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Submitted by UM Fan from Sydney on January 4th, 2019 at 8:55 AM

So, our football team might be average at best (or complete garbage according to some folks here), but at least our basketball team is a bunch of bad asses. Dan Dakich said during the broadcast that Duke is the most talented team, but Michigan should be ranked 1. Of course, basketball rankings are entirely useless, but it's still nice to hear that. We're finally into conference play the rest of the way.


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Because we all know that the MGoBlog and the Bar Trivia crowds probably have big overlap, what has your go-to trivia names over the years been? 

Our team was  "Otrivia Newton John" until this obnoxious team came in, most wearing Harvard sweaters (seriously?!?!?!?!) and calling themselves "Romeo's Poison".


We now go by Juliet's Antidote. 


Anyway happy Friday 


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Among the memorable names of bar-trivia teams I’ve played against over the years:  Justin deNikkov Thyme, Wossamotta Unicorns (astounding knowledge of TV-cartoon trivia), Patty Hearst Castle, Raven Lunatics (they were either fans of Edgar Allen Poe or just loved the City of Baltimore), Hot Cross Puns (Holy Cross alums), Pahk DeKahNivores (Harvard alums), Mass Debaters (UMass-Amherst alums), My Hammy’s Screaming Eagles (Boston College alums; the Miami Screaming Eagles were a charter member of the World Hockey Association, but they never played a game because there was no suitable arena in the Miami area), Gobi Ewe (Boston University alums), Tree of Life Savers, Old King Cole Slaw, 59th Street Bridget Bardot and the Feelin' Groovies, First Rule of Fight Club, I Seize Grateful Dead People, John Milton's Lost Office Space.


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Like most of those other bar-trivia team names, Raven Lunatics was a team from the early 1980's in the years after the Trivial Pursuit board game had been issued and bars began hosting trivia nights.  I'm so old (born during the Truman administration) that before you mentioned "Teen Titans Go episode", I had no knowledge of that TV show.

EDIT:  After playing in a college alumni league in the 1980's (mostly with law-firm teams and briefly in a league comprised of alumni from Boston-area schools), I discovered that the older I got, the less connected I became to modern-day culture. After too many years as a litigator in a high-pressure NYC law firm, I had no time for bar-trivia leagues.  I wouldn't even know how bars can manage trivia nights when everyone now is using a smartphone with internet access. 

Naked Bootlegger

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Bang me for incrementally enjoying Dan Dakich broadcasts.   I know some people loathe him, but his analyses are typically much deeper and technical than other color commentators.   I am surprisingly happy when he's covering our games.

Happy Friday to all.



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His actual basketball analysis is fine, but then he spends half the game saying stuff like "the ball is a living, breathing thing with a brain" and "you can't get tired when you're in a game."

I get that a lot of it is hyperbolic or silly or whatever, but it's just not for me. Which is fine. Glad other people find him interesting to listen to, and I'll take him over Dickie V any day.


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I like him. His analysis is money and he sees things before they happen. He really knows the  game. Yeah, he’s going to put some silly things out there like the ball is a living thing, etc., but I’ll take that. He called the Jordan Poole step-back well before it happened (said something like “Here comes a shot”) and is critical when needed. “You know what that was? That was a ‘it’s my turn to shoot’ shot.” 

Naked Bootlegger

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This, exactly.  He anticipates stuff split seconds before it happens, but doesn't trounce on the PBP in the process.   I provide my own annoying in-game commentary, and numerous times he immediately commented on nuanced stuff I was saying or thinking during last night's game (I can think more deeply about basketball than football).   He's a proponent of the little things that happen off the ball to create shots, provide help defense, etc, and he highlights these points continually.   I'm really liking him more and more.

His fluff material ("Ball don't lie") is secondary to actual game analysis - I can live with it.    

He's also an unabashed JB fan, so that probably biases my opinion.  But JB deserves all the praise and then some.


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No, he's certainly not boring.

This actually happened during a Michigan game: 

Dakich (after a missed shot in the lane): "Don't just drive the lane, pass the ball around and get an open shot.  It's not complicated, basketball is a simple game."

A few minutes later . . .

Dakich (after a missed outside shot): "Don't just pass the ball around, drive the lane and get an open shot.  It's not complicated, basketball is a simple game."



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He's basically a fan watching the game and talking to himself.

The part about not being tired during the game went on for a while and was actually kind of funny.

Of course it's all easier to listen to when you're team is winning.

Also, he's right about the Maravich videos - still the best.  Too bad we don't have Pete around to join Dan on the mic.


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Perhaps the best defense of Harbaugh's tenure as UM coach is that a third 10 win campaign in four seasons relegates the program to "average" in the minds of some of its fans.