oklahoma pursuing jerry montgomery

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According to the michigan board on espn, oklahoma is pursuing jerry montgomery to fill their vacant defensive line coaching spot.  Although going from Michigan to Oklahoma to take the same position seems like a step down, I could definitely see Montgomery taking an offer from Oklahoma considering Michigan basically has two other defensive line coaches with Hoke and Mattison.  Going to Oklahoma would allow him to independently coach his own position group, and would likely come with a pay raise.  If Dave Brandon is smart, he will counter an Oklahoma offer and lock up Montgomery, whom I believe is next in line for defensive coordinator when Mattison retires.  Thoughts?



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The reason a lot of people "bitch" is because it seems that for every $100,000 DB pays a coach, he extracts $1 million from the fans and another $1 million from advertisers, usually to put their ads in obnoxious, non-traditional places.  Sometimes, it seems like the guy's running a 95% profit margin on coaches.  Maybe that's why people "bitch."


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I lived in Oklahoma for four years and TBH I love Ann Arbor, but if you find the right neighborhood in Norman there's not really an appreciable difference.  The only thing I think would steer him to stay(all other things being equal) is he has kids and the schools in Oklahoma don't have the same reputation.   You can counter the brutal Oklahoma summer with the miserable Michigan winter and the weather becomes a wash and both schools have incredible football tradition and good programs.

Basically my point boils down to this: if Oklahoma tries to pry him away.....PAY THE MAN.


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montgomery is probably not the next d coortinator, but i still hope they keep him around. both mallory and smith have been dcoordinators while montgomery has no experience. hopefully we dont have to think about d coordinators for a while though


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and the job he has done in conjunction with Mattison, but I feel he is past his prime (age) to be tapped as the new DC if it is required within less than 3 years.  I'm not endorsing Montgomery, but Smith just does not seem like a viable candidate.  


EDIT:  Bolden, Ross, Demens, Ryan . . .  I know he's not the end all be all of our LB core, but jeez, something is going right there.  

Jack Daniels

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These rumors are legitimate, at least according to OU people....he might've have even interviewed for the job, but I'm very skeptical about that. Michigan should be able to counter; I see this as asking for a pay raise (he is lowest paid on our staff).


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but it certainly isn't a step up.  I haven't read over any financials that I could find (maybe they are out there, but, alas, I am on my phone) so aside from that, I don't see any reason for him to make the jump.   

Michigan has a long-standing tradition of hiring within.  If JM wanted to move up to DC or further, it seems like a sure shot he could do so by remaining at Michigan.   

Maybe my Maize and Blue glasses are glued on, so differing opinions are welcome.   


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Why would you not stay with the talent infusion coming? You could hav a rising stock being part of a great defense in the next couple years.


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It's not really a step down, to be fair. And he'd probably get a significant pay raise. But it would definitely be no better than a lateral move. It would also be a risk without a significant upside, since he probably doesn't have as many recruiting ties in Big XII country. My guess is that Hoke matches whatever Stoops offers him and he stays in Ann Arbor.

eamus_caeruli (not verified)

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Psst, go read the OT thread below abt LSU. Find the links abt this topic. JM was mentioned in an OU blog abt dline coaching replacements. Long list and he was nearly last almost a "oh by the way" remark.

Totally rumor and no credence. Congrats though, you will be laughed at yet again!


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and tornado, etc.

Seriously, unless there is a significant pay raise, I don't see him taking the same position unless he feels he is not welcome here any more (roushar, anyone?) The truth is the opposite. He is surrounded by great Dline coaches and someday his time will come.


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Do we know which current commits he personally recruited? And if he decided to leave do you guys think that some sort of attrition would follow? I really like Jerry and his intensity. He seems like a really great young coach and a guy that can definitely relate more to the players then maybe some of the older guys. I really want to keep him in AA. Please Mr. Brandon pull out the checkbook and give the man some greenbacks because if you don't, someone will.


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I'm not sure how much we should worry. I get the professional aspect of it, wanting to have more autonomy in his position. However, financially, I don't think it'll be a problem to match whatever is offered or offer something that would get him to stay. Brandon knows the importance of good recruiting coaches and I'm pretty sure he said in the past that he is not afraid to pay assistant coaches (I can't find the quote at the moment). I'm not really worried about this to be honest.  


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to give this man a raise and keep him here. It will be indicative of how our program stacks up nationally (resource spending-wise) based on whether we get outbidded by OU for Jerry to go to the exact same position


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He might get a small pay raise, but I'm sure we are recruiting at a much better level at the positions he coaches. If I'm him, I wouldn't leave for the same position. If our recruiting is any indication, our DL will be nasty very soon. He would have an opportunity to be a DC somewhere in the future, maybe even at Michigan. 


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Among all of our coaches, he definitely is the one that best fits the "young rising star" mold.  He has had success both coaching kids up and recruiting, and we should expect to see him get offers.  I hope Brandon offers him a raise to keep him, because I think his recruiting ability is very important to the team.


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It isn't a problem for DB to match any OU offer and I do think the upside for advancement is better at Michigan. We seem to be smarter than most BIG teams in hiring (Hoke, etc.): I hope we are smarter than UW in keeping valuable coaches/recruiters.

Perkis-Size Me

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Whether or not he leaves, our D-Line will be just fine with Mattison at the helm. But I'm hoping he stays. Seems like a great recruiter. Brandon, better dip into those deep pockets of yours. This guy needs to stick around.


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Jackie Shipp, OU's former defensive line coach who had been there since Stoops arrived in 1999, was paid 270k last year.  Montgomery made 212k. Hopefully Brandon just writes him a check for the difference and sends him back out on the recruiting trail.

Mr. Yost

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He's a bright young coach...unless his aspirations are to stay a DL coach, I don't see why he wouldn't go where he felt he had the best chance to advance his career.

The majority of this board made moves like this early in their career. I know I took less money for a title at a different school knowing that title would help me with the job afterwards (it did).

If this is a lateral move, sure, stay. But just because it's the same title doesn't make it a lateral move.

FYI, Hoke coaches the DTs and Montgomery coaches the DEs. I believe Mattison's focus is on SLB/WDE.

So really the SDE spot is the only position that Montgomery has on his "own"...and of course Hoke and Mattison are going to help their as well.

Maybe this is a chance to get the entire DL and more administrative duties that will help him become a Def. Coord. one day.

...I hope Montgomery does whats best for him. You're always going to lose bright young talent. That's usually a positive. So let's get off Brandon...he pays his assistants. Also we're talking about a DL coach at MICHIGAN, it's not going to be about money. They can find enough money to pay Montgomery in a desk drawer somewhere.