Old School - Color Film From 1938 Illinois Game + Vintage Ann Arbor Footage

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This comes to us by way of Michigan Today, from a 1938 university-produced recruiting movie aimed at bringing more women students to Michigan.  The film includes clips of Louis Elbel conducting The Victors on the 40th anniversary of the greatest fight song in college football. 

For those interested in some looks at Ann Arbor and Main Campus before WWII, the Michigan Today article has the entire film available, plus some choice excerpts at http://michigantoday.umich.edu/2011/09/1930s-women.php?tr=y&auid=9456174

Go Blue!

 For the football and marching band bits, click here

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBMiXUwC_U4&feature=player_embedded#at=12 ];

or here:





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I love the marching band clock.  They would have blown my mind if the pendulum would have been swinging in addition to the hands moving.  I'm not sure how this would get women to come to Michigan, especially when the male cheerleader looks like he's having a "fabulous" day in the opening stadium shot.  I love this old footage though.  Thanks.


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And still looks like there is no place to park (referencing the shots outside of Rackham). But the trees are just beautiful. Gosh I miss Ann Arbor in the fall.

Speaking of Rackham, I can't say or read the name without hearing, "Rack-am" in the voice of of one of the Bursley-Baits bus drivers. It was so distinct. Ah campus. 



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Great footage!!!  Louis Elbel returning to conduct the Victors is epic. 

1938 was the first year we sported the winged helmets.  Though, it's kind of hard to see in this video. 

I love how everyone looks like they're going to church.  No such thing as casual clothes in those days.  Can you imagine wearing a suit and tie to a football game today?

Hard to believe it would still be another 33 years before women were deemed capable of being in the marching band.

Everyone Murders

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The Michigan Today article links the entire 38+ minute film ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMA3cUmgewk&feature=player_embedded ).  One of the Michigan Today featured excerpts shows various Michigan notables including one (then AD) Fielding H. Yost (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3sYIFAfPGU&feature=player_embedded) along with a few other names very familiar to alumni:  Alice Lloyd, Margaret Bell and one Dean Bursley. 

I can't tell who's backslapping Yost, but I'm guessing if anyone on this board can it's you.


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In 1967, when I was a freshman, men always wore sports jackets and ties on date nights and to parties. You also had to wear a jacket and tie to Sunday dinner in the dorms.

And pledge formals...complete with tuxes. Then again, we did have toga parties to make up for it.

By 1969, the students wore pretty much what they wear today, jeans and a T-shirt or sweater. The whole world changed in a very short time!