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I thought I would throw this out there before April Fools Day. That way there is no confusion. Ole Miss will be fighting the "immediate eligibility" of those that are requesting transfers. Yes, that means Shea Patterson. Let's just say Ole Miss came out firing with their rebuttal to the NCAA. They are not going to admit any wrong doing or grant approvals for the players in question. 

Michigan could have been more aggressive and used more documentation that was made available to them from Shea's attorney. Furthermore, Michigan may submit additional documentation if they can (not guaranteed). They are going to need it. Shea's attorney is far less optimistic than he was a week ago. Hence the statement, he is referring all future inquiries to Michigan's David Ablauf. For the first time in weeks, I am starting to think this going to be a 50/50 decision at best.

Attorney's advising Michigan are adamant that they miscalculated the Ole Miss response. Brace yourselves for the worst and pray for the best. We know what the right thing to do is, but we are now dealing with a corrupt instituition (Mississippi) and an organization (NCAA) with a less than stellar track record in making the right decisions!



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So, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there also an NCAA rule change on the docket for the summer that could render all these transfer eligible regardless of the NCAA's decision on waivers? So on the off chance that the NCAA denies these kids' waiver applications that's not actually the last chance to gain eligibility?


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Mayber Shea's attorney and/or U of M and anyone else who might be adversely impacted should take the matter into the courts and sue the NCAA and Ole Miss.  I'm not sure if antitrust would be applicable but there might be a case to be made that there was fraud in the inducement, i.e., the recruiting of the five individuals involved.  If some of the players have NFL careers ahead of them, the year they lose has significant value.  

The last thing that Mississippi and the NCAA want to have happen is someone going deep into school and NCAA documents and the discovery aspects of a lawsuit would do exactly that.  


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Ole Miss's decision to fight is not that relevant. It was always assumed that they would fight it as they are figthing the other violations as well.  This was going to be the NCAA's decision, and unless Ole Miss is disputing some of the case's facts, which means disputing the violations, its response will be not be a game changer.  Nothing has changed. Shea may be declared ineligible but not because of Ole Miss's response.

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....exactly, which is why I am surprised how we would have miscalculated their response.  Unless there is more to it, either ole miss would fight or not, so why would we have not taken the worst cast scenario or ar their multiple responses ole miss could have had???  Very confusing and Michigan needs to get better outside counsel.


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Right. If M has helpful documentation I don't know why they'd hold it back. About the only thing I can think of is if it's embarrassing to Ole Miss and M had a reason to think this evidence could tip Ole Miss from waiving their response to opposing. Seems like a good lawyer would have gotten a committnent from Ole Miss before withholding helpful evidence though.


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Yeah, this part is totally baffling:

Michigan could have been more aggressive and used more documentation that was made available to them from Shea's attorney. 

The way I'm reading this is, "Michigan pulled their punches and didn't put forth the best case possible."

If so.....WHY?  It totally baffles me as to why somebody would NOT include helpful relevant information if they had the ability to do so.


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I'll add this to the large (and unfortunately growing) list of bad things I predicted that nobody wanted to hear.

I said his eligibility was not a given and if the NCAA could find a reason to say no they would. And, as usual, I took a insane amount of shit for being negative for no reason. And, as usual, I was correct.

It's going to be denied folks. Hate .e for telling you but it's going to be denied.


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Beilein hater. I told you Beilein can’t recruit top talent! However, he’s coaching in the final four so he’s successful but can’t recruit? Let that sink in a little. You have zero proof, thus you aren’t correct!


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Nobody likes hearing “I told you so. I’ve never offered one opinion on this topic, so it’s not as if it applies to me. (Something tells me you’re the kind of person that will fact check my statement!!!)

It just seems childish.

I do agree that with age/experience comes the opportunity for wisedom. But most wise people don’t need to TELL people how smart or informed they are.

Enjoy the Final Four and Go Blue!


Probably older than you!?