Ohio State's Fraud Schedule

Submitted by alum96 on November 21st, 2015 at 8:52 PM

Easy to say in retrospect but OSU had not played a ranked team all year and only played 1 P5 team that as of tonight has a winning record...until tonight.   PSU.

Sagarin is not end all be all but look at their weak ass schedule coming into the night.  When you play creampuffs all year and then finally get someone who is in your weight class it tends to be a shock to the system.

Much like the B12 teams we mock for playing no one early, OSU was a relatively unknown quantity.

(if curious, Utah 19, MSU 21, NW 42, BYU 48 for comparison... oh and UM is 12)

Also fuck OSU.

VA Tech 43
Hawaii 159
No Ill 69
WMU 73
IND 83
MD 82
PSU 39
RUT 95
MN 72
ILL 68




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Yes.  The way their conference schedule set-up (two hardest games at the end) certainly made them a fraudulent contender.  Like most other big time teams, they did schedule one tough non-conference game (or so they thought years ago when VaTech was put on the schedule).  I'm not going to blame them for having a candy-ass schedule to this point.

But, they had a candy-ass schedule to this point.


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pretty accurate comment though i respect scheduling va tech and no ill (whos been quite good for that level of play).  cant do anything about the strength of conference schedule or how it unfolds as thats a league matter but like most others i respect the programs that try to schedule 2-3 non-conference heavy hitters (even if theyre opponents like oregon state, theyre still power 5 programs scheduled years in advance with the the chance of being good ball clubs).  

1 cupcake (or non power 5 opponent) should be the goal for all legit programs


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It's not a dream scenario. But this would be an epic end to the season.

MSU beat OSU. Michigan took care of Penn State.

OSU...already reeling from a HOME loss, heads to Michigan and losses at around 330 pm.

MSU, knowing the outcome of the OSU/UM game. Knows they need to beat PSU to get to the championship game. 

Penn State wins in East Lansing on several "Sparty NOOOO!" moments. 

Michigan goes to the B1G championship game as MSU and OSU receive their second conference losses of the season.


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Iowa's resume is about as unimpressive as MSU's except that MSU actually has two marquee wins now (no matter how lucky they got to get them)

Iowa's beaten one team of relevance in convincing fashion: Northwestern. Everything else is nothing. If the B1G title game is Iowa-MSU, it's basically a matchup between the 3rd & 4th best teams in the league at best


November 22nd, 2015 at 12:45 AM ^

Shit you scared me.  I read "Cook" and thought you meant Brian Cook was out for the season...  That said, I wonder if deep down Brian is conflicted by wanting Sparty to lose but secretly rooting for Connor Cook since all Cook's gotta pull for each other.  Kind of like me with Tom Brady when the Lions play the Patriots.


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Im calling it Hangover Saturday...OSU devasted depressed with no CFP available ..and will be worn out and exhausted physically and emotionally...players decalring they are leaving, will be flat and emotionless...MSU will be reading all their press clippings , beat up and worn out..typical letdown after big game


BOTH lose and we move on


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you bet there's a chance.  no ranked opponents on their schedule prior to today and their stars are whining abou their last game at the shoe b/c they all think they are going pro.  


November 22nd, 2015 at 1:14 AM ^

that most thought could turn it on when necessary, given that most of the National Championship team was coming back.  Clearly a terrible clubhouse coaching job for the year by Urbz & Co. 

Pre-Spring Outlook on Ohio State in the Big Ten:


National Championship. That’s the expectation for Ohio State in 2015. The Buckeyes return 14 starters from last year’s national title team and have the top quarterback depth chart in college football. The defense needs to reload at end, tackle and cornerback, but this unit should be among the best in the nation. The schedule is manageable with Michigan State and Penn State visiting Columbus. Road trips to Virginia Tech and Michigan will be a challenge. However, Ohio State should be favored to win its all of its regular season games in 2015.

- See more at: http://athlonsports.com/college-football/ohio-state-buckeyes-2015-sprin…


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had a bad game. the weather surely slowed the field down some helping sparty. But before we talk a lot of trash about the buckeyes lets at least wait until we beat them first.


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OSU's schedule was basically ours, they had a bad game and poor play calling. MSU got lucky again, that being said, MSU has a great dline and that coupled with their oline is why they stayed close.

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week after week after week, that should be a clue that they aren't really lucky, they're just good, and Dantonio is a far, far better coach than Harbaugh. They went into Columbus and beat an undefeated, top 5 team with their starting QB on the bench. When's the last time we were "lucky" enough to to do that?