Ole Miss Under Investigation for Rules Violations in Multiple Sports

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In what is a surprise to no one, Ole Miss is under investigation by the NCAA for rules violations in football and women's basketball.  They have not been sent a Notice of Allegations, nor do they have a hearing set with the Infractions Committee.  As usual, I'm sure nothing significant will stem from this investigation, regardless of what is found. Interesting, nonetheless.




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Investigation is not the same as enforcement.  

They seem to investigate - occasionally.  

Enforcement - they seem to rarely do, unless it's stretching.  If it's stretching, they bring the hammer.  

Hugh just better hope they weren't stretching too much.  


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More importantly Dan Mullen has an interview on Sportscenter today. The interview and set up is awkward as shit but that's not his fault. He's smooth, well spoke and knows what he's talking about. Throw $4 million at him and make it happen.

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It was only a matter of time.  I bet Ole Miss is probably the dirtiest program in the country right now.  They've been pulling in insane recruiting classes out of nowhere.   I think they just had a kid commit that said OSU would always be #1 to him, but felt he needed to go to Ole Miss instead.


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things like that helped getting SMU busted... if you've seen Pony Excess there is section of it that says a lot of coaches in the mid west and east coast were getting pissed about SMU moving in on their recruiting targets when SMU had never readlly recruited nationally... 



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Very nice, although I thought there was also a statement about how Freeze didn't realize that this was an e-mail account that someone actually checked and monitored, also explaining that all future concerns need to be sent to Freeze himself [email protected] so that they are dealt with swiftly and personally. 


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We will pay the players soon anyways, and it's been rampant the last 10 years in the SEC. A couple of kids in Lake City Florida that go to FSU drive badass new cars and have tons of gold chains. I had a coworker point it out to me at a local gym when 3 of them pulled up. The entire town knows about it!


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The worst part about it is that nothing will come of this. Everyone outside of Oxford knows that program is dirty but the NCAA is too weak to do anything about it

His Dudeness

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Meh, they will probably get literally no penalty.

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I know this is going to upset the masses and its kind of dumb that no one has mentioned it yet, but its mostly women's basketball violations that they are under investigation for.  And of the things the football team is being investigated for, they are all minor things and things from over 3 years ago.

Of course all of this in the article, but I know we can't be bothered by reading.


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Wow what a suprise, an SEC school under investigation. C'mon you think treadwell went there cause he wanted to walk the grove? Where you guys think that wad of cash he had in that pic come from Col. Sanders? lmao! This is how them good ol' boys do biznizz in the souf.


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"Yahoo! Sports also reports the potential major football violations do not involve current head coach Hugh Freeze and his staff, and instead are a part of an ongoing investigation into a previous staff."


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I'm sure nothing will come of this, but is anyone surprised. Ole Miss 3 years ago was a tire fire and then all of a sudden recruits are storming there like its the Mecca of college football. I sincerely doubt that the only reason Treadwell went there was because he wanted to walk through the grove on gameday.

Then again, I'm sure he's looking at his decision to not come here as dodging a bullet.

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The NCAA will probably hammer Ole Miss because they aren't as powerful as Bama, Auburn, Florida, TAMU, Georgia or even South Carolina.  The NCAA usually lets the big boys off the hook and hammers teams that have risen from nothing to be almost elite.  The only exceptions are when the evidence is so blatant that it can't be ignored, or if a school like Michigan admits to wrongdoing, thinking that "doing the right thing" is actually a positive under such a screwed up system.

I wish they would just let all of the players get paid.