One more time-props to MGoBlog

Submitted by Yooper on May 30th, 2011 at 11:11 PM
Deleted earlier for reasons unknown but let me restate-this Blog has been the place to be over the last 12 hours. Great content, news and discussion. No news source has been better. Good job community.


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May 31st, 2011 at 10:13 AM ^

A word on Tressel-gate and the Michigan reaction.

We can gloat on in so far as we have thinking it, hearing it, and smelling it for several years--all the way back to Maurice Clarett--that Tressel's OSU program was corrupt. The fact that the entire state seemed to be complicit in the corruption, particularly the University and its fanbase, which built a wall around it all and heartily defended it from all intruders, makes it all the more satisfying that the castle has been taken and the monarch dethroned. Let's face it, we hate their maniacal, beer-bottle-throwing fans, the "10,000 students and 80,000 truck drivers" as Ufer once described them. And we relish that their illusion that their pure, saintly coach, and his legions of Buckeyes have been stripped of whatever fantasy they enjoyed of being some National Power--which, outside of Ohio, doesn't every basically hate Ohio State? Ohio State football is the biggest thing in Ohio, and the bigger it is to them, the more annoying and tedious it is to everyone else. In this context the whole thing is very hilarious.

What we can't gloat about, nor turn a blind eye to, is the plain fact that OSU has been kicking the shit out of us for a decade. Regardless of how they got the players, and kept them on the field, they did a pretty nice job of coaching them, and they've little golden panties all over town (and on ebay) to prove it. My only regret in Tressel's demise is that Brady Hoke did not have a chance to reinstate the Michigan dominance that would have defeated them straight up on the field, which is all that really counts.

They fucked up, they got caught. Take whatever joy in it that you wish, but it is hollow until Michigan is great on the field again and is winning The Game more times than not. All the rest of this is just proof of a foregone conclusion.


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It has been great!  But, I'd have to say (unfortunately) that the Columbus Dispatch's website is probably the best place to be over the past 24 hours -- you have to hand it to them, they've broken A LOT of Tressel stories this summer (including the resignation).


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Big props to mgoblog. I've been out for a convention and couldn't really get any news but mgoblog kept me updated. I'm addicted to this site. I check here before espn or anything else


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This post would make a lot more sense if Brian had actually been at work today. Personally I'd feel a lot more beveled-guilt-ridden if our resident journalist hadn't stuck with his plans to take the day off while what is almost sure to be the biggest event in the biggest story covered on this blog over the summer months broke. Misopogon, better late than never, did a decent-enough job stepping in, but otherwise this site was a message board today and nothing else.