimation based on the old stadium capacity vs. how many seats I tallied up. There was no given range, unlike your prediction. I do feel vindicated.


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So you both can go back and read what you wrote:

Just for the record Geaux_Blue you stuck with the freep number of 108,000+ and then only cited other people said maybe around 109,000+ to make your case.

hail2thevic0rs stated a high estimate and once I reminded him the stadium capacity went down because of the handicap seating and not the construction he had a second estimate that was pretty much right on. 


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Fwiw I didn't communicate clearly that I believed the number wouldn't be dramatically higher than the 108. I acceded to the experts after that. As such I will admit guilt for that and thank you for making us shut up

I'm at brown jug for the first time in over 5 years though so weeeeeeeeee


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Wondered if it was a MGoBlog lady.  But She's the same one in 4311, 21, & 22.  The Suite started off as a tight squeeze, because the Channel 7 Newslady was doing interviews in there.  There were a large supply of attractive ladies, but I didn't take any purposefully.  I have to show them to my wife later!  But there was a really tall drink of water there....and a cute Asian girl that had me seeing if here boyfriend was a ginger or not.  (No go).


Edit- and for those at home, with tv...Channel 7 ABC Detroit is about to show what they filmed at the Stadium..(and probably at 5 and 6 tonight, maybe 11...)


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They are the concourses. Curious about the second one myself. But you go in on the first.

Outdoor club seats require an annual contribution of $3,000 per seat (Zone 1), $2,250 per seat (Zone 2) or $1,500 per seat (Zone3), plus the cost of a football season ticket.

And I'm sure, the ticket costs.


July 14th, 2010 at 9:19 AM ^

I went this morning at 7:30a and spent an hour looking around.  Sam and Ira are basically saying the same things I thought.  The University did a great job of making it look like it should.  It doesn't look like they cut any corners anywhere.  The suite seats were comfortable and the club seats were ok.  I am sure my posture isn't great so maybe that is why the club seats didn't feel great. 

Some of the glass has the wing tips etched into them and it looks great.  The suite level was hard to tell how it looked from the seats as an entire view because the glass still had the morning moisture on it but it didn't seem like you were too far removed.  The club level seats had great views of the stadium and the surrounding area. 

Overall the new structures looked great and after visiting I am so excited for the season that the next 52 days could take forever. 


July 14th, 2010 at 9:32 AM ^

I love the look of everything. When I toured the suites I thought they looked great. My only critique of them was that I wish they had made an outside portion to the suites; much like those at Comerica Park.

If you notice the doors actually lead to the seating section (which is still covered) but it allows you to still experience the stadium from outside. Where as Michigan went and covered that area making it "climate controled".

I think it looks better this way because it gives the outside a clean, flat, look. But for the person inside who pays $70,000 I would feel kind of dissconnected from the stadium; not that I'm probably ever going to afford one of these. The windows do open but you're still inside.

There's something about being in the lower bowl that I probably would never give up. This along with the rest of the stadium looks AWESOME and I love the addition of more bathrooms and extra food venders.


July 14th, 2010 at 1:04 PM ^

I was surprised by that as well.  The peeps at that level are paying ludicrous amounts of money to be there, and at a distance that far from the field those bars could substantially impede the view of the play at certain points.

But other than that the whole thing really looks top notch.


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I can definitly see the advantage of the comerica park seats having the open windows, but I guess for the "big shots" that will be in the suites most would not want to deal with the snow and cold that accompanies part of the late season, so it makes sense the seats are in doors. Dissappointing they have those big black bars though, i feel that could definitly effect the view.

Todd Plate's n…

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Just set your 2nd pic as my desktop on my computer...remind me who the jamoke was yesterday that said, "now it looks like every other stadium in the country..." 

Someone asked TomVH in his Cyrus Hobbi update yesterday the reaction from recruits when they see the stadium now, not sure if he responded, but i'll paraphrase, "Holy fucking shit"



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I didn't get up into the suites, but the club seating areas are great. You really feel like you're on top of the field. The strongest aspect of the interior spaces/corridors at the club level IMHO is how easy it is to see the field. Lots of glass. The design of the interior spaces in terms of finishes, materials, etc. is fine, although it didn't ooze expensive quality to me.

I wasn't happy with my photos so I'm going to go back this afternoon if I can.


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Now doesn't after I waited 3 hrs for them to wake up. Leaving shortly just in time to be assuredly mobbed by lunchtime crowd. Pics via evo will be taken


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I just got back from touring the new big house and it was way better than what i had imagined. Ive been to the suites at Ford Field, Comerica Pk., and the Palace and the ones at Michigan stadium are second to none. Only bad thing about today is that the elevators kept breaking down so i guess there are a few more kinks to work out before Sept. 4


July 14th, 2010 at 11:26 AM ^

Was very happy with the light traffic and no lines.  Was able to get through levels 3-5 and take numerous photos.  The views and facilties are breathtaking.

Time for some serious thought on upgrading to club level.  Watched the WTKA live broadcast and ran in our new AD.  The only negative... 52 days to some football.  Can't wait.  Go Blue !!!


July 14th, 2010 at 12:11 PM ^

The pictures everyone included look great.  I look forward to seeing it when tthe stadium is full of fans.  It will be a whole new experience.

This may have been mentioned before, but I have yet to see it, so I apologize in advance.  Are they going to put anything on the big blue structures.  Block M's in the corners, Michigan Stadium, etc?


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I did a tour of Heinz Field last week and was surprised to learn that the club/suite areas can be booked for events. Did this come up today? Did anyone ask this question? I've been married 10 years so it's too late for me but can you imagine your wedding reception at Michigan Stadium - WOW!