Ondre Pipkins Review: One year after his signing day. The biggest loser

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Like many of you, Ondre is one of my favorite Wolverines, so I was very happy to see a short segment featuring Ondre during the Inside Michigan Football signing day special. Pee Wee reflects on his signing day and first season as a Michigan Wolverine.

If you watch Ondre's segment on the signing day special, you will notice he has lost a lot of weight in his face:

Ondre Pipkins: His two minute segment had some interesting tidbits. Best news of all may be the 32 lbs Ondre has shed since arriving on campus last summer

For a guy who only made two solo tackles as a freshman; Expectations are stll very high and rightfully so.

Ondre Pipkins        
Career Defense for Ondre Pipkins      
Season Opponent Tac Ast Tot TFL
2012 vs UA 0 1 1 0
2012 Air Force 0 2 2 0
2012 Massachusetts 0 1 1 0
2012 Northwestern 2 0 2 0
2012 vs South Carolina 0 1 1 0.5
  Season Total 2 5 7 0.5
  Career Total 2 5 7 0.5

I though Ondre had his best game, and most playing time of the season vs South Carolina. I can't really be sure because of the unreadable jerseys Michigan wore for the Bowl Game.

I am going to post the two hour signing day video in the first post of this thread because it is too difficult for me to do so in this section.

I would recommend watching the video in its entirety, if you have a couple hours to burn.

The parts on Ondre are in the following time segments.

Start time 1:25:19

End time  1:27:42


Ondre speaking of his indoctrination to Michigan football:

“I had a rough start”, laughs, “dealing with technique, learning to play with your hands and things like that”

“listening to details was a challenge for me, but as the season went on I had some help from the upperclassmen, Jibreel Black, Will Campbell, Q Washington…They all helped me out to groom me for later on in the season, and that’s why I started to build my confidence up, and you know that I appreciate those guys for that.”

“You know I came in at 347 and know I’m down to 315, That was part of discipline and part of knowing  everyday what you need to do to accomplish that common goal”.

“I’m very excited, I still got a lot of learning to do, still got a long way to go…. But I’m ready to step up and help this team win and help them win the Big Ten championship”



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Maybe you are all being a little hard on him? He got solid playing time on a solid defensive unit. That alone should give him credit for being a solid player as a TRUE FRESHMAN. This kid is only going to improve.

Perhaps we should have a thread on the real suprise from the 2012 class: Ojemudia who had more playing time despite needing more size and technique.

We really are spoiled with that 2012 class... So much talent. Can't wait to see how the 2013 guys play, but overall, we can tell that the 2012 class will be solid/significant contributors for another 3 years.


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Not sure if you wanna talk about Kalis too, but his little segment was nice to hear as well, he talked about he had learned alot about the little nuances of the offense during his frosh year.


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Nice update on Ondre Pipkins, and thanks for putting this together. 

I might be mistaken on the number, I remember an article last summer where Hoke had said that he would like to see Pipkins around 320, so it's great to hear that he took that and ran with it and even exceeded the expectation. He seems like a hard worker and that is also evidence of it, I would say. He's part of a great 2012 class that should do rather  well for itself for the next few years, I think. 


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I know this thread is about PeeWee, which is great, but what stood out to me is how good James Ross looked. That kid looks like a stud. And, if we thought he was undersized you can take one look at his build and see he is a strong kid and can put on weight. James has a wide neck, big thick upper traps, wide shoulders, muscular chest...he looks a lot bigger than I expected. I am looking forward to him next year.

BTW has anyone noticed Coach Montgomery kinda looks like Anthony Anderson the actor from the show Guys With Kids? I’m just waiting for him to do this…


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huge jump between yr 1 and 2. Beyond his weight loss, I am curious about his strength and cardio measures. Losing weight, overwhelmed with technique, and self discipline with college must have worn him out.

He looks rested and energized. Hope he figures out that he can terrorize offenses.


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he played  significant minutes - that means the coaches thought he was one of the best interior D-linemen.  that being said- i'm not sure he was that productive.

 i'm excited to see a D-line that can dominate and win the 1 on 1 battles.