Only on topic for me - Options to see/hear the game on the road tomorrow in southeast

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In Hilton Head, SC.
Checkout time of condo: 10am
drive time home to Columbus (yes, I live there) : 12-14 hours with stops
Assuming we leave around 10am, what are my options to see/hear the game?

I have a laptop with a road travel charger and vz access manager for my verizon blackberry storm with tethering capability.

Unfortunately, I learned on the drive here that for large portions of the drive have little to no verizon coverage, so my original plan of tethering and picking up the broadcast via justin tv probably wont work.

Charlotte is only 4-5 hours from here, so best case i would only catch first half if we stopped to eat around 2-3.

The next viable city I'm aware of would be Charleston, but thats 8 hours way, so could be pushing missing the end of the game.

I downloaded the xm app for the blackberry and got the free 7 day trial only to learn that the big ten network is not part of the mobile solution.

What am I overlooking?  I feel like there is something obvious with all ND games being on NBC, but with the digital conversion for TV's I dont believe radio stations still carry nbc/abc.

Yes, it may seem like poor planning to travel today, but I only had 2 weeks that overlapped between school break and my eligible vacation schedule at work.. The prior week the cost of the condo would have been double.



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ND is a Radio Affiliate with this network so my guess is they will be on it




Charleston, SC




Charlotte, NC



Charlotte, NC


Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA






Huntington (Ashland, KY), WV






Parkersburg-Marietta (WV-OH), WV

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Stop by a Circuit City and have an xm or Sirius receiver installed it doesn't take too long but I'm not sure about the cost. Maybe a bit much if you're only using it for this one game but Michigan Football and priorities and such. You'll never miss another no matter where you travel. Good luck, I'll be working so I'll watch the dvr'd version tomorrow evening.


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You have to plan these things - it's all about priorities.  Leave at 10AM, drive the 5 hours to Charlotte and check into a reasonably nice hotel.  Catch the game on TV, get the kids some room service, everyone is happy and enjoying the big win, and they have a little bonus added to the vacation.  Get up early Sunday and head out with a little extra spring on your driver's foot.  You'll be in Columbus mid-afternoon Sunday.


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My grandpa lives on Hilton Head. absolutely BEAUTIFUL island. The only option for you is obvious. Start out at the beach that morning and go to the bar there. When I was there I met a domer who appeared to be a daily customer. Chances are he wll be there and you can heckle him as we stomp them into the ground. Stay one more day and cough-cough-hack-cough, call in sick on Monday. I hope you got the time to go to Tybee. That is a great beach. There was an ar fair when I went, it was awesome. Good luck to you.