Ok, WTF with this whole APR thing?

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I thought we still had some wiggle room there, maybe I missed something. I didn't see any posts on this subject 6 pages back giving an update here regarding another kidney punch. I would appreciate any news since the paywall is providing loose information on this subject.


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March 1st, 2010 at 12:02 AM ^

Rivals has a blurb about it. Mentions that we may have fallen below the NCAA APR requirements or something, due to transfers and people getting kicked off the team for being dipshits. It's supposed to come out this week and to expect the likely cast of characters to make a huge deal about it.

Here's the link for those that have access:

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March 1st, 2010 at 12:02 AM ^

Try academic progress rate in the search box. The last article with that tag is from last July, so that may be your issue. APR is sort of confusing, and we don't know each player's status, which is why the number is unknown.


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Basically, APR has to do with graduation rates and the completion of a certain number of credits with each subsequent year. For instance, going into my last semester of my 9 semesters I was supposed to be at 105 credits. Instead I had 104 which hurt our APR. My academic counselor tried to convince me to take a spring class to avoid the issue but I could not because I had a lot of tournaments during the spring/summer.

I am not sure about our graduation rates for football in recent years, but I can't imagine APR being a huge issue without the attrition due to coaching change/transfers/being kicked off the team since players usually take spring and summer classes which help them catch up or get ahead of the required minimum for completed credits.


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Since our APR hasn't been below requirements recently, the effects of being there now would be, quite simply, "Get it back up soon, please."


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If I remember correctly, we registered something around 940 last year and each player lost is about 2 points. I think we're still above 925, the cut off point before warnings are handed out (which happens if you're under but still very close) or scholarship reductions (if you fall well below or don't improve when warned).


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Michigan had an APR of 926 for football in 2005. It isn't like we've been at the top end on this thing in the past. The minimum the NCAA wants is 925. We are typically in the low 950's, dropped to 947 last year, and we'll drop some again. Transfers count against you, as do players who leave early for the NFL (I believe).


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That's correct, although I don't know if they count as two years or just one year on the APR as they generally leave school in the January/mid-year. I would imagine they count against the year they left and the year after.

Just point of interest, anyone want to try and figure out what the APR should look like when it comes out in May? Count up the early draftees from last year and the year before, players lost before May 2008. 947-2x should be pretty close.

Something tells me next year's APR is the one that should be VERY close. We lose the juniors from last year, this year, Threet, Cissoko, anyone else that left or was booted that I don't recall this early in the morning.


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You do realize that "these guys that write this site that you aren't sure are reliable or not" write for this site right?

That's Tim ya know recruiting Tim? Who's last post was the OSU bball preview. *sigh*

I mean thanks and all for finding the link but:

1. It's really old
2. How in (weird explicative) do you not know that the VB guys work here at MGoBlog.

The mind it boggles.


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a little batter. It was a joke at FA since he came from there. But thanks for your concern.

And why is it relevant?

FA asked to calculate the expected APR. That link shows all the people that have left since last year, so it would be helpful in calculating the potential APR.

So yes, I did find the link helpful even though it was "old". I'm sorry if that out of date link has ruffled your feathers.