Olympics - Day 6 SPOILERS

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Haven't seen this up yet. Spoil away folks.  I'm a huge badminton fan (probably because it's one of the few sports I'm good at), so this made me happy to see.  It was embarrassing to watch.


On a happier note, the men's all around finals are today. Danell Leyva's stepdad/coach is ALWAYS entertaining to watch on the "sidelines".



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This happens all the time in soccer.  0-0 draws in the third game of group stages at the World Cup, where both teams secured advancement in the first two games, is a normal thing.  In fact, sometimes teams even get criticized for winning those third games 1-0, where both teams only needed a draw -- as if it's unfriendly to actually, you know, try to win one of those games.

Does the rulebook in badminton say, you have to TRY to win?  Oddly, I would wager an MGoPoint that it doesn't.  Or maybe I'm just playing lawyer there.


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They are tying to win at all cost, even at the cost of their pride and giving away a game so that they can be in a better position to win.

Not saying I disagree, just pointing out that your argument is pretty easy to counter...


personally I think that if you are good enough to be in that position then you are good enough to not worry about your future opponents.




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Not sure if this is the case here, but say allowing your current, inferior opponent to win gets them into the next round - that might bump out an opponent you consider superior.

Also, you usually have pool play followed by knockout rounds. It's entirely plausible that you might decide that one arm of the bracket is easier as a pool runner up than the other arm as a pool winner.

I seem to recall a similar discussion in hockey last Olympics - you didn't want to be the team stuck having to play Canada in the quarterfinals.


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Read the article and confirmed my second suspicion.

Badminton uses group play to fill a 16 team finals bracket. Basically, a highly favored Chinese team was unexpectedly second in their group. This meant that they'd play the winner of another group in the quarterfinals.

Now obviously, you don't want to face a heavy gold medal favorite in the quarters because if you lose, you'll be out of a shot at any medal, even if you're the second or third best team in the tournament (while a loss in the semis at least gives you a shot at bronze).

So a few teams decided that their quarterfinal matchup would be easier (not China) if they came in the runner up spot in their group, and thus tried to lose to avoid winning their group.

I don't really get the outrage - many team Olympic sports use the group play format (soccer and hockey, e.g.) and a similar scenario is plausible. Of course, in those sports draws are allowed and I guess playing to tie looks a little better than intentionally serving into the net.


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I would bet you that MGOpoint that the Olympic rules state something about sportsmanship and "giving it your all.". Besides your soccer comparison is quite weak, since you can't tie in Badminton.


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Why are no records broken in the swimming heats before the finals? Racers try to conserve energy and may not put out that extra maximal effort need to break a record. 

What about when the Packers sit Rodgers for week 17? They certainly arent' trying to win. They aren't trying to lose either, but nonetheless, the best effort is not there.

The ultimate goal is to win a gold medal, not place first in your pod only to be eliminated by a strong Chinese team.  The article has it right, its the officials that failed epically in planning an event where it would behoove someone to lose.


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They aren't spoilers. Spoilers ruin things. They are news of current events.

I have yet to understand why something being broadcast world wide on the internet can be "spoiled"

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I will put this in terms I think most Michigan fans can relate.

Your wife's cousin is getting married on the same day Michigan and Alabama face off.  You are pissed, but at least you can record the game and watch it later.  You are at the wedding just watching the clock, waiting to get back home to find out how the game ends.  Suddenly, the DJ announces the final score and your anticipation for watching the game is no more.

This is very similar to this thread.  My wife and I really wanted to watch the gymnastics last night, but since both of our work offices have people searching the internet looking for updates, we knew the results before we could watch the events.  It made our watching party very boring because we knew the outcome.

Hope this helps...


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I don't mind knowing the score of a Michigan game that I DVR'd.  That way, if they lose, I can go FTS on it and not put myself through the misery of watching a loss.  Most of all, I can find something else to do or watch to cheer myself up instead of spending three hours getting PO'd.



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Some people aren't going to watch until the NBC broadcast tonight. And if we don't put "spoiler" in the title, one of those people will click on an "Olympics - Day 6" thread and throw a hissy fit because they have now found out something they didn't want to. Thus effectively, it's a spoiler for them.



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cable, or tv ("is there an internet feed for it?!?!?!?"), but assuming people have internet is a given. Or more accurately, that checking in on a Michigan blog means you have time to watch all these events live. Now from my point total obviously I'm not in that category.  And past the subject line you're asking for trouble if you open an Olympic thread with the actual day labeled. But when NBC won't show certain events on tv till primetime the only way you can see some of these things if you can't watch the internet at work is to wait till the night to see it.  I think DAY X pretty much covers spoilers (you're talking about today, not last night's results), but just because I have badminton doubles on dual boxes on the corner of one my computer screens doesn't mean everyone can.


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...Women's Cycling Individual Time Trial (Gold) and Women's Rowing Quad Sculls (Bronze). As of this posting, the US has the overall lead in the medals count 26-25 over China. China leads in Golds 14-10.


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Men's gymnastics all around finals on right now.  If they keep up what they're doing right now, it's going to be a close competition.

Edit 1 - John Orozco is out of the running unless something crazy happens. 12.566 on pommel.

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So if you're an American Olympic rower, or judoka, or (insert name of fringe sport), do you have to have a regular job to support yourself financially?  Or does the USOC give you enough money to trail on your own?


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I read an article a few months ago about how the swimmers are broke.  They train 8-10 hours/day then go work a part time job.  They beg for money from family and friends.  They even put on a fundraising event at a hotel that lost money.  So they have to pay for all their practice time, put in the practice time and work extra jobs.  Not much $$ from the USOC.


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I know Evan Jager has a Nike contract that pays the rent (other stuff too, obviously) and just trains on their campus in Oregon, under the direction of Nike coaches, which I'm assuming Nike pays for. The other guy I know who made it to the trials but not the Olympic team is still on scholarship at Stanford. Judging by the research I put into the USATF Olympic Trials diary I wrote a while back, this is how the vast majority of runners go about finances/training.

As a side note, I think the USOC only pays for athletes on the national team roster being whittled down or athletes actually on the team, so it wouldn't cover 8/12-5/16.

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So what sports do you all think shouldn't even be in the Olympics to begin with? 

For me, this whole badminton controversy just reinforces my belief that it shouldn't even be at the Olympics.

Ping pong as well -- any sport that I can play in my basement really isn't Olympics-worthy in my opinion.

And I'm not just picking on the little sports... I also think for sports like soccer that already has the World Cup, the Olympics is kind of redundant.  A litmus test would be if you asked the player which he would rather win, the World Cup or Olympics, I bet most soccer players would say World Cup. 

What do you think?

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Weightlifting has always struck me as odd.  I see it as a form of training, not a sport in itself.

Synchronized diving seems like a product of a corporate brainstorming session.

Regarding soccer, yeah, the WC is definitely bigger.  But for the five Welsh players on the Great Britain team, this is a huge deal, since Wales never qualifies for anything.