Once in a Blue Moon

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When was the last time Michigan rose up as a heavy underdog and came out with a surprise victory?   Amazingly, the '69 ohio game is the only one I can remember.  This is partially because we were never a heavy underdog with Bo (after '69) or Mo.  Under Carr the only games we were even close to heavy dogs were some USC games in which we caved.  In the RR years there was that Wisconsin upset but it was lost in the swirl of big losses.
As we have seen many times, it is not that unusual for a two TD favorite to come up against a scrappy opponent that keeps on fighting way beyond their previous level of perceived competence.  In fact we have seen it happen many times against us... but never for us.  So on this day of the BLUE MOON it is only fitting that the boys in BLUE step up to the plate and create one of those big surprises.
Am I saying we are as good as Alabama on paper? - clearly not.  Am I denying that Saban is a fabulous coach? - of course not.  Am I saying that they can only put 11 men on the field at a time and that they are just kids - like our kids?  Yes.   It's a BLUE moon and a BLUE weekend and after almost 43 years it's time for another legendary  UM upset.  Hoke Uber Alles!



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The media hype is almost 100% that Michigan will get crushed.  Well Fuck that...Michigan has a good team and we are not playing the Pittsburgh Steelers here, they are just college kids and put their pants on one leg at a time.

Its mind boggling... the 14 pt spread and almost universal feeling that "Michigan has no chance".  Perhaps this is still some hold over perception from the Rich Rod Error...but that Error is over.. the kids have been getting excellent coaching and this team has talent.

Michigan may not win this game, but it wont be some beat down...frankly that talk pisses me off...hopefully the team is listening too.


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Yeah... committing to a program for a coach who runs your style of offense and is the only one to have faith in you as a QB would be stupid.

He committed to Rodriguez, not Hoke.  Just because we are big fans of Hoke, doesn't mean you should go putting words in Denard's mouth.  Shut up.

Disclaimer:  I am a bigger fan of Hoke than RR, but I don't like the particular axe you are grinding.


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You don't have to go back to '69 to find a game we won as big underdogs.  The Florida game and 3-9 season Wisconsin game come to mind.


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Actually I was there and have watched the game replay and the tape of Tim's runs numerous times (if you have never done this I suggest you go to Wolverine Historian and watch every Biakabatuka carry that day = the ultimate hype video).  It is one of my favorite games ever - but we were not 2 TD underdogs - don't remember the line but it was probably 7- 8 points.   Nonetheless I could have mentioned that one, and our ohio victories in '94 and '96,  but  I don't  think any of them  measure up to this one or to the '69 game.   


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I really would love to see Michigan start out with a win against the reigning NC. I think they can do it, but think the national pundits are simply going with the easy choice here. It is more likely that Bama will win. I would definately like to keep it closer than the 14pt spread, just to shut up a few people.



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The '08 Wisconsin game was a pretty monumental upset when you considered they were a top-10 team, up 19 in the second half, and we finished 3-9.



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IIRC, we were pretty heavy underdogs to Ohio in '96. They were undefeated and ranked #2, we were 7-3. Being at the Shoe for that one is my all-time favorite UM game experience. The shocked looks on their fans' faces was absolutely priceless.


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Personally I think this team's attitude is outstanding. As a team they seem like they can achieve anything. Talent doesn't always come out on top. As a group and a team, Michigan may want it more come tomorrow night. Lots of people not giving Michigan a chance (not here) but many of the so called experts.

I can't wait for tomorrow. I hope Denard shuts up the haters x100.


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The point spread against OSU in both '95 and '96 was somewhere between 16 and 18, I think.  Those would have to be the two biggest point spread upsets for Michigan in the past 20 years at least.  After that, I believe that you'd have to go back to '69 to find something that big. 

Against Florida in the Citrus, we were 14-point dogs.