Oklahoma Boy Prepares for Michigan Welcome

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Most of you probably remember the story about Cooper Barton, the kindergartner in Oklahoma City who was forced to turn his Michigan t-shirt inside out. A story in yesterday's Daily Oklahoman provides some updated information including that Wolverines from around the country have sent letters and Michigan gear.  The UM alumni association has even started a scholarship fund for Cooper and his brother.  The family is also being flown out for Saturday's game, and they will be brought out to the field and introduced.


Nothing was cooler, though, than Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon calling to invite the family to Saturday's game vs. Massachusetts. The school is handling the all of the costs, including the flight, the rental car, the hotel and the tickets.

Of course, the Bartons, who will have a chance to visit family in Michigan that they don't often see, are getting special tickets — seats in the luxury suites.

Who knows what else is in store for them? What they do know is that at some point during the game, they will head onto the field where they will be introduced to 109,000 of their newest friends.

“I'm not sure what these guys are going to think of all those people screaming for ‘em,” Chris said, nodding toward Nathan and Cooper. “They're getting pretty excited. They've been talking about it for the past two weeks.”


Edit: When I posted this I didn't realize there was a related story linked under the mgo.licio.us section that the Oklahoma City School district has changed its policy, and now Cooper can wear Michigan gear to school.




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Also, does anyone else think this is just a stupid DB publicity campaign for UM? The kid got told to turn his shirt inside out, so now he gets a dream vacation? I've seen worse things happen to young fans..

Alexandre DeLarge

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Brandon has a heart of gold. Mostly because gold has an high per ounce value.

Seriously, it's not like the kid's brother has cancer or something awful like that. He was told to take off some gear. This is completely about publicity and we have a good track record of the lines DB thinks across. Let's call a spade a spade here.


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Awesome story.  There's no other way to describe it.  I think the school district now has a pretty good idea about how great it is to be a Michigan Wolverine!  Spending time worrying about a little kid's t-shirt instead of educating is embarrassing.  This reward for the family will probably provide the administrators with a little wake-up call, I'd say!


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Personally I'm glad to see the issue of kindergarden gangs being taken seriousily.  I remember all the gang problems I had in kindergarden, safety scissors filed into shivs, a shady guy dealing grape juice boxes out on the playground, and the drive by glue pastings.  Once I feel asleep on the wrong side of the side of classroom nap time.  Got my ass stomped on by the crippergardeners for that.  I still have nightmares about being shaken away by them and told "You picked the wrong mat for nappytime motherfucker".  

Blue since 82

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If I get my employer to send me home for wearing Michigan clothing, can I get this kind of treatment?

How sad is it that I am jealous of Cooper?

Can we get a "Cooper is my hero" mgoshirt?


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I certainly don't agree with everything Brandon does, but it would have been criminal for him to not jump on this. It's completely positive publicity for UM and the football program with no downside.


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I read this article today, and I was just about to post this. I think this shows that not only does Michigan do it right, but our fans are awesome.

Feelings I obtained while reading article: Joy, pride, extreme jealousy... Freakin' kids, man.

FYI, Dave Brandon played this one right. From a marketing perspective, this was pure gold and essentially handed to him. "Michigan" is plastered in news markets all over the world, and for something extremely unique; it stands out. What better way to get your name out there. Not to mention that it was quite the charitable thing to do (and extremely cool).

+1 for Michigan