(Ole Miss) Hugh Freeze seems to be claiming BCS titles now

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Now, I've searched all over Wikipedia to find out when Ole Miss won its three BCS national championships, but darn it if I just can't find them. However, what I did find was that Ole Miss claims three national championships from the 1959, 1960 and 1962 seasons.

And while those national title claims may be a bit dubious -- there are five teams that claim a national title in 1960 -- I'm not going to hold Ole Miss accountable for claiming these titles. Those days were pretty much the wild west of college football, and it's hard to find any schools that haven't claimed some questionable national titles.

However, putting three BCS trophies in that graphic about Ole Miss' three national championships is a bit disingenuous. Especially considering the photo touts Ole Miss' three claimed national titles, yet doesn't tell you in which years they came.http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/blog/eye-on-college-football/22278272/hugh-freeze-seems-to-be-claiming-bcs-titles-now



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would be kind to a small SEC school that is absolutely no threat to us and that is taking away talent from places like Alabama and LSU and not us for the 99% part.  Maybe the guy is just a pretty damn good recruiter and is trying to place his school in the best light.  Not like he is Nick (the Devil) Saban or Brian (Insert yelling at player here) Kelly.  Here is hoping they beat Alabama in 2013!  Go Rebs!


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There are hot women everywhere. And we all know we'll be fine without him. None of that changes the fallacious reasoning of your original post. Painting Ole Miss as some kind of valiant underdog who seems to be doing things on the up and up is incredulous at best. So sure. They have hot women. I'm sure that reasonably overrides the pictures of money he tweeted. Nothing to see here, move along.
Also utterly unconvincing: your hypothesis that we won't recruit against them regularly. The better they do, the more we'll bump heads. Auburn had one good year and suddenly we were engaged in, and losing, multiple recruiting battles with them. Why should Ole Miss and their head coach be any different, except, apparently, because you say so?
Also ALSO I don't need to know they are dirty to dislike them. The Rebels they named themselves after aren't the Rebel Alliance. I'm offended every time they score a touchdown and Dixie starts playing, so no, even if you WERE right, I still have every reason not to root for them over LSU and Alabama.



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Actually, I would think the most famous writer of minstrel show tunes was Stephen Foster, who was from Pittsburgh and only went to the south once, for his honeymoon in Louisiana. That means the writer of "My Old Kentucky Home" never spent any real time in Kentucky.

Foster is so controversil for his happy slave songs Greenfield Village in Dearborn, contrary to their normal practice, doesn't use his name to label his house. 

Actually, if you are ever on the University of Pittsburgh's campus, just nect to the Carnegie Museum you will see an utterly shameful statue of Foster composing, or something, sitting in an elevated position over a bald, smiling, and, I kid you not, shoeless african american playing the banjo.


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Come and listen to a story about a kid named Tread
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Then one day he was pickin' at some food,
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Said "Oxford is the place you ought to be"
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Swimmin pools, football stars.

Well now its time to say good by to Tread and all his kin.
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Y'all come back now, y'hear?.



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In those three years, Ole Miss was ranked either 2nd or 3rd in both the AP and Coaches' poll, so it is based on some combination of these and/or other polls. I am shocked that they don't claim 1955 because, using Massey's algorithm, they would have been the best team that year based on historic statistics. Surely Freeze is aware of these things, right?

Incidentally, the major polls of the day would have put Syracuse on top in 1959, Minnesota in 1960 and USC in 1962. 

turd ferguson

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Yeah, this fall I think I might turn down the volume on Ole Miss games and play a recording of the 30-for-30 theme music just so I can feel like I'm watching it happen live.  Then I'll turn the volume back on but smoothly slip in a "What if I told you..." right before everything the announcers say.  "What if I told you... three yard gain up the middle?"  "What if I told you... first down Rebels?"  


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That would be as dumb as someone putting Michigan with 11 crystal footballs. They should have one, but it was mistakenly sent to Lincoln, NE for some reason. Ole Miss does and has done things that really make me wonder what the hell are they thinking.

In fact, the entire SEC makes me wonder what are they thinking. I see schools like Alabama and Ole Miss where students are getting dressed up fancy to go to games. And I'm talking both guys and girls. Strange.

Perkis-Size Me

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That's the South for you, and it really shouldn't surprise you. Schools like that are filled with a bunch of southern belles and good ol' boys who's wardrobes consist of nothing but seersucker suits, Vinyard, Southern Tide, Lacoste, etc. It's not an SEC thing per se, its a Southern thing in general. They'd look like idiots at a Michigan game, but they fit right in down South. Just a culture thing.


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and their first year of integration on the gridiron, 1962, and the only year they enjoyed an undefeated season. It was an honest portrayal of the bigotry that still existed, with both players exempted from white restrooms, restaurants, etc., even though they were traveling with the entire football team.  Once the Bear began recruiting blacks, after the drubbing they took from USC, lead by SamBam, it was pretty much all over for the rest of that league until his retirement and then in later years the league evening out.     ^It is interesting, however, that even with "whites only" that they always managed to place half their teams in the nation's top 20 right on through the 70s.


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I would be more scared of Northern Illinois than Ole Miss..Ole Miss hasnt had a decent season, hence decent not "good" since Eli Manning time, which was looong time ago..why we talking about Ole Miss