One difference between Hoke and Rodriguez that I find encouraging

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While none of us know exactly what happened in meetings or conversations between RR and Mallett and between Hoke and Denard, my sense is that it was something like this.

RR - Ryan Mallett you are one of the top pro-style quarterbacks in the country.  I don't really see how you will fit in the offense I intend to run, even though I have no one else available to me that can run it.  I hope you stick around, but if you decide to leave I will understand. 

Hoke - Denard Robinson you are one of the top dual-threat quarterbacks in the country and have dilithium speed.  I would be a fool not to find a way to take advantage of your skill set and experience, even though I have Devin Gardner (and nobody else) to work with.  If you leave Michigan you would have to sit out a year and you would not get the value of a Michigan degree.  The team needs you, I need you, please give me a chance to find a way for us to be successful together.



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Your point is noted, but Lloyd threw transfer papers at a lot of people. It was one of his best motivational tactics for young players that arrived thinking the world owed them something without them earning it.


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He "suggested" to both Braylon an Chris Perry that they might be happier if they transferred.  I worked for the team for 4 years when Lloyd was coach and he did similar things with other low profile players.  Not blowing smoke though, some did transfer.

Tha Mallett situation, however, was more than just a motivational tactic I believe.  Mallett didn't want to be there and didn't want to be coached.  Especially when rumors spread of Lloyd's retirement.  He was hard to pull up from the South from the beginning.


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I know it was mentioned a number of times that Mallett was homesick during the 07 season. People close to him said he was unhappy being so far from his family and friends and thought about leaving in the middle of the year. That's when Carr told him to leave. Whether it's true that he was homesick or just using that as an excuse to be an ass it was clear he wasn't happy in Ann Arbor.


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I have to say that I get tired of hearing how RR had an empty cabinet when he got here. the '07 class graduated a crap load of talent there is no doubt, but if RR had not come in and insisted that everything change possibly a lot of the exodus might not have happened. Boren left, Arrington and Manningham, left and Mallet left. Just those 4 guys might have made a big difference. The cupboards were thin but not bare, not to that extent anyway.


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True, Mallett may have been leaving no matter what, but my sense (which could be wrong) is that Rodriguez didn't really try to talk him into staying, perhaps because he felt he could get Terrelle Pryor.


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This was discussed yesterday.  The evidence suggests that RR called Mallett a couple of times, but never met him face-to-face.  That doesn't sound to me like the actions of a coach who desperately wanted him to stick around.  He had the opportunity - he was hired before the end of exams, and then traveled to Orlando to watch the team in the CapOne Bowl.  It's hard to believe that RR really wanted him and their schedules just didn't overlap, preventing a meeting.


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This has to stop.  RR talked about this 3 years ago.

(go about 2/3 of the way in on the radio interview playback).

He specifcally said he didn't talk to him before/during the Capital One Bowl, b/c he didn't want to get in the way. This is completely correct - people would have blown up if he started "coaching" the team about getting ready for next year while a) they still HAD a head coach (Carr) and b) they still had a game to play.

After the bowl game, classes are out. I'm guessing, Mallet never came back to campus (he says in the interview Manningham never did), thus RR talked to him by phone.  RR says:

"I talked to him about how our system could adapt to the quarterback, b/c we've had throwing quarterbacks in this system that have had great careers and gone on to the NFL and all that...I recruited him once, I recruited him twice, and after the third call, I'm thinking "Three times is enough for me.  It's a great institution and if someone doesn't want to be here, I wish them well and move on."

RR isn't a dummy but he can't force Mallet to stay, just like Hoke can't force Denard.  Mallet had an up & down freshman year away from home, decided he wanted to go somewhere else, i.e., his original dream school, which he thought would work better.  That's not RR's fault.


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What makes you think that the kid, who by all accounts was on his way to his first choice all along, was going to stay for a guy he had already turned down when he was recruited at WVU?

Rodriguez is gone.  Let him be.  Let Hoke be successful on his own merits and the merits of the team on the field, not on some fantasy comparision.


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Yes, Mallet didn't want to be at Michigan.  He almost didn't come in the first place, but his parents made him honor his verbal commitment.  So, this is a totally different situation in my opinion. 


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No.  RR actually said to Mallett - "I don't want you here.  Why don't you just go somewhere else, because I think that Nick Sheridan can run the spread better."


Do you seriously believe that the conversation b/w Mallett and RR went anything like that?  I think that Mallett was half out the door before RR got here and smartly, Mallett left, as RR's system would not have been a good fit for his skill set.

If you want to say that RR did a poor job or retaining talent or preventing attrition, fine - that's a valid point and I agree with that.  But, I think that your example goes too far.

Also, have we hit a point where we can stop talking about RR's faults.  He is gone - for better or for worse.  When he was here, he gave it his all, even though the results were terrible.  People who are still criticizing him sound like jilted ex-girlfriends/boyfriends.

Also also, can we stop with the Hoke v. RR comparisons - they are completely different people, with different backgrounds, who run completely different systems.  We know.  We get it.  Neither is perfect and neither is terrible.  Hoke is probably a better fit for Michigan and its fan base.  But these endless comparisons aren't fair to either man.


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Lloyd met with RR and gave him his take on the key players.  I vaguely remember a recent post on another site in which Mallett--who seems to bear no grudges toward UM--recalled that he and RR talked it over and agreed that it made more sense for him to seek a school running a pro-style offense.


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The one that I would point out, that was RR's beginning of the end, was faith in the scheme to the point of refusing to adapt.  That's why he didn't seem to try to keep Mallet.  I wish he would have eased into it like Kelly did at ND.  But if Mallet was a poison, it was better that he left and a shame that the other poisonous players didn't go with him...



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Didn't run for the most yards as a quarterback in college football history, nor did he account for 75% of the offense the year before the new coach got here. So there's that.


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admit that the situations were handled completely different, then you're blind. This is not to say Mallet wouldn't have left anyways, but come on, give Hoke credit where it's due. He's pushing very hard to retain Denard.


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I don't think the argument is that the situations were handled differently, it's that they were two completely different situations in the first place. The similarities end at the player being a mismatch for the scheme. For Denard, that's the only issue, for Mallett, there were other things at play attracting him elsewhere.


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Hoke seems to Embrace our rivalries and recognize them where as, I always felt like RR was somewhat wishy-washy on them and didnt put a huge emphasis on them. I loved RR but hated how on weeks leading up to big rivalry games it always felt like to him they were just another game. With Hoke I feel like he will pound hatred into the team in regards to our big rivalries which I find, very encouraging.

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This is the public repetition of one of the silliest, most nonsensical rumors in the sad and sordid history of the three years of defaming Rich Rodriguez in Ann Arbor.


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I have no idea what the truth about Mallett and RR is anymore, and I'm not sure many people actually do.  I wasn't on MGB at the time so I don't know the sources of "RR drove him out of town" vs "Mallett was out halfway through his freshman year anyway."  

Whatever the truth is, who cares?  I agree Hoke comes off as very welcoming so far but only time will tell how well he keeps the class together, and even then we won't know the real reasons behind any transfers that may come.  I guess we have to do something now that CC and FlightAware threads don't pop up every 30 seconds.

The Baughz

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Just my two cents. I supported RR 100%. I thought he got a raw deal. Howeva, he did a piss poor job utilizing personnel his first year here. Was he limited at qb? Yes. But he should have run some wildcat or played more of Feagin. I remember Feagin ballin out against Minnesota year. Anways, RR is gone. I wish him wel, but it is time to move on. I love the way Hoke is saying how they know Denard is the focal point and will do what it takes to keep him.

His Dudeness

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I think it went like this:

RR - Mallett, you got's one helluva arm there son, but yer legs ain't got what ah neeeeeed. I like yer style and yer gumption, but feller you ain't ma startin' quarterback til ya earn in my kitchen, son.

Brady - Denard I am mother fucking hungry. They got pastrami up in this bitch? Where's the fucking mess hall in here? Sorry I am so sweaty, it's hot in here. Hell last year me and the family went to Alaska and it was hot there too! Shit it's hot everywhere! San Diego made my balls stick to my leg a shit load. It was awful. Not what's say you and me find some sort of pork and put it between a couple slices of bread? How bout it?


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I know we say that Rodriguez didn't adjust to the personnel that he inherited when he got to Michigan he only started using Tightends at all when he got to Michigan, and up until half through last year he did line up in the I-formation and try to run between the tackles, he just didn't try it very often.


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The only "difference" between BH and RR that encourages me is that BH won't have to put up with the BS that RR did. 

I'm already sick of the "compliments" to Hoke that are really thinly-disguised slaps at Rodriguez, but it is refereshing to have the media and former Michigan players actually working with the head coach instead of against him.  When it comes time for that borderline kid to be accepted for admission, the full support of everyone associated with the program helps a lot, too. 

So, I am going to be happy that Hoke is getting the media and alumni support he deserves, even if RR didn't.  And I will ignore the stupidity of those who think that Hoke can wave a magic wand, tell kids about tradition, and that all of a sudden they will play harder for him than they did for RR because they now "get it."

I'm just hoping that Hoke can find a way to win the minimum of nine games that I believe RR would have won this year.  It will bother me that, even though he will be the first to try to deflect it, he will be given credit for all of RR's groundwork and rebuilding, but I will be happy to see the media giving some positive coverage to the University of Michigan and its football coach for a change.

Whatever the reason, the football coach at the University of Michigan doesn't have to put up with people sabotaging his program, and won't have to put up with media attacks on a daily basis.  That makes me happy.