Onwenu to make his Decision Tomorrow Night? Wut?

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Big Mike Onwenu will be making his decision LIVE on the CityballersPodcast Show 2/2 at 8pm EST @OldMoneyMGT


So are we to assume he is not committed to UM?



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"Definitely" gone huh?  And that level of certainty is based on what exactly? The fact that the kid wants to simply annouce where he is going and get a little NSD buzz, just like many other recruits do? The all real evidence points to him still being blue.  The whole "he gone" thing is the most inane, mindless and utterly valueless thing anyone can say on this type of thread.  Just stop.


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Things are coming back to bite Harbaugh and his lack of recruiting in Michigan.  Word on the streets is that he's interested in the kids just Cali and Florida...not the local kids.  We all know this isn't true to some extent (look at 2017 offers), but we could very well end up with no players from Michigan in this class.  MSU doing a great job of turning Harbaugh's national tactics against him and continuing to pound the "spart dawgs" and "us against the world" attitude.

Hill, Onwenu trending MSU

Gentleman Squirrels

February 1st, 2016 at 10:31 PM ^

The reason Michigan isn't heavily recruiting Michigan kids this year is because of the drop off in talent in the state of Michigan. It's not like Harbaugh hates Michigan or Ohio kids. Both states are just not as talented as they normally are (or Ohio is just super top heavy.. idk about them). But if you look at 2017, it's obvious that Harbaugh has made Michigan a priority. Pipeline 9 with potential for more. No matter how you look at it that will be the majority of the class right there. Look at this year in comparison, if we would have gotten everyone we offered, Onwenu, Hill, Corley, Jordan, Kareem, Vance, Nordin, Jackson - that's only 8 kids. 


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The most pathetic thing on the internet is a fan of one team posing as a 'reasonable fan' of a rival to troll that fanbase. I feel a great deal of empathy towards those people. They are broken and badly need psychological help. Save yourself  dude. Seek professional help before you tread further down this path of self-hate and loathing.

Amaizing Blue

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Det news article today, they ran down top 15 or 20 players in state.  Same questions to all.  One was why they didn't go to UM.and or MSU.  In response to why he didn't pick MSU, he said "I'm still looking at them.". So he isn't hiding it...Hope he ends up blue.

carlos spicywiener

February 1st, 2016 at 10:13 PM ^

Attention, dude. Attention. 

he wants his decision to generate attention.

You know, as opposed to quitely sending in a fax on Wednesday.

Chicken little groupthink strongggg in this thread. Good lord. You think Webb, Lorenz and the other recruiting insiders are going to whiff predictions on a Detroit kid? They are privy to information that you are not, and will never be.

Do you see any of them stressing?


February 1st, 2016 at 10:29 PM ^

I bet some other cass tech kids are also deciding on the same program that maybe now get more attention as well since onwenu is also making an appearance and a 'decision'. This could all be for nothing, gents. Wouldn't be the first time a teammate goes out of his way to get some buddies in a bigger spot light as well.

Also, checking 247, I see no ballz flipping.


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Take a critical spot on the O-line right up until NSD and then skate off to the rival after all of the other options have been signed elsewhere. Not really a forgivable offense in my book

I would be surprised if he flipped.

Mr. Yost

February 2nd, 2016 at 7:52 AM ^

Sounds like everyone at Cass is announcing together. Wilcher wouldn't screw over a former teammate by doing this in that capacity. Even if Onwenu was going to flip, he'd make him do it with no fanfare, right?

Toss in Wheatley, a respected recruiter in the area.

I'm breathing now. Just one of those announcement things schools want to do as a team. Got it.


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Also, with those 2 flips and IF a gary flip to MSU happens...MSU likely to finish with a better class then M.

Guess we shouldn't call them dead yet....