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It’s not often a guard deserves his own thread but today is one of those days. Onwenu looked dominant today. 330+ rushing years and it felt like he was wiping someone out on most of those big runs. Not only blowing the guy in front of him off the ball but he showed agility on traps and getting to the next level. Rutgers aren’t good but the strength of their D is the defensive line. Not today. Breakout game for a young Michigan offensive lineman.



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I don't know that we can replicate the performance against an elite defense, but Rutgers actually has an okay defense this year. Compare that to numerous other flailing efforts earlier in the season against worse teams. 


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Onwenu looks like the old traditional Michigan o lineman. Huge, strong, powerful, moves well, and dominant like Grant Newsome who I hope returns in form next year.


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Honestly, next year's O-Line could be good dependent on two things:

1. Does JBB continue to progress? He's been bad in pass pro, so if he can become even average, that would be a huge leap.

2. Can Newsome come back and be 75% of what he was last year?

Newsome - Bredeson - Ruiz - Onwenu - JBB

That could be really solid, especially on the groud.


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On Higdon's 49 yard TD, Dan said that Onwenu pulled, found no one to block, and he said that was because Big O is so large the defense couldn't even see Higdon behind him, hence the eclipse block terminology. Dierdorf occasionally uncorks a real winner. LOL.

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Bredeson was pretty solid too.  I kept on thinking about the thread earlier in the day about why Emil wouldn't come to Michigan and that we can't develop OL.  I know today was against Rutgers, but I am seeing solid improvement from these guys.  Better QB play will help make them look better too.