Ohio State to hire Schiano

Submitted by DCGrad on December 11th, 2015 at 2:40 PM

According to Schefter, Schiano will be the associate head coach and DC.

Former Bucs HC Greg Schiano expected to accept Assoc HC/DC at Ohio State, per source; will replace former OSU DC Chris Ash, new Rutgers HC.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) December 11, 2015


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Schiano is an interesting hire. Did some good work at Rutgers and has recruiting ties to NJ and FL. But he has also been out of football for 2 years now, hasn't been a DC since 2000, and I can't imagine he wants to stay a DC very long. Not sure there is a lot of upside to this hire. It will make NJ recruiting pretty interesting...


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He's never actually been the lone man in charge of the defense. He got the "Co-DC" tag for the first time in '05 but it was Jim Heacock who ran the defense. This same setup continued until Tressel got fired in '11 and Fickell was "promoted" to head coach and Heacock continued being the true DC. Once Urban arrived, Fickell went back to his Co-DC responsibilities which he shared with Everett Withers but it was Withers who ultimately was in charge of the defense. In 2014, Ash replaced Withers and now Schiano has replaced Ash. So, really, he has never been "demoted" with the exception of going from interim Head Coach to Co-DC. 

I don't know him personally but the guy has 6 young children, has lived in Columbus his whole life, and obviously loves OSU. It is very possible the guy is perfectly content with his current responsibilities and making $600k/year. 


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The only time Fickell has been "demoted" was when he went from interim HC back to being a co-DC.

Fickell's coaching tragetory at Ohio State has been:

GA > recruiting coordinator > ST coordinator > LB coach > LB coach/co-DC > LB coach/co-DC/asst. HC > interim HC > co-DC

Luke Fickell has always been a co-DC under Urban and has never been demoted once. Fickell is even the co-DC that Urban gave play-calling power too over Everett Withers and Chris Ash. Urban has said that he prefers having dual coordinators on both sides of the ball because he loses them to promotion so often, and he like having multiple viewpoints.


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As much as we make fun of Schiano for being a dickbag he is still a pretty decent coach. He can add value to a team he coaches. And if he wasn't an afformentioned dickbag, he'd probably be a head coach at a decent, mid-level university.

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I think this is the sort of high-risk, high-reward hire that a school with an otherwise rock-solid staff can make.

If I were an OSU fan, I'd be cautiously optimistic.


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career.... Really had a range of job options at one time and could have wound up with us.  Reportedly held out for dream job at PSU, but managed not to land that one despite the fact that it's been open a couple times very recently.  Really glad we will never see his face on our sideline.  

Hoping Jim promotes Greg Jackson as DC.  Dude brings an aura of calm professionalism that seems to balance JH's crazy-assed professionalism.