One good thing is guaranteed Saturday: Military Appreciation Day

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As many may know, Saturday is Military Appreciation Day at the game.  Wounded vets will get to be at the game and on the field.  At Gates 2 and 8 you will be able to make donations to servicemembers (deodorant, black socks, and ramen noodles were mentioned on the radio this morning as needed) and Afghani families (coats, blankets, coloring books, pens, pencils). 

I'm posting this for two reasons:  First, it's a great chance to give back to people who have given a great deal (and as a cynical, left-leaning smart-ass, I hope we can all agree on that).  Second, it's a great chance to remember that our football troubles aren't really that serious.

Let's be loud and generous in our support on Saturday. 



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The military service people really do appreciate these days.  Make sure you notice the guys in uniform who are on the field and be happy for them.  They are putting their lives at risk so that we can bitch about UofM.  Also, it was the USMC birthday this week, so don't be surprised if you hear drunk bald people who got $10 tickets screaming something incoherent about "The halls of Tripoli".  Sing with them, because they die to give us our rights.


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The plans must have changed, as I could have sworn the original announcement (before the season started) was that it was going to be F-16s.  T-38s will look good though. 

For those who aren't familiar with the T-38, well, look it up on Wikipedia lol.  A couple fun facts not included on Wikipedia....

- Mostly because its wings are so short and stubby, it has the highest roll rate of any aircraft in the US inventory; 720 degrees/second.  Two complete rolls in a second.

- Along with the F-5 (a single-seat variant), it was used to portray the "MiG-28s" in the movie Top Gun (there is no such thing as a MiG-28).

Farmhouse Funk

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I always say the only people I give respect to without them having to earn it is the US Military. I was in the Navy all be it durring peace time, but for someone to voluntarily give up their freedoms to protect those of others deserves our respect and admiration. 


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...should be required reading for all members of the MGoBlogerati.  It demonstrates how lucky we all are to have the luxury of complaining about the state of Michigan football. 

Read about veterans Casimir Werda and Ira Brownridge and their love of Michigan football and the joy they'll get on Saturday when they attend the Michigan - Illinois game.

Read about Mike Erwin and Melvin Kearney and the positive things they're doing for local veterans via Team RWB and the Wounded Warrior Project.  

Read about the commitment that the University, the Athletic Department and the Football program have made to the cause of supporting our nation's veterans.

Read about the donation drive that will be held in conjunction with Military Appreciation Day and make a donation to a servicemember or Afghan families.


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Does anyone know where the "top of the tunnel" is?  I am fortunate enough to be one of the veterans who gets to go on the field during the anthem for saturday's game!!!!!! Awesome.


We were told to meet at the top of the tunnel to enter the field. I'm guessing this is where they do the victor's walk?


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As a disabled Army veteran now in Afghanistan as a contractor, I'll be streaming the game online for myself and a few of the Soldiers I support/work with who are big enough M fans to stay up and watch the game. Though noon games are better, the 3:30pm starts keep us up until around 4am. Every little bit helps the Soldiers over here, the moondust like dirt and constant wear of patrols tends to make clothing wear out faster, and in most of Afghanistan it's starting to get pretty cold. Where we are about 60km West of Kandahar City, summer temps were around 110-120 degrees, now, night time temps are dropping into the 40's, and it's about to get a lot colder. The Soldiers get issued cold weather gear, but warm socks would probably be greatly appreciated. Also, most of us love ramen noodles, beats the heck out of the food (and I use that term loosly) that the dining facility or mobile kitchen's serve. In case you didn't know, most of the food we eat is designated "for military and prison use only," and I'm not kidding or making that up. If you are planning on mailing anything to a Soldier/Sailor/Airmen/Marine over here, winter is the time you can mail most anything food related. During the summer, don't mail anything meltable, mail usually makes it to Kandahar Air Field, or Bagram Airfield within a few days from the states, there it sits in a shipping container, or on pallets, in the sun/elements, not environmentally controlled area until they can find space for it on a bird or convoy, larger packages usually sit longer than smaller, but many times, they sit for at least a week. In the summer anything you send that can melt, will. It's awesome that Michigan is doing this, and I'm sure Michigan fans will help support it. Us Michigan fans deployed over here appreciate all the prayers and support, and even the ranting on the boards, as it's a nice distraction from the reality on the ground over here. It's always better with a win, so let's hope we can pull it together for the rest of the games this year (particularly for Wisconsin since I'll be home on leave and have tickets!) GO BLUE! and God bless our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines, Veterans, and everyone who supports them.


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...the Wisconsin game as well.  Make sure you stop by the NROTC tailgate over by the football practice field//Ferry Field (RV Lot).  Look for the RV with the Navy and cocktail flags. I'm sure the Mids, Cadets, staff, alumni and ROTC families will be happy to welcome you into the fold.

Great post and thanks for all you do over in Afghanistan.  Here's hoping your watch party has no technological glitches and the results bring a ton of joy to you and your fellow Michigan fans.


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the practice field in relation to the stadium? I've got a parking pass for Pioneer HS lot from a family member with season tickets, so I'll be parking there. What time should I show up? I'll be bringing my wife, father, and one of my wife's friends, because apparently all of my friends are state fans. I also may have 2 extra tickets that I will give to any veteran/current military member for free. if you wouldn't mind e-mailing me with details I'd love to come over and meet you all and hang out for a bit. [email protected]