"Old School" Michigan BB games

Submitted by WolverineHistorian on February 10th, 2011 at 5:27 PM

I was recently given a huge box of old Michigan football and basketball games as a gift from a very generous fan who watches on my YouTube account.  As you all know, my account mainly celebrates Wolverine football but looking through these tapes, there are 20 basketball games that some people might enjoy.  I'll upload highlights of them if anyone is interested.  Although, it should be noted that the majority of them are from the Fab Five era.  And I'm sure the eventual Ed Martin scandal might make reliving these games pretty tough for some or all.  

Here's what I have...

*1987 Wisconsin game: Won 77-64 @ Crisler

*1988 Iowa game:  Won 120-103 @ Crisler

*1991 Rice game:  Won 87-70 @ Crisler

*1992 Michigan State game:  Won 89-79 @ Breslin

*1992 Final Four game against Cincinnati:  Won 76-72 @ the Metrodome

*1992 National title game against Duke:  Lost 71-51 @ the Metrodome

*1993 Purdue game:  Won 80-70 @ Mackey Arena

*1993 Minnesota game:  Won 80-73 @ Williams Arena

*1993 Illinois game:  Won 76-68 @ Crisler

*1993 Penn State game:  Won 80-70 @ Bryce Jordan

*1993 Minnesota game:  Won 84-69 @ Crisler

*1993 Elite Eight game against Temple:  Won 77-72

*1993 Final Four game against Kentucky:  Won 81-78

*1993 National title game against North Carolina:  Lost 77-72 (The infamous Chris Webber timeout game)

*1994 Ohio State game:  Won 72-70 @ Their old arena.  Don't know the name of it.

*1994 Michigan State game:  Won 59-51 @ Breslin

*1994 Iowa game:  Won 89-76 @ Crisler

*1994 Minnesota game:  Won 72-65 @ Crisler

*1994 Ohio State game:  Won 86-75 @ Crisler

*1994 Iowa game:  Won 71-70 @ Carver Hawkeye Arena

*1994 Michigan State game:  Won 76-64 @ Crisler

*1998 Big Ten Tournament game against Minnesota:  Won 85-69

*1998 Big Ten Tournament Championship game against Purdue:  Won 76-67

Anyone interested in seeing highlights of these down the road? 



February 10th, 2011 at 9:57 PM ^

I'll watch all the games.  Loved the 88 Iowa game.  Unbelievable good time that day.


I miss the Gary Grant days.  He used to watch the Big 10 games on our dorm TV.  His comments about opponents were hysterical.


February 10th, 2011 at 10:39 PM ^

I'd love to see the WH brand expand to Michigan basketball as well as football.  If you get some epic hockey tapes as well, I'd love to see those as well (a la The Big Chill highlights).

st barth

February 11th, 2011 at 8:15 AM ^

...that I remember as being entertaining were the Hawaii Rainbow Classic with the sophomore version of the Fab 5.  Games were on in the middle of the night because of Hawaii location but M beat Kansas and North Carolina (both Final 4 participants that year) to win the title.

And though it stunk to lose, the tournament game against Loyola-Marymount where we scored well over 100 points and still got blown out was a one-of-kind game worth rewatching.


February 11th, 2011 at 9:00 AM ^

I think one of my favorite eff you games was when the news linked Jalen to a crack house(Not sure of the story exactly but somehow Jalen was in trouble, but it seemed like he was falsely accused thru my Maize glasses) and we went to Illinois.    The Illinois crowd was all over Jalen and Jalen played probably his best game ever as he stuck it right back in the crowds face.   I was jacked watching that game.