[Older human interest piece on Jabrill Peppers]

Submitted by Michigan Eaglet on April 29th, 2013 at 10:18 PM

I don't think I've seen this before on here, but given the commitment today and the possible future commtiment by Jabrill Peppers, I thought this was a good article to share. As some of you are aware, Jabrill's father is in jail and wasn't really there for him during his childhood and this article details the impact that had on him. The story is from last October, but it is still a great read. He is the kind of player you can't help rooting for, even if he doesn't end up coming to Michigan. Also, the article states that his father will be out on parole this this June, so the fact that he might make his decision around that time might have something to do with that fact.


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turd ferguson

April 30th, 2013 at 1:45 AM ^


Let's see, of the people who come to MGoBlog now, maybe 0.1% of them ever saw your thread and read that article.  It was, after all, six months ago and long before Peppers seemed like a probable commit.  Even of those 0.1% (I have no idea if it's 0.1%), most of them would probably like to re-read it, since they were obsessive enough to read a thread about this kid when he still seemed very unlikely to commit.  They probably don't mind this thread.  Let's say we're talking about 0.01% of MGoBlog that read this story six months ago and has no interest in re-reading it now.  Of them, the vast majority probably really don't care about redundancy spread across six months, so maybe we're talking about 0.0001% of MGoBlog that has already read this story and now has a problem with its existence.

So congratulations.

[And some apologies, since I can be pissy at 1:40am after a long day.]


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The point is not redundancy spread across six months.  Rather, I was only mentioning that this article was posted on this board at the time of the writing of said article (which seems logical...).  Further, the re-poster did not do any search for said article whatsoever; in lieu thereof, he merely disclaimed "SIAP", which is, frankly, lazy.  In fact, even utilizing minimum due diligence, i.e., typing in the prospect's name in the site search box, would have resulted in this article appearing on the first page of the search results.  Therefore, I return the congratulations to you "Turd" and I can confidently say with 99.98% accuracy that your fake statistics are annoying to 108.75% of MGoBloggers and 926.84% of other visitors to this website.


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Except there's no way of knowing unless you click on each and every thread on the first page.  Seriously, even searching won't allow you to find it unless you click on each thread. Your title was very generic and provided no information that the article related to a human interest aspect of the recruitment. 


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I actually wasn't bitching and moaning about thread titles. I usually read what's the first couple of pages each morning before I start working so it's not like I'm not going to click on it. I was responding against the attacks against OP, that if he had searched for "Jabrill Peppers" that he would have found the thread. Oh really? How? It's not like even if he had searched, he would have known about the thread unless he clicked on every thread that came up on the first page. The only reason I knew to go that post immediately was the 6 month timeline you mentioned.  

When I see your thread title, I'm more likely to think (as well as the general readership), "another recruiting story, I already know this guy is interested in U-M, moving on". 

When I see "great article" I'm more likely to think that since someone else believes there's something great/interesting about it, there's information I might not know or want to know. 

All I was saying was that if we're attacking the OP for not following forum etiquette, the people throwing out criticism at him and trying to hold themselves up as shining examples have equally bad mistakes. Even if he followed your idea,  it's not exactly a reasonable suggestion. Whatever, I'm done. 


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I'm not sure I'll want to root for him if he doesn't go to Michigan, but I agree that he will be hard not to root for if he does. But since he is totally coming here, I don't have to worry about that.


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I missed this too. There has to be more grace for posting links that were up a long time before. I suppose the 2nd OP could have done an exhaustive search, and linked to the previous mgoblog post 6 months ago. But I'm tired sometimes of the "gotcha" mentality. Thanks to the 2nd OP for putting up the link.


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If the 2nd OP typed "Jabrill Peppers" into the search bar, the link is the 8th one down on the first page of results.

I actually don't have a problem with the repost but would prefer the second post to say something like "This was posted six months ago, link, but now that Jabrill Peppers is more of a possibility and some may have missed the original here is an interesting story about him."


April 30th, 2013 at 8:19 AM ^

If we're going to play this game that thread title sucked and was hardly informative. 


Top 2014 CB Target -- Jabrill Peppers (Paramus Catholic, NJ)

How would I know that it's about a human interest story such as this one? I'd think it were just another recruiting story. You can't really expect people to sift through each and every thread do you? 


April 30th, 2013 at 10:07 AM ^

Uh, you only have to use basic deductive reasoning to determine that if the article is from late 2012, it has probably been seen already. This should lead you to believe a search is necessary. It's not that difficult to click through to results and glance at them for a half second. No one is going to "scoop" you on such an old article. If you're not willing to adequately research, you're asking to be mocked. The easiest way to do something is properly. When did we become such a community of crybabies? Are we worried that OPs are going to have their self-esteem damaged and quit posting?


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I typically don't pay any attention to stuff on recruits for the following recruiting year. So while it's a great story, I was paying attention to the recruits of 2008 and later, as that article/posting was mid season. Now, nothing going on except recruiting, and this is interesting.


April 30th, 2013 at 3:05 AM ^

I missed this too. There has to be more grace for posting links that were up a long time before. I suppose the 2nd OP could have done an exhaustive search, and linked to the previous mgoblog post 6 months ago. But I'm tired sometimes of the "gotcha" mentality. Thanks to the 2nd OP for putting up the link.


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While people who leave comments at the bottom of articles are generally awful human beings, the people on that site especially deserve to be euthanized.

Shakey Jake

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And thanks to those who got all ass hurt about the reposting and had to go about discussing it. It's this type of brilliant posting that makes MGOBLOG so entertaining. The only thing I do ask of those who go off on these tangents is to post what they are drinking. I always enjoy knowing what people are drinking while they troll MGOBLOG in their pepperoni stained tighty whities.

Ball Hawk

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Thanks for posting the link. I hadn't read it until now. What amazes me about the comments that people made on the story, is that people care so much about how is his dad is going to get a job and how is he gonna pay his bills. Really who gives a fuck about that, its not even a part of the story. Its sad that some people tear him down. I will be rooting for this kid when he plays for Michigan.


April 30th, 2013 at 5:46 PM ^

I won't get into the "this is an old story/post" debate but it was the first I'd seen it and enjoyed it. Very sad and moving but I think it shows just how amazing some kids can be as I would have absolutely crumbled at that age. In a selfish sense I do not want this kid going anywhere but Michigan but he is the type of kid that whichever school he goes to I'll be a fan. I, too, have that personality of going against the grain not because I'm a contrarian or want to openly be different but just to experience different things. Develop empathy, etc. I've always said that if I weree a major recruit and only Michigan did not want me, I'd go to a great academic school that historically has been bad at football. Vanderbilt, etc. Why? Just to do it. While every other kid is jumping on usc or bama....I'd purposely go try to help a bad school turn things around and get a genuine education.