One thing bugs me about this Urban Meyer situation...

Submitted by Occam's Razor on August 2nd, 2018 at 1:09 AM

Say the dude gets canned and Michigan beats them in the Shoe this year. 

Does this W get DQ'd like the 2011 occasionally does by fans and haters alike? 




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That's Kinda how I feel. In a perfect world Urban hasn't done something worth firing (I don't see how though) and we beat them in the horseshoe so they don't have an excuse.

We've played good enough to beat them 4 of the last 6 and they always get away. I want a real, undisputed, beatdown just to remind everyone of what's Michigan is.


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Do the Rich Rod losses not count? Do all the years that our qb has been hurt not count as losses to OSU? This is the dumbest fan argument I have ever heard. I have only been to one Michigan and Ohio St game. It was 2011 and it was one of the sweetest days of my life. No remembers how it happens, only the final score.


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So many threads have comments of "if we win this year does it negate it because no Coach Meyer" or something of the sorts.  Fuck that, a win is a win.  As you said, all the wins they've had over us isn't lessened by our situation, and WHEN we win this year, it won't feel any less for me.


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I really couldn't care less. It's a win. I know the last one was against a mediocre team but damn that was cathartic. Also if Michigan wins The Game there's a very good chance they win the division and then of course the conference championship. Big Ten champions are always going to have a great shot at the playoffs. Even if we lose a big game you're still talking about potential wins over ND, Wiscy likely twice, MSU, PSU. 


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Just because Meyers MIGHT be gone, all the same players will be there. Players who'll have a chip on their shoulders, wanting to prove they can win without their coach against their biggest rival. Its STILL going to be a tough game with or without Meyers, a game I feel Michigan wins.


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This was the first thought I had. Say we win the next six. Harbaugh’s legacy will still be well her couldn’t beat Urban. Personally I hope they bring his ass back we beat them the next 2 years more stuff cokes out then he burns in hell. Same for Mark in Lansing. I don’t want wins by default, I want to beat the best so that we are the best. 

Frank Chuck

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UGA won the SEC last season.

Does anyone give a damn that Kirby Smart beat up on a Randy Shannon-coached Florida (because Jim McElwain was fired the week before)?

Granted (1) McElwain is not Meyer and (2) the UGA-UF rivalry (despite some great games) is not Michigan-Ohio State but I think my point stands.

People remember the winners and tends to forget the details.

For instance, look at the following comparison:

Jim Harbaugh
2015: 10-3
2016: 10-3
2017: 8-5

Nick Saban (at LSU)
2001: 8-4
2002: 10-3
2003: 8-5

In his first 3 seasons, Michigan Harbaugh has 0 quality road wins (albeit, one was stolen from him in Columbus).

In his first 3 seasons, LSU Nick Saban had 1 quality road win - a 2002 victory over #16 Florida in Gainsville. That Florida team was coached by 1st year HC Ron Zook, finished 8-5 (after losing to Michigan in the Outback Bowl), and was unranked in the final AP rankings.

I bet fans don't remember those details about LSU Nick Saban. He went on to win a split National Championship in year 4 with a victory over Oklahoma.


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Went on the 11 Warriors website for the first time to view their comment section and see their thoughts. I shit you not this is the first one I saw. 

"I'd like to see what JH would do if he had a grandson of Bo on staff at Michigan and some uncorroborated allegations of dv came up and Bo's grandson adimently denied it... Then, the lady involved declined to press charges while taking measures to hide it from Harbaugh. Do you think that Jim would have went on he said/she said and fired the guy? I think fucking not. This whole thing comes down to whether or not Meyer went out of his way to cover up for Smith and essentially condone dv. For the record, I highly doubt that is the case."

The water down south kills their brain cells doesn't it?

Ty Butterfield

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The scary thing is, what if Meyer is canned and Michigan still can’t win? OSU is stocked with elite talent and it will be a tough game with or without Meyer. Either way the pressure is all on Michigan to win this game. A loss to an OSU team with an interim coach could be enough destroy MGoBlog 3.0


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Meyer is a very good in-gme coach, but his real value seems to be in building and sustaining that program.  He's always had a great eye for assistant coach talent--so when one assistant would leave, he's always been able to find a great new assistant as a replacement.  He's always been able to recruit good players. He's always ran schemes that are easy to teach and that work well in the college game.  It was one thing when he was at BGSU and Utah; now that he's accumulated wins and championships and taken over powerhouse programs like Florida and OSU, he has cache that makes all these benefits seem to come to him even more easily--top assistants are happy to come work for him, top talent is eager to play for him. 

If Meyer is fired, it's unlikely his replacement will function quite as well in all of these areas.  The new coach may be less reliable in selecting the best assistants, or may not work well with certain key people on staff.  The new coach might not have as good an eye for talent, or may want to impose new schemes that don't work as well as Meyer's have.  The new coach probably won't have multiple NCAA rings and a gaudy winning percentage like Meyer does, and thus might have to work a little bit harder to attract top out-of-state talent.  And if OSU doesn't win at the same level right away, things could get harder rather than easier.

This kind of decline, however, would probably occur gradually over multiple seasons.  Barring some kind of player exodus or staff drama, Meyer's absence probably gives M only a slightly better chance of winning The Game in 2018.  They still have all the same players and all the same assistants.  As strong of a team as M will have in 2018, I still think OSU would have to be favored at the Horseshoe as of yesterday, and I'm not convinced that changes with Meyer gone.  


gustave ferbert

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I disqualified every win by Tressel because he cheated.  He played players that shouldn't have been eligible.  I'll disqualify Urban's tenure as well because he promulgated a culture of domestic violence.  Which in my mind was indicative of a greater issue that he didn't get caught on.  If you need more evidence look at the shambles he left the Florida program in  


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It’s not our fault they run a dirty program... if their coaches were clean we wouldn’t be having this conversation right?  haters gonna hate, they’re also the ones who are probably victim shaming right now like a couple buckeye fans I’ve already heard. 

Perkis-Size Me

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If that does happen to come to pass I really don’t care. And neither should you. OSU fans had no problem relishing in watching Tressel beat up in bad Michigan teams. If Meyer does get canned and we happen to beat them when they otherwise wouldn't have been as good, I don’t care. A win is a win. Especially for Michigan.

We don’t need quality wins against OSU. We just need wins, period.

steve sharik

August 2nd, 2018 at 6:53 AM ^

Meyer harbored and covered up one of his coaches beating the shit out of his wife for years, and the ONE thing you're concerned about is how a hypothetical win would be spun?  

I think you need to recalibrate, dude.


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Here's a pertinent question: Why would we care?

Seriously, why? There are people who will hate UM no matter what the circumstance. I have a friend who's a STAEE grad, and of course, she loathes Michigan. I once told her that she'd hate UM even if they went unbeaten, unscored upon, won the National Championship, used the season's revenue to feed the poor, went overseas and defeated ISIS, and then sang the National Anthem from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on the 4th of July. She didn't deny it.

So since this is and will be their attitude anyway, why bother thinking about it? Take the win. How they'd chose to deal with it is their problem. It shouldn't be ours.