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I think the title can use a change. Im the same height as V Smith and although I didnt get teased too much for my lack of height there was still the occasional midget jokes, especially during basketball season. Its not that big of deal to me, but there might be some other vertically challenged ppl who might find that more offensive.


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The more you know:

Midget is considered offensive by many because, according to the link, it originally was used to refer to only little people who were displayed for amusement (circus midgets, etc).

And FYI, what people call a midget is actually a still a dwarf. Lots of people seem to think there is a difference, but there isn't--what people often think of as a midget is just a "proportional" dwarf.

Dwarf, little person, "LP," and "person of short stature" are the less offensive terms.

I know this because I had a friend in high school who was the only member of his family who wasn't a dwarf and he once mentioned to me that he was going away for a long weekend to go to an LPA conference. I asked what LPA was and he said "Little People of America" and I erupted in laughter, thinking he was joking. After he told me it wasn't a joke, I tried to pry my foot out of my mouth and vowed to try to learn something about it. 


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i like smith alot...he seems like a kind hardworking guy. and i bet his whole life hes been teased about his height by his opponents and friends. i would change the title...he deserves our respect.


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Not that I have a problem with the word, just not in the same sentence as one of the toughest s.o.b.s on the team.



"I love contact," he said, quietly. "That's pretty much the deal."


That quote is frickin' awesome.


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The word does not bother me in terms of hurting the feelings of those folks, and no, I can't recall the less demeaning term, and I have no intention of finding out for this post. I do feel that the title is not respectful of a young man who has undoubtedly busted his ass for the opportunity to play for Michigan. 


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Almost since V Smith played through ACL recovery last season, i have been asking if he would ever get some respect.  Finally, people are starting to notice that he is very good, especially after having a year to feel like his leg is fully healed.  

He is still the same runner he was in HS: deceptive stride, "sneaky" speed, excellent at picking his way through holes and using his blockers, and very tough.  It's great to see him finally get some accolades, even though he probably doesn't give a bleep.


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Did he lose weight in the offseason?  He's now listed at 172.  I think he was listed around 180 last year.  That might be a reason (besides a more-recovered knee) why he seems quicker this year.