Once again, We control our own destiny

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Let's not screw it up this time. Ohio came through for us at a really key time tonight. Beating IU won't be a cake walk on Sunday as Ohio pretty much outplayed them on the glass and in the paint and also played some very impressive defense.  We definitely need to show strength and aggression on the interior early against them Sunday and also need to establish ourselves early defensively.  Let's not forget Purdue, though, tomorrow... I think we all remember the last time we overlooked a Big Ten opponent. Either way, March is a new month... Let's keep it rolling. WE ON and GO BLUE!!!


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March 5th, 2013 at 11:27 PM ^

available right now on StubHub for Michigan @ Purdue tomorrow night at 7pm.  Tempting idea, driving those 130 miles from SW Michigan to W. Lafayette when I get out of work tomorrow....


March 6th, 2013 at 8:05 AM ^

Another reason to have no respect for Purdue: $6 tickets on stub hub against a top ten team, and one that Purdue always plays like a "rivalry game."  If their own fans don't care, why should anyone else?


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That year students had it made for tickets at Michigan- there were lots of incentives for games- so counting free crap you got games were basically free.

The sad part for me is that Purdue this year is much better than that Michigan team.  They are 7-9 with two home games left- granted home games against Michigan and Minnesota are tough- they could get to .500- fans should come out and cheer for that.  They made the Sweet 16 in '09 and '10, and the tournament the last two years.  They have been a solid program, and have decent tradition- it is sad tickets are apparently so easy to come by for this game...


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I can understand it.

Mid-week game. Not Senior Night. Rough start to what was always going to be a rebuilding year (6-6 non-conference schedule with a loss to EMU). Got blown out at home in historic fasion in rivalry game (a game in which no one left until the game ended). "Are we bubble in for the NIT?" is not a big casual fan draw.

Now, I'm not saying they don't deserve fan support. They've, in many ways, overachieved after  the core players that had defined Purdue for half a decade graduated (E'tuan Moore, Jujuan Johnson, the long saga of Robbie Hummel). Going into Wisconsin and winning by 13 is tough and they're going to be competitive in the conference next year as Hammonds looks like the real deal. And everytime I've seen a Purdue home game, they've played hard and had loud and large student support. It will be a tough setting for Michigan regardless of the $6 tix.

But I am saying that I can understand non-student fans choosing not to make at least a 3 hour commitment on a Wednesday night. People are kidding themselves if they think Crisler wouldn't be the same in a similar situation.



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Two major concerns:

1.  When we control our destiny, we crap the bed.

2.  No matter how crappy Purdue is, they always shoot lights out against us. 

Fuck Penn State and Wisconsin. 


March 6th, 2013 at 9:02 AM ^

For regular season title there are no tiebreakers, the team(s) with the best record win the title  If we beat Purdue and Indiana, then it's highly likely we have a 4-way tie:  Indiana, Michigan, winner of Wisconsin/MSU, and Ohio State as Big Ten champs.

For seeding purposes, Wisconsin would get a better seed, in this scenario I think we end up the 4-seed in the tournament.