Ohio State fans storming field vs Wisconsin

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I dont know if this has been discussed yet, but after watching the end of the OSU vs Wisconsin game saturday night, I thought  Ohio State storming the field was quite pathetic for multiple reasons.  First, OSU considers itself a national football program.  If that is the case, someone explain to me why beating a 15th ranked opponeat is such a major deal.  Is Ohio State admitting that they are taking a step backwards and dont consider themselves a power house football program anymore?  Now you might say that OSU is down with all the scandals and such, and the win was a good moral victory, but you didnt see michigan storm the field after beating the 9th ranked badgers in 2008 after our program was going through some turmoil.  Second, OSU and Wisconsin isnt even a rivalry game.  Now I know wisconsin beat the #1 ranked buckeyes last year and stormed the field, so maybe that was a bit of a payback, but I dont believe the two programs have much of a history.  I was always under the impression that when you win, you must act like you been their before.  In which case i was shocked to see OSU that.  Now i tried to find the last time michigan stormed the field and was unsuccesful, anyone remember when we did this last?  I was shocked to see that none of the victories vs the Irish or PSU victory in 2005 netted any storming.



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I think they are just excited that this year isn't going to be a complete washup.  A couple short weeks ago they didn't know if their program that went 12-1 last season would even make it to a bowl this year, but OSU is looking better and better by the week.

I also think that they needed something to rally around because their program is in the process of being tied to a stake and set on fire.

Michigan has had some questionable rushing the fields (well, in this case, courts) as well.  Beating a slumping UConn team wasn't worth the rush, but fans did it anyways.

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I was going to bring up how Michigan fans rushed the court against UConn when they were ranked 15. We also beat a not-so-elite OSU team one year and the Michigan fans rushed the court. Also, I could have sworn fans rushed the field in 2005 versus Penn State.

That being said, I NEVER have a problem with fans rushing the field if it's a win in dramatic fashion, which the OSU/Wisconsin game was. I mean, are you kidding me? Wisconsin came storming back to take the lead and shut that entire OSU crowd up, but Braxton threw a desperation bomb to a WR and got lucky. That's a dramatic win, so I think the rushing of the field was warranted, especially when your team is unranked and you just beat the number 15 Badgers, who were ranked 18 last season and beat down number 1 ranked OSU.

Basically, if it's a dramatic win and when you're an underdog, I don't see a problem with rushing the field/court.*




*When will students rush the ice rink? That would be hilarious, though dangerous of course.


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Also, I could have sworn fans rushed the field in 2005 versus Penn State.

Nope. The players did rush the stands, though, which was the first time I can remember that happening (meaning since at least the mid '90s).
On the other hand, the Penn State fans in attendance were absolutely gearing up to rush OUR field if they won.


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Yea I didn't really think that was a time to storm the field. However they might think it could be the biggest win they will get all year and want to enjoy it.

I'll play devil's advocate here:

What if we beat OSU this year and the students rush the field. How would you feel about that? OSU would not be at the top of their game, but for us it would be the first victory over them since 2003 (last year left out). For the seniors it would be the first time they have seen an OSU victory (and they haven't seen a MSU victory either).

I know they are different situations, but just think about it.

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So the moral of the story is don't drink and rush?  Seriously, though, it can be dangerous (just ask any Wiscy fans with long memories).  If you do decide to rush the field, be safe.  1997 was a banner year for rushing the field/court/ice.  South U was mayhem after the osu game.  Until someone climbed about 30' up a tree and fell out. 


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Id hate to be in the first few rows of the student section, knowing my decision to storm the field is going to determine whether or not another 20k of people are going to follow me.  How ackward would it be to jump down on the field and have no one following you.


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Done that.  Wiscy 2008.  I was row 4 in the student section and the people behind us were screaming at us to rush the field.  I was second over the wall after a guy from the first row.  The first guy was grabbed by a security officer.  The same officer tried to grab me with his free hand and I ducked.  Realizing I  had just evaded an officer I took off sprinting towards mid-field without looking back.  I made it all the way out there to turn around and notice that the other students were definitely NOT rushing the field.  It was simultaneously one of the craziest/most exciting/loneliest moments of my life.  The best view of Michigan Stadium I've ever had though.

Before anyone gets all "you shouldn't have rushed against Wisconsin blargh..." realize I sat through the horror, 2 home OSU losses and countless other painful games as an M fan.  Also, largest home comeback in Big House history in game 500.  Totally worth it and I would do the same thing again.



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Haha.  Nope.  I actually ran with the team over to the corner, sang "The Victors" and then wondered: "what now!?"  So I walked back over to the steps leading up into the student section from the field and an usher realized I wasn't supposed to be on the field and told me to come back into the stands.  So I did.  No repercussions. /endofcoolstory


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I was on the front row at about the 17. I was the first over and the security guard grabbed me and sent me to the stairs so he could (presumably) go after you. I walked to the stairs and then ducked away when I noticed the guard was not paying attention to me anymore. I then went over to the corner to sing The Victors next to RR. I was suprised more people didn't follow us over, but it was still fun. I hung out on the field for another 30 minutes or so and no one said a word. I'm with you; it was the 500th game, the largest comeback in the Big House, a dramatic win over a ranked team in what we were sure was another lousy year, and Wisconsin looked like the best team in the Big 10 (and then tanked)-- Why not celebrate?


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Why not  celebrate indeed.  I sure have memories I'll never forget of jumping around with Threet/Odoms/Hemingway et al. after a crazy comeback win over a top-10 team in the Big House. Cheers Sir that you sacrificed yourself as the first over which allowed me to get out on the field to celebrate.  I'm glad that you ended up getting into the corner with the team as well.

Were you there when Cody Martin, the Drum Major at the time, was begging the ushers/security to let all the students onto the field?  I remember him pleading with the security folks and then looking at all of us and saying "When we do this against the Buckeyes next year, you're all coming onto this field..."  Sadly, it wasn't to be in 2009 but I fully support a rushing of the field if Michigan beats the Buckeyes this year.  Do it for Cody.

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The ending of that game was badass. The only reason Michigan fans didn't storm the field after Under the Lights was the long drop and the security folks basically pointing pepper spray at us--and that was an unranked ND team we've now beaten three straight times.


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Let them storm the field if they want.  I think it's safe to say that had we played OSU in '08 at home, and won, we definitely would've stormed the field. 


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Not totally. I think the general sentiment of our fan base in '08 was optimism at best and uncertainty at worst. From what I gather, the sentiment amongst OSU's fan base this year is uncertainty at best and flat-out dread at worst. 

I think the sentiments of OSU fans this season are more comparable to the sentiments of our fanbase towards the end of last season (specifically after the Purdue win): things are looking up a bit after a rough stretch, but everyone is afraid of what's coming and no one feels confident about the future. 


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who cares if OSU storms the field? Wisconsin was in national title talks just the week before and im pretty sure everybody, including OSU, thought Wisconsin had this game in the bag. Add that to a dramatic 20 seconds left in the game touchdown pass from your shitty freshman qb and youd prolly be pretty excited too. BEAT OHIO STATE. that is all.


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I don't see what the big deal is in storming the field.  It was common during the Schembechler years when we were a top 5 program and wins over Ohio State weren't a rare thing.  In 1982, in Anthony Carter's last game, we beat the living snot out of an awful Purdue team 52-21 and the students stormed the field and tore down the goalposts because we locked up the Rose Bowl birth.  Of course, with the field being higher, it was much easier to rush the field in those days.


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I was also on the field at the end of the 1982 game.   I got to the sideline around the 20 (I am probably somewhere in the lower left of that photo) and practically ran into Tony Gant.    I am 6' 1", but for some reason he seemed enormous and I somehow felt I was on a field that belonged to the Titans.  I regret to say that I retreated to the stands.

That said, I am very much in favor of students (hell, all fans) storming the field and I would like to see them do it.  So, here's a question:  you mentioned that the field is lower and that is exactly right.  Is it too low for people to jump safely?  Have the Michigan students EVER stormed the field since it was lowered?  I have wondered whether part of the Althetic Department's reason for lowering the field was to prevent fans from getting on the field (because, you know, that would be fun and enthusiastic and leave the department with less control).


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The field was lowered in 1991 mainly because it was so high up, fans in the first several rows couldn't see because of the football players on the sideline blocking their view.  I think it being hard to reach the ground was just an added bonus for the athletic department.  The student section did "rush" the field after the 97 and 03 OSU games but it took a while to do that. 

Skip ahead to 9:06 (1982 Purdue) and maybe you'll find yourself...



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the screen shot I have of the 1985 rushing of the field. I switched my avatar back to it for comparison. (I was in that mass on the field for that one.)

Either way, unless the NCAA comes back and hits OSU hard with sanctions (i.e., does more than tacitly agree to self-imposed sanctions), between now and Thanksgiving weekend, I think we are going to see a recovering Buckeye squad with retuning offenders gain momentum. Thus, rushing the field after the drought we have suffered is totally justified.

Also, I have no problem with the OSU field rush. It has sucked to be a Buckeye this year, and the last minute nature of that win (when it was supposed to be a Bucky Badger post MSU resurgence curb stomping tour) must've felt good. Keep in mind - that game was also a key Leaders Division match up.


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I assure you, if we beat Ohio State, I will be attempting to rush the field.  If other students don't participate I will be very sad.  To me, any win over Ohio deserves a field rush.  Beating our arch-rival at home deserves it.  If they entered the game 1-10, ok, then maybe not, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. 

I do encourage those of you attending the game to have this in mind when it hits the 4th quarter haha.  I'm not predicting or expecting, but just be prepared to do it


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Storming the field is a hard to define kind of thing. Some ppl think you should never do it, some want to do it so badly they'll jump at any chance.

For OSU this past weekend, it was for many reasons. One it was a rowdy night game against a new almost rival for revenge. We had this, "we're back baby!" moment. We realized our freshmen QB, while still a freshmen, is going to be a future star. We have Big Ten title hopes still alive. Bret Bielema just got nut-punched for the second week in a row. All legitimate reasons if you ask me.


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I thought for sure Ohio State would be a 0.500 team after that game.  The fact that they now sit at 5-3 (2-2) and now are in contention for the division.  That game was a pretty big deal.

Ohio State has the following games





If they beat Penn State head to head that will give them one loss.  Penn State has the following games





Don't look now, but if they beat Penn State head to head - we will be playing to knock them out of winning their division.  Rush the field when we win?  Yeah.  I would say so.


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Actually we have to beat PSU and have PSU lose another game, (they have already played Illinois so they have Neb at home and go to Madison to end the season) which is plausible. I'm hoping for a The Game prt deux in Indy. It's a long shot, but I'd love nothing more than to see a rivalry game again and the Big Ten's most storied programs showdown for the first ever Championship Game.


October 31st, 2011 at 3:30 PM ^

You're right.  I was just going to edit that.  Penn State has to drop another game - but with that schedule the liklihood is very high they will.  As far as another "The Game" in Indy - man that would be a long shot and a lot of teams would have to lose some games they shouldn't.

For us Michigan State would have to drop a game and we would have to win out.

Michigan State has





They should be favored in all those games and will most likely win out.  Iowa or Northwestern would be the most likely candidates for losses.  But probably won't happen unless Sparty melts down.

Michigan has





All are going to be tough, but we can't afford another loss so we have to win out - I just don't see Sparty losing 2 games, so if we lose to Ohio State then we are not going to Indy.  That makes it interesting in the Leaders for Ohio State.  An Ohio State loss to Michigan means that Penn State would have to lose 3 games, and Wisconsin would have to drop another game somewhere.

So for review -

Legends for Michigan to win

Michigan wins out and Michigan State loses another game.

Leaders for Ohio State to win

Penn State loses 3 games (one of which is to Ohio State).

Wisconsin loses 1 more game.

Ohio State only loses to Michigan.

Michigan would have the Legends by only losing 1 game with everyone else at 2+ losses.

Ohio State would have the Leaders by head to head versus everyone with 3 losses and under the previous scenario everyone would have 3 losses in the Leaders.

It could happen, but man what a long shot it would be.


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Maybe Im in the minority, but I don't think that JUST beating tsio justifies a field-storming. I think that if a win would clinch our spot in Indy and it was a close, fierce battle then its a go. At that point, the team accomplished something. Conversely, if we're out of the race and its not much of a game the the fanbase comes off as desperate looking. This is Michigan FERGODSAKE, act like we've been there before...even if some of us haven't.



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re wondering when Michigan last rushed the field, we did it in 03 after beating osu and locking up the big ten championship. was in row 2 as a senior, and as the word filled thru the student section that everyone was going to rush, security came out and filled around the stadium with a few minutes left in the game. we were sure we'd get arrested or something as the first few over, but instead cops were holding their hands out to help people drop down without getting hurt.

/cool story bro