Oklahoma 7, Michigan 5 Post Game Press Conference

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Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPVxvmE2sT8&sf27975522=1

Michigan's press conference starts at 1:02 and Oklahoma's press conference starts at 12:00. 


So much respect for Hutch and our athletes in this situation. Obviously very difficult for them, but I loved how Hutch knows exactly what she wants to say, is very direct about everything and owns up to our faults without selling anyone short. 

Best Hutch quote "Can you please hurry up and ask these questions because we've got to go home."

Hutch is clearly upset with the fact we have to turn around in less than 12 hours. Of note, OU's own coach (without being prompted whatsoever) also said "I don't think any team deserves to have to go back out here [that quickly] at noon tomorrow."

Also, I have a lot of respect for Oklahoma and their head coach. She was very well spoken and respectful to Hutch and U of M. 


There is still a lot of hope for this team! They're fighters and if anyone can pull this off it's them. Don't count them out yet!

Michigan plays Florida State at 1:00PM ET on ESPN




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I have confidence and am happy we fought to the point where we were in position to win.  

We really could have let the game get away even further, but we battled to keep it manageable and gave ourselves an opportunity to win.  

We really need the game against Florida State to be low stress, ideally stress free (playing with the lead throughout type game).  

 Need to cut down on the unforced errors and get the ball in play with women on base.  


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by the OU coach.

The women had their game faces on at the press conference. I am betting they are going to play with a lot of aggression today.


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at the end - all the way until the last out. 

I get so frustrated because they're obviously good enough - think of how many outs we gave away and how many bases and runners we gave away. And in the 7th, they're still thinking, we may be about to lose this thing. 

I just don't know if we have enough pitching to do this thing. Would be such a shame. This team *can* do it, but that's a hard enough task to play this first game - 

We showed how great a potential Championsip Series between these two teams could be - hard not to fear it's too late and we won't get that chance. 

Need an epic series of days here. 



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As poorly as they played last night, they still had a chance - a real chance - at the end.  I'll give OU credit - they came out fast and aggressive, which was pretty much the only way they were going to win.  They forced many of the errors with speed on the base paths, and really took advantage of Falk behind the plate.  I think that really aggressive start took UM a little by surprise, and I hope that doesn't happen again.  OU's pitcher, Paige Parker, earned that win with some good stuff, and fought through two bad innings.  Congrats to them on a nice win.

And good luck to the UM ladies today!  If they can get through today and get back to a best of three series, I like the chances...  There is no quit in this team.


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more than I enjoy winning? Ok ladies let the winning commence and put this game in the rear view mirror. The best way to forget about last night would be to beat FSU and win one game at a time after that. I bet FSU is glad they are playing UM and not OU, BIG MISTAKE, that in itself should make beating FSU much easier. Not to mention they are from that conference that is so much fun to beat. GO BLUE!


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catching up with me. I forgot that just because you are in the southeast part of the country does not mean you are going to be in the Southeast Conference. Well then I will rephrase myself and say that the  ACC is the second most fun to beat recently. Oh and thanx for not negging me as well as point out I am after the wrong conference.


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Here is today's schedule, with the home team in each game listed first:

Florida State v Michigan, 1:00 (ESPN)
Louisiana State v Georgia, 3:30 (ESPN2)
Auburn v Michigan/FSU winner, 7:00 (ESPN2)
LSU/Georgia winner v Oklahoma, 9:30 (ESPN2)

Auburn and Oklahoma have a chance to clinch a spot in the finals by winning this evening; the other 4 remaining teams will need to win 2 games today and then 1 game tomorrow to advance to the finals.  If Auburn & Oklahoma both win tonight, the final series starts Monday.  Otherwise, the final series will start on Tuesday.

Michigan will be the designated road team against Florida State.  If they win, they will also be the designated road team against Auburn.

father fisch

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It's a daunting task. But I'd imagine every player on the squad, regardless of how tired they may be, believes they can pull it off.

They can too. Cut down the unforced errors, get the bats booming, and have some fun. Let's go blue!!!


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One silver lining in all of this. Both of our games (in fact all 3 of them, if we were to force them) would start exactly at the time they said they would (as the first game in the session). 


The last two nights we've been delayed a half hour or more in starting and have been playing very late at night. 


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I had with the umpire last night is that she consistently fell for the ridiculous pitch framing the Oklahoma catcher was doing.  The Oklahoma catcher was consistently catching balls way outside of the zone and then jerking her glove at least a foot back into the strike zone, and the umpire was falling for the trick almost every single time.

That's a sIgn of either a really inexperienced umpire or a really bad one.   You can't fall for crap like that.  The Oklahoma catcher wasn't even a GOOD pitch framer.  A good one makes very subtle moves when he/she receives the ball to ever so slightly affect where it appears the ball arrived and fool the umpire.  The Oklahoma catcher was making it obvious and just jerking her glove a foot back across the zone.  That is poor pitch framing because any decent ump will see what you are doing and never give you the call.  A good pitch framer would never make it so obivous.  Unfortunatley we ran into an ump that wasn't decent. 

You just have to question, why is such a terrible umpire officiating the World Series?  I would act surprised, but it seems to occur every year. 

The second question I have is, since that crap was working so well for Oklahoma, why didn't we do the same?  Did our team not notice what their catcher was doing?  Maybe it was because Betsa likes to work pitches up and down more than inside/outside. 


June 5th, 2016 at 11:55 AM ^

was, inspite of calling the same pitch a strike, it was never a strike that batters should be forced to consider defending. She called out Christner and Susala on that high outside ptich that never creased the corner. I don't know, I never could tell what a strike was in that woman's zone. That's two nights in a row where you had no clue what a strike was, between the knees and letters.


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Last night was so similar to the other 5 losses this year..Outhit the other teams but strand GOBS of runners...then we comeback and just fall short...They cannot do that one more time or we will be heading home....MUST get key timely hits which generally we do unless its against one if the really elite teams...This is STILL doable it just got tougher....I can see us coming out strong against FSU