Ole Miss Files Patterson Response With NCAA

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Shea's attorney is referring all questions regarding the Ole Miss response to Dave Ablauf at Michigan Athletics.  I have to assume this is good news. 



Ole Miss files response to UM's Shea Patterson request. Story from @chengelis https://t.co/LCTBkE53HF pic.twitter.com/gfWXNlzX0p

— Detroit News Sports (@detnews_sports) March 28, 2018



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The NCAA has been absurdly slow with this. With the FBI doing all the real work, you'd think they would have been able to resolve this in a timely manner.


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in so many sports and educational areas.  Take us down a few notches and everyone would be cozy with us, just like they are with Northwestern, Purdue, Iowa, and Minnesota.


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I know she's considered a little bit of a joke today but young Pam Andersen (mid-20's ish) had a lot of things going for her before she decided to morph into what most think of her as.


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Michigan had to put together all the evidence to persuade the NCAA and then send it to Ole Miss for their response. It is just now getting to the NCAA to make their decision.

I honestly can't imagine Ole Miss will fight this. They already look bad and don't want to be seen screwing over athletes now. I'm guessing they put together a text book response saying they don't object to him gaining immediate eligibility so now it just needs the blessing of the NCAA.


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Really the two big questions you'd think everybody has at this point is:


  • What is the substantive content of the response from Ole Miss?  Are they pushing back (doubtful)?  Proactively supporting the petition?  Or simply a explicit waiver of their response rights---as in they won't be saying anything at all substantively, but are doing a somewhat classy move of at least telling Michigan & the NCAA to not wait for the full notice/response period, as Ole Miss intends to waive it.


  • The actual timeline.  We all thought Ole Miss had 10 days to respond from when Michigan FILED with the NCAA--and the same day Michigan sent a certified copy to Ole Miss as well.  It turns out----no, the 10 day clock hadn't started yet.  It only starts when the NCAA sends their copy to Ole Miss.  I guess there's a small chance that Michigan would send a different package to Ole Miss?  At any rate, then we found out that apparently the NCAA has been sitting on the application for a few weeks & hadn't sent it to Ole Miss yet.

            So I guess my question on the timeline is----did the NCAA actually send the official copy to Ole Miss and we just didn't know about it?  Or is Ole Miss sending a response in based on the Michigan copy?





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An NCAA Case Mgr will be assigned to the appeal (likely already completed). The Case Mgr will review the contents and register the case. The case will appear before the Legislative Relief Committee on "eligibility issues" and will be comprised of a three member panel.

Once the meeting is scheduled and convened, usually within one week. The Case Mgr will author a memo to the committee outlining the grounds and purpose of the waiver. The committee will then discuss the application and render a decision and ruling on the case that will be documented and released. While there is no set deadline to complete the ruling it is highly likely that it will be processed and completed within 2-3 weeks.

Robbie Moore

March 28th, 2018 at 6:51 PM ^

knows full well they deceived recruits. The AD is gone. Hugh Freeze is gone. They can blame them and then do the right thing by the players and let them move on.

But I suppose "doing right by the players" and Ole Miss are two terms not ever seen in the same paragraph.

Mr Miggle

March 28th, 2018 at 8:28 PM ^

It's really not true. They might make some random looking decisions, but when it's something that might well land them in a bad court case or give them a lot of negative publicity for no gain, they are quite rational.

Mr Miggle

March 28th, 2018 at 9:26 PM ^

They challenged the NCAA's authority in addressing academic issues that involved more than athletes. Not penalizing UNC got them some bad publicity. Pursuing them made a lot of member schools uncomfortable and may have opened up a can of worms that led to even more bad press.


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If eligible, then protect his ass like an NFL starter in preseason. Couple of series with the 1's and then clipboard time. Personally, I would like to see more of the McCaffrey vs. Peters battle for the backup role. Shea is going to be the 2018 starter without question in my mind. I mean he is already having skull sessions with Don Brown. That is one smart dude seeking out Yoda's advice. Go Blue !!!