Ohio State Players Beginning to Fight

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Zach Fatso Boren told reporters that the team is "stronger and closer now than ever". Apparently, thats not the case as ESPN's Joe Schad is reporting:  

"An Ohio State offensive starter said today: "I haven't spoken with Terrelle and I don't care to..."It really sucks Coach Tress had to take the fall for a couple idiots' mistakes."

This is a great sign if you're rooting for further distruction of whatever is left of their program.



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How much does a tattoo like that cost? $500? It's pretty big and looks pretty nice (for something so vile)...

I mean for a normal person not a tsio player.

Indiana Blue

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is simply an emotional response.  This is nothing to be taken from what any tsio person says right now .... its only been just over 24 hours since the "fall".

Don't eat all your popcorn yet, because this is just the start.  NCAA gets to speak in August and between now and then I would be very surprised if there isn't tons more "stench" uncovered .... with "cargate" really starting to simmer right now and this too will explode in their face !!!  C'mon the car dealers signed statements that all car deals were approved by the "university" .... wha, wha ??

My gut tells me AD Smith is gone by the spring of 2012, with the Board of Trustees removing President Gee (remember his comments on Auburn and the "hope tressel doesn't fire me" quote) shortly thereafter.  I firmly believe that tressel is the fall guy ... that in fact, he did report this to Smith and that the 2 of them conspired to defraud the public.  tressel is probably the "ring-leader" because they were able walk away unscathed from the Clarett debacle, so they thought they could do the same with this.  

I also doubt that Posey, Herron and Pryor ever play another game for tsio.  Posey and Herron will go to the NFL (if there is a season) and Pryor will never ever again enjoy what he had .... his "15 minutes of fame" is almost over.  Too bad, cuz this kid got bad advice and his coach let him do whatever ... and its gonna cost him in a HUGE way.

This is going to be THE newest definition of Institutional Lack of Control ... and the NCAA knows it and the shit-storm hasn't even really started yet .....

Go Blue


June 1st, 2011 at 8:59 AM ^

With the departure of TP, Boom, Posey. The Si article also brought up defensive back C.J. Barnett, linebacker Dorian Bell, running back Jaamal Berry, running back Bo DeLande, defensive back Zach Domicone, linebacker Storm Klein, linebacker Etienne Sabino, defensive tackle John Simon and defensive end Nathan Williams. I know Sabino is penciled in as the starting MLB and Bell is suspended, not sure on the rest (except it would hurt depth obviously)  IF they take the UNC route and suspend these guys they really have to gut the roster of starters. Keep digging and they may have to have an open campus tryout.


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I'll wait by my phone for Luke Fickell to call me. Oh, I heard the NCAA is checking Luke's background. They found some uppaid parking tickets from the OSU police. Folks, I think he's toast!!


June 3rd, 2011 at 12:20 PM ^

I was about to make a flip comment that the Buckeyes will be lucky to retain their cheerleaders by September with all the likely departing players, A.D. etc. But honestly Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska, etc. have deep benches of talent. Ohio State attracts talent every year just like we do. So there will be plenty of fill ins come August. It's just that they will field a team with some inexperienced players. And Michigan will have a decidedly more experienced team and a new coach. Michigan will undoubtedly beat the wounded Buckeyes and probably pretty badly but I realistically don't expect Ohio State to put a completely embarrassing junior grade team on the field this year. They still will have talent returning and, unlike Brady, Fickell has been with the Buckeyes before this year.  Oh, and these kids who play for Ohio State and Michigan, let's be honest, aren't all playing because their hearts are tattoo'd (you'll pardon the reference) with an "M" or Block O. It's because they want to make a bundle of dough in the NFL. And the only way for them to cash in on their talent is by strapping on a winged helmet or a scarlet jersey. There are some exceptions but for the most part these kids are just passing through.   


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We are witnessing the destruction of the Ohio State Buckeye machine in slow motion. And it likely will not end with Tressel and Pryor. I expect the AD Smith to be jetissoned. Hell, it may even get to the point where Gordy Gee gets the ziggy. Oh, what fun!! Next I figure as long as the NCAA goons are hanging around Columbus dismantling the OSU football program to the point where they'll be an equal match perhaps for Lahser High School varsity competition, I expect they may want to take a look at the basketball program too. If wishes come true Ohio State will not be a contender in the Big Ten conference for decades. Or perhaps Ohio State should be banned from the conference altogether. Do we really need a nest of thieves and rules breakers in the conference? The Big Ten rivalry could easily become U-M and Nebraska going forward.  


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We need Ohio State.

And before I get negged, the fates of Michigan and OSU are far too intertwined for one to be pushed off a cliff and the other to not go down too or feel a part of the fall.

Remember, being a part of the Michigan-Ohio State Rivalry is one of our huge selling points in recruiting. Taking away that or minimizing due to the 'Death' of OSU football would would be like taking away the winged helmet or the band ceasing to play the Victors.

Bottom line is, M and OSU are far too interdependent to have one go down and have it good for the other program.

And Michigan-Nebraska being the new rivalry is a laughable statement. There will never be another game like Michigan-Ohio State. Only the Iron Bowl comes close and still pales in comparison to The Game.


May 31st, 2011 at 10:05 PM ^

Ohio State is helpful not just to Michigan, but also to the entire conference. Ohio State is one of the marquee television teams, and the Big Ten shares TV revenue. Ohio State travels well to bowls, and the Big Ten shares bowl revenue. The Big Ten also shares gate revenue, and Ohio State has one of the larger stadiums, which (like Michigan) they practically always sell out.

The right penalties will leave Ohio State hobbled for a number of years, but still able to bring in the revenue in which the other Big Ten teams share. Obviously, a bowl ban is in play, but the other sources, like TV money and gate receipts, should be preserved. The extreme case — the death penalty (which is highly unlikely) — would leave the Big Ten unable to stage its lucrative championship game.


May 31st, 2011 at 11:20 PM ^

In what way would NCAA penalties for OSU harm those revenue sources?

1. Big Ten television revenue relates either to rights deals negotiated with ESPN/ABC with a set annual payout to the conference or to the BTN, which draws revenue largely from cable charges in the Big Ten footprints. I guess a bad OSU could lead to lower ratings on the BTN and thus lower ad rates, but that's a paltry part of the BTN's revenue. I guess a television ban would harm that revenue, but the NCAA hasn't handed down a tv ban since 1996, and such a punishment is about as likely as the death penalty.

2. The conference bowl revenue isn't determined by bowl travel. Bowl travel obviously offsets the obligatory tickets/hotel rooms that need to be purchased, but I think those charges are absorbed by the universities, not by the conference. The best case is that OSU probations would prevent the Big 10 from gaining a 2nd BCS participant, but the conference will get that more years than not.

3. OSU is still going to sell out every game.

I really don't see OSU probation having particularly negative financial effects for the conference, especially if it's perceived as a temporary downturn.


June 1st, 2011 at 4:29 PM ^

The fact that Ohio State and Michigan frequently sell out their respective stadiums. And those stadiums are huge. The Buckeye faithful will either flock to the stadium to support their team at home and away games. Your point is right. Ohio State does travel extremely well. Even in soft years. And that does translate into much needed revenue to the conference. I suspect Nebraska will be a huge financial benefit to the conference too. I reacted rather harshly to an earlier post and I apologize. We really do need to keep ALL the teams in this conference. It's ebb and flow. Some teams are better in some years than others. But the fans - - the true fans, and Ohio State, you have to admire them, are very true and will fill in ranks and support their wounded team. The fans (other than the asshole tattoo dude and some crooked car dealers in Columbus) will rally. And there will be fair weather fans (every team has them too) who will totally abandon the Buckeyes in their time of need. The Buckeyes nor the Wolverines need them. I guess we all need to take a step back and remember this is college sports. It's about football. It's a game.


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[email protected]*#ing agreed. I can't tell  you how many posts I see downvoted for no good reason.

Dear Community,

Stop downvoting just cause you don't agree or dislike what someone has to say. That's stuff for RCMB. Here we like to have intelligent conversations which is dependent on different viewpoints.


Everyone with sense.


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That's crap!! We DON'T need an Ohio State - Michigan rivalry in the conference. Who gives a crap that this so-called rivalry has been going on for a long time? We start another rivalry. I'm for drumming Ohio State out of the Big Ten right now - - in the midst of all this crap. They deserve it. They can join another conference befitting their wicked ways. Perhaps the SEC. Perfect fit. The recent rivalry has been a joke anyway with the Buckeyes drubbing Michigan for the last seven years. Where is the enjoyment in THAT!? And it's likely to be a matchup of a crap Ohio State team that wanders into Ann Arbor in November. I feel sorry for those guys. Because they will likely be the only survivors of this shitstorm in Columbus (translation: perhaps the only kids who didn't do anything wrong - certainly there will be SOME innocents). They will get hammered for four quarters by a Wolverine team who have been waiting for years for some payback. And those Ohio State kids will be the sacrificial lambs. I almost feel sorta sorry for them. But this rivalry is b.s. anymore. It won't be a competitive match this year either. Time to move on.


June 1st, 2011 at 4:13 PM ^

Banning the 2011-2015 Buckeyes from going to bowl game will be like banning them from flying on the Concorde. The Buckeyes will not win more than four game per season for the next four years. They'll be lucky to have enough folks to have cheerleaders. They are toast and will be for a very long time. They will be on a competitive equal with a decent junior college team. What fun. Ain't this fun? Crap. I hope the NCAA folks don't look too closely in Ann Arbor anytime soon. Oh, they have to investigate the OSU basketball team. Forgot.


June 1st, 2011 at 3:09 AM ^

The problem with all of these allegations is that when we beat OSU we will beat a lower version of the program.  I wanted Hoke and Co. to beat them where they have been over the last 9 years.  Now, a win is a win and I understand that but I want to see victories like we saw in the 90's when both schools were high performers.  Michigan needs that school and that school needs Michigan.  So does college football and so does the B1G.

This is my first post.  Be kind.  I've been a long time follower of this site for over 4 years.


June 1st, 2011 at 4:16 PM ^

I hope you're patient. Because the old days of tough Ohio State teams will be a very long way off in the future. When the NCAA finishes with Ohio State we're going to see a very, very dminished team. That's fine. Remember the days of John Cooper? Did you not enjoy clobbering old John every year? Those wonderful days are about to be replayed. Now, what this does to this so-called rivalry is another question. A win is a win. It'll be fun. Have a beer.


June 3rd, 2011 at 12:29 PM ^

I won't take anything away from the Wolverine team Hoke will field this year. But it's anything but a forgone conclusion that Michigan would defeat Ohio State in November had all this shitstorm taken place in Columbus. If Ohio State was still intact with Tressel and Pryor (so far I think he's still there . . .  for now) and the other tattoo'd dimwits it would be a pretty good team. But, we won't have to worry about it now. Quite frankly it may be a pretty entertaining match up. I personally don't believe it benefits the conference when one team of the other to dominate this rivalry year after year. Yeah, it's great for bragging rights and all that and it helps recruiting for the dominating team. But it hurts, I think, in viewership. Forgive me if I confess I miss the days when it was rare that either Ohio State or Michigan would win more than three consecutive meetings. And it was also rare that the final score was more than 14 points. Those were great games. I'll close now. The nurse is coming with my milk and cookies and then my nap.


May 31st, 2011 at 10:11 PM ^

Where were all of these "honorable" men when T.P. & Co. were out and about in their cars, getting full sleeves and raiding the equipment room? Spielman said that if there was any "leadership" on the team, they'd have straightened these guys out.

Note to Chris: That only works if you assume that the upperclassmen on the team weren't also on the take. Considering that this whole mess is alleged to have gone back to 2002, what are the odds of that?


May 31st, 2011 at 10:24 PM ^

Yeah, it would have been nice for leaders on the team to call out what they saw... but to who?  Think about it.  They would likely have known that the coaches were just fine with what was going on.  While I think it would be great for a kid to stand up and call out a coach for doing wrong, in reality I just don't see it happening.


May 31st, 2011 at 10:59 PM ^

Spielman's take was that it could have been dealt with within the team, not involving the coaches (or at least minimally). But, you raise a good point: there was no where to go if the coaches had to get involved or if the "one good cop in a bad town" wanted to speak up.


May 31st, 2011 at 10:17 PM ^

If I were an innocent football player for OSU (I know it's not possible, just play along) I'm gone. I'm looking for my school this week and will be getting there as soon as possible. You go to OSU to win and now for the remainder of your career, it's highly unlikely you will. I would certainly be pissed at my teammates who were taking cars and selling stuff but most of my madness would be credited to the staff for letting it go on.


May 31st, 2011 at 11:02 PM ^

If your dream growing up playing football for 18 years was to be a buckeye (or wolverine or whatever) you are that in your heart, through and through. A lot of kids at osu are this and don't care about bowl games or drafts. Also, you stay you get to play in front of 100,000 fans every week and in sports beat rivalry. And you are going to give that up to go somewhere else?

Lloyd's Boy

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I know he is a complete schmuck, but are all of these players really expecting us to believe that their hand was not in the cookie jar? Are they expecting us to believe that they had no knowledge of TP's 8 car garage? Or that they weren't at all questioning how many their teammates had the money for elaborate tatoos or sports cars? Gimme a break. If they are so pissed off, maybe they should have done something about it when it was happening in front of their nose. If it was a select few that were secretive about it, I could understand the gripe, but seriously? What a bunch of bums.