OK, I am not worried about the QB position

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I think this explains it all when it comes to Harbaugh and QBs!





So much to summarize but I will try. Because he played QB for so long and was really good, he had a unique prespective when watching film. He knew exactly where the QB's eyes should be focused for every play before the snap. Rich Gannon goes on to say how awesome it was to have him as his QB coach for only one year. He never got too technical, it was more about crowd Noise, etc. Gannon, who is now an announcer, also says that when he had meeting with Harbaugh before NFL games, he would get the most out of it because of how bright and outside the box he is. The kids he coached in college go on to say that Harbaugh is better with really smart QBs and that he probably will have a QB coach beside himself.......there is a lot more ...all really informative too



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I'll take the hit and read it...

In essence, Harbaugh's ability to incorporate his own experience and perspective as a QB into his ability to coach the position has turned some "meh" players into much better ones, going back to Rich Gannon when Harbaugh was the QB coach at Oakland. The main point is that Harbaugh has walked into several situations like this and been able to sort them out relatively quickly. 


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I know his performances have been nothing short of a disaster so far, but I honestly feel there will be a second coming of Shane Morris over the next two years. A full offesason with Harbaugh is going to work wonders for him. 

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Morris has not been coached well (I believe) since he's been here and when he did get his chance, was not put into situations where he could succeed.  Really, he is smart, tough, has a very strong arm, and can move outside the pocket.  Once Harbaugh works with him and builds an offense he can succeed in, Morris can be a very good QB. 


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Cool story, bro: I went to BYU in the early 2000's and Todd Mortensen was a casual acquaintance. Great guy, really smart, but I never thought he had ANY future as a quarterback. Whenever he got limited PT at BYU, he sucked. That Harbaugh turned him into a beast as a fifth-year senior who got roster spots on pro teams is very impressive to me.


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SIAP: reminder that Harbaugh is scheduled to appear on The Rich Eisen Show today at 12:30pm. (Sorry, not enough points to create separate thread.)

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I'm not worried because any of three quarterbacks we have on our roster (yes, I'm including Bellomy as well) would be anywhere from competent to downright dangerous at the moment if they were at another school/team that provided them the proper coaching.

The desire and the talent is there, and now we have the right man to bring it out of them. 

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Gentlepeople: so long have we suffered under the yoke of incompetence that we've forgotten that almost every program in the country fields a decent-to-good QB when they have four highly rated scholarship guys to choose from. So, too, will this come to pass at Michigan under the hand of Harbaugh. Calm your spirits.

As Marx said: "So long as college football fans are at the beginning of the coaching transition, they see in their program's incompetence nothing but incompetence, without seeing in the program the talent, desire, and potential, which will overthrow the old regime and restore it to Big Ten championships."

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These guys will still need time to develop in Harbaugh's system, so don't expect world beating numbers right out of the gate. But if there's anyone who can maximize the potential of all of these guys, it's Harbaugh.

These guys always had talent. They just needed the right coaching, which they never got from Hoke. Here's to hoping that Harbaugh is the guy that gets us over that hump.

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This video was shot back when he was at USD.

Among the many things he talks about is how a lefty should take a snap.

There are also gems like, "find the asshole, that is where the knuckle goes" and "hips, tits, shoulder"


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Watched all of that video.  Loved all of it.  He is borderline psychotic with quarteback coaching techniques(in a good way).  

Imagine being a young recuit, or anybody for that matter, and haveing a guy that can actually perform the things he is coaching you at an all pro level.  I'm sure there are other coaches that can do this, but, lets be honest, they are not named Jim Harbaugh.


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I'm not trying to troll here but what is Harbaugh's QB track record? Can we really give him any more than 10% credit for Andrew Luck? Alex Smith? I mean he benched him and now Smith continues to put up above average numbers in KC without him. Kaepernick? He's significantly regressed each year since he was unleashed on the NFL and no one knew how to defend him. Clearly is a below par passer.
Harbaugh is a terrific coach and a good motivator, but where did this "QB Guru" meme come from?

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You make a good point about Kaepernick.  However, SF's problems are more than just a QB regressing.  It is about having no receivers who can get open and a running game that has gotten old.  Also recall in the NFL it is the GM making the personal decisions.  Perhaps this is the reason for Harbaugh leaving because he did not agree.  As a college head coach he has the ultimate say.  In terms of Luck he gets kudo's for properly identifying him when no one else was giving him a good look.  So even if this is part of your argument he can't develop a good QB, you can't argue regarding his eye for talent.  In regards to Smith verses Kaepernick, I would always choose the later.  Its just an opinion as their stats are about the same in terms of what they do.  Smith had an easier schedule.  Neither has great receivers.  Though the running attack for KC is a bit better.  Kaepernick has a lot of big scrambles.  But if you look at the RB's for KC they get a yard more.


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The fact that Harbaugh is the qb coach tells me that it should be fine. I trust he will pick the best guy for the job and that guy will improve over the season