Older arial poster of the big house question

Submitted by preed1 on March 23rd, 2010 at 12:23 PM

I am the proud owner of a poster that has an arial photo of Michigan Stadium. Yes I stare at it during downtime and remeber where i am during which games. Anyways my question is if anyone knows during what season it was taken in, and who they were playing? Obviously it is pre 2007 because there is no construction.



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Well it has the halo on the stadium so it can only be from the one season that the halo was on. I have a similar poster that I have framed just a different angle. I want to say it is for a game against Miami (not that miami) if it is the same game as my poster.

edit: I guess the Halo was on for more than one season. I only remember it for one but oh well.

edit #2: After looking at the Schedules from the '98 season & the '99 season I believe it is either from the Syracuse game in '98 or the Wisconsin game in '99 since it looks like a team wearing white with either red or orange.


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michigan played syracuse - man syracuse is so bad, michigan must have really stomped them. i mean syracuse is a big east team and aside from ernie davis and playing in an air conditioned dome they have almost no tradition to speak of. maybe you mean lacrosse...

(this was the first of many soul dong punches for me)


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It still has the yellow ring around it with the words to the Victors...so this would be pre-Bill Martin era, right?

Maybe late 90s..


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That Picture has the Halo on the stadium, so it has to be either the 1998 season, or the 1999 season.

EDIT: There are still leaves on all the trees, and they're starting to change color. I'd speculate something late Sept/Early Oct in either 1998 or 1999.


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Although the Halo was removed in 2000, I believe the words to "The Victors" were removed after only one season. This would mean the picture is from 1998.

Judging by everything, I'd say 1998 home opener against Syracuse.

lexus larry

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Yeah, coming into that season, thinking, "yeah, we're only replacing Woodson and Glen Steele on D, we'll be fine."

The only game my brother and I had ever left early. Left midway through the third...

to find that my car had been towed, because The Man didn't believe we were "visiting" friends in an apartment building on Packard. Good ole Brewer's snagged some $125 so I could get my car back.

Nothing good happened that day...


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1998-1999, I believe.

Stripped for 2000 season.

ED - can you make out the opposing team on it / on the scoreboard? That would probably solve it...

Mr. Robot

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The video boards and the "halo" were added for 1998, and it states at Bentley that the "halo" was removed in 2000, although it does not say if it was before or after the season.

Edit: Geez, there was no response when I started typing this. That's what I get for digging up the link, lol. Sounds like the people above me are sure it was gone before the 2000 season though.