Ohio Verdict Update

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While this may not deserve it's own thread, I thought it merited some mention as I have seen many people on the board talking about the OSU verdict and when it will come down.  Here's a snippet from the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Ohio State spokesman Dan Wallenberg told The Plain Dealer Tuesday that the school is still finalizing its response to the employment issue that saw four Buckeyes suspended after Ohio State and the NCAA ruled they were overpaid by former booster Bobby DiGeronimo. Wallenberg said there are no new issues, but Ohio State hasn't completed its report on these violations, which were first revealed at a news conference on Oct. 3.

Once the school submits that response, it will then wait for word from the NCAA. Every indication is that the OSU administration still does not expect a post season ban to be part of any penalties, and OSU coach Luke Fickell said he had no update on any postseason problems. In the last 10 years, five major college football programs were given postseason bans of one or two years.


So Ohio hasn't even finished their report yet, thus making it take even longer and if I had to guess, the better they play the longer it will take them to submit this report.


Source: http://www.cleveland.com/osu/index.ssf/2011/11/post_73.html



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Fine by me. They can go ahead and play in the Insight or Gator this year under an interim coach with no ruling from the NCAA. Then they can go out and try and recruit a class that knows for certain that a bowl ban is in place, after this one has been filled with uncertainty.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was an effort by Smith to try and make it to coach hiring season, get a big name and keep his job. It's not like AD's regularly keep their jobs after scandals like this, and Smith has to be scared.


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the longer it takes to submit this report, the longer it takes the NCAA to evaluate and respond. thus, the wobblier their recruiting class gets and the longer their head coaching search gets drawn out.


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note sure if its better or worse for there recruiting if they can get the verdict to slip past signing day.  prolly better to delay if it will be a bowl ban, worst if it is just a slap on the wrist.


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think about this.  If the ruling happens after signing day, when OSU is no longer able to add kids to their class.  The players who have already signed with OSU wilil likely be allowed to jump ship once the hammer comes down.  Thus leaving OSU with a depleated recruiting class for this year, plus information (i.e. a bowl ban) that will limit their future classes as well.

True Blue Grit

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for the NCAA to determine there actually IS a lack of institutional control?  First Clarett, the basketball program scandal, Tat-Gate, the Tressel lie-o-thon, and now this.  The problem is the NCAA seems to look at one event by itself and ignore all the rest.  Sort of like missing the forest for the trees. 


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.....the better it is for us, I think. It gives Michigan and the rest of the B1G a chance to clean out Ohio on the recruiting trail and force OSU to go elsewhere. I wonder if Khazakstan has any four-star DBs....