The OL is in a bad Funk

Submitted by caup on November 25th, 2012 at 5:20 PM

While everyone is debating the job Borges is doing, why isn't anyone talking about the absolute tire fire that is our offensive line performance?  The OSU game was as bad as anything I've seen all year.

Our guys aren't undersized anymore, and are "Wellman-ized," so they aren't weak.  So those memes no longer hold true.

I rewatched all of the run plays again in slo-mo to see exactly why we couldn't get even a few meager critical yards when necessary.  It jumped out at me time and time again.

Missed blocks, confused linemen linemen not even engaging anyone, while the ballcarrier behind them was getting tackled.  The fullbacks were bad, too.

With all the mental errors, it looked like a really poorly coached unit. 

So incredibly, my biggest fear going forward isn't Borges. It's the offensive line play.  Charlie Weiss proved that even with superior talent, if the guys aren't properly coached up it won't matter how many blue chippers you've got. 

I hope to God what we're seeing is a product of the coaching change.  But as far as I'm concerned, Darrell Funk just joined Spain as officially On Notice with me!


Blue boy johnson

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The point of my comment was that there are people on here who seem to have an agenda of criticizing other posters.  You know, the ones who complain about "OT" in the title, constantly criticize threads, act like everyone on here has to be a football coach in order to comment.  Can I be an ass?  Absolutely.  I've gotten into a good number of ridiuclous arguments with people here (the hunting one was admittedly ridiculous). A good percentage of my posts are downright terrible. I'll work on that.  But I don't actively seek out opinions to bash all the time.  Here are just some from Magnus and David from Wyoming over the last 10 DAYS:

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That's a sample of 6 days worth. Honestly, are you even a Michigan fan?


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How is claiming something is post hoc criticism a personal attack?
How is saying Jamie Morris is a liar attacking the poster?
Howmis accusing someone of burning a straw man personal?
How is saying someone lacks a cohesive viewpoint personal?
How is saying that SHANE MORRIS shouldn't be engaging in the "haha you're not going to a bowl" attacking anyone?

Just because I use the word "asshole" doesn't make it an attack on anyone.

It seems like you've just looked for swearing?


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I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and cross all of those off the list.  You still managed to call dozens of posters "assholes" and "whining bitches" with one comment, and I hardly think ripping on Shane Morris, Jamie Morris, and Stan Edwards is the kind of content that contributes in a meaningful way to this board.  Read that list and tell me which one of those comments add anything to the discussion.


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I think we'll see a smoother year next season even with a younger group.  There's a reason Oregon doesn't line up in the I with multiple tight ends and try to run power and there's a reason Stanford doesn't run read-option out of a wide open spread look.  This team unsuccessfully tried to run a little bit of read-option with a little bit of traditional ISO/power football and had issues with both. 

If Kyle Kalis is running power all day in practice and doesn't know who to block then it may be time to worry.  As it is our too-big playbook caused more problems than it solved the last two years.  We never had a comfort zone or an identity outside of one play (inverted veer) and were never able to develop counters or wrinkles to anything we did in the running game.  I think all we've learned is that with limited practice time you can't learn two offenses in college football.  Going forward that shouldn't be an issue.


November 25th, 2012 at 7:24 PM ^

Oregon doesn't often line up in the I, but they can (and do) run power, so it is possible for an OL to do both. And it's especially effective when power is run out of the same formation as a zone play (like Oregon does). Maybe Michigan's OL wasn't physically capable of running power (can't coach size), but at least the Ducks' OL doesn't look confused when doing either power or zone. Have to put OL mental lapses on the coaches.

steve sharik

November 25th, 2012 at 9:25 PM ^

From tackle to tackle, every OL in college football runs zone and gap schemes.  Not to mention that inverted veer is power except there's no FB kicking out the DE, the DE is influenced outside by the sweep action and it's a read.  From tackle to tackle, inverted veer is power.

The main difference b/w this year and last year is we had the Rimington Award winning All-American at center, Schofield at guard, and Huyge at RT.  That takes out an All-American and a reliable run blocker and replaces them with Mealer and Barnum.


November 25th, 2012 at 5:26 PM ^

You're probably going to take heat for the tone of that, but I think your concern is well placed. Frey got Lewan playing at a high level as a freshman with only one year of HS Oline experience, Molk obviously developed into a Rimington winner, Omameh had a very promising sophomore campaign, Dorrestein and Huyge turned into serviceable players after not being very highly regarded. Since then Lewan took a step forward and then a step back, Omameh turned from an asset to a liability and Barnum and Mealer as 5th year seniors didn't cut it. Even if Lewan comes back next year we'll have a very young line with little depth. If the line is serviceable Frunk will have proven his chops, if it isn't Funk hasn't earned the benefit of the doubt.


November 25th, 2012 at 5:37 PM ^

Kalis and Magnuson, both will be RS Frshman, may be starting next year at LT and RG.  If Lewan comes back, then Magnuson will be his backup, but Kalis will still be starting, which is fine, since he will probably be ready to take on the burden.


If it's Lewan/Kalis/Miller/Bryant/Schofield, it won't be too bad.  However, it puts us in a similar situation of USC this season, where any injury along the line could be very bad.


November 26th, 2012 at 3:10 AM ^

 i don't think Schofield would be an automatic starter next season... tho he should given that he'll be a 5th year player. Unlike this where our back up O linemen where either true freshman or walk ons , next year we'll at least have red shirt freshman back up and true freshman


November 25th, 2012 at 5:30 PM ^

Our starting guard, Bryant got hurt before the season even started.  Mealer wasn't supposed to start, let alone at center, the most important position on the line.  But, he had to, since Miller was still probably undersized for the position.  The backups at both guard positions was a walk-on sophomore, and behind him a true freshman.  At RT it's the same thing.  A walk-on backup and a true freshman behind him.


If this happens in the next couple years, then you can start talking about Funk.  Until then, no. Not happening.  He did a heckuva job I'd say given the personnel.


November 25th, 2012 at 5:33 PM ^

I mean the guys might not be undersized or weak but that doesn't make them talented.  Lewan had a bad game but I didn't see anyone saying he took a step back before this game and the play calling put the weakness of our o-line up against the strength of the osu defense.  I'm not willing to get worked up about funk until 2 years when the talented linemen have a year of starting.


November 25th, 2012 at 5:39 PM ^

He wasn't as good as last year, but all the way leading up to The Game, the scouts had Lewan pegged as a top 15 pick.  I still think that remains true, but it'll be up to Taylor if he wants to stay or not.  I wouldn't fault him for going pro, but he does seem like the kind of guy that would stick it out to the end of eligibility.

Perkis-Size Me

November 25th, 2012 at 5:34 PM ^

Hoke knows that to win football games it all starts up front on both sides of the ball. He's a lineman kind of guy. If there needs to be changes made, he'll make them. But I think this is a bit of an overreaction.

I think losing Molk hurt us a lot more than we thought it would, and we're feeling the effects of that right now. He was the glue that held our line together last year. What else would you expect from a Rimington award winner?

Keep in mind also that guys like Barnum and Mealer didn't play much the last few years, and were thrown in as starters this year. You're dealing with a lot of guys who are generally inexperienced at their position outside of Lewan and Schofield. And as much as it sucks to hear this, we may very well have line issues next year, especially if Lewan declares for the draft. We will be extremely talented,yet extremely young on the line next year.