Ohio spreading Hoke NFL rumors

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http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/barrier_noentry.asp?ReturnTo=&sid=… ($$$) No idea what Jabrill is reading but according to him, “I grew up a Michigan fan,” Peppers said. “I always liked the tradition from Mario Manningham to Mike Hart and all of those guys. The only thing that hurts Michigan at the moment is the coaching stability. I heard Coach Hoke has a lot of offers from the NFL on the table. I know I’m not going to go to a college because of a coach but if a head coach leaves they go into a whole new system and there is a new group of guys I would have to get used to and it just makes the process much more difficult.” It seems as these are stemming from Ohio bit Jabrill claims it is his own research.



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No i'm saying he is a junior in high school so he is 16-17 years old with a lot of pressure on him so he could be simply making excuses... At that age you tend to have a tough time telling people what they do not want to hear


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Maybe this is wishful thinking but I think Hoke will end his career at Michigan. This is his dream job and he is very passionate about Michigan. Just because there are offers on the table doesn't mean he's going to go. I'm sure they will talk about it and clear it all up.


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The story is obviously a lie and I'd be surprised if i wasn't Meyer spreading it.  That being said, somebody has got to get a handle on these twitter idiots who are tweeting these kids. I just took a look at Peppers' timeline (I don't tweet, I just follow people and somebody I follow mentioned him so I wanted to check it out) and it's clear that the kid is having a rough go of it with Michigan fans right now.  I'm not saying that's the reason he wouldn't choose Michigan, but it certainly can't help.


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Ironic, considering the ego-monster that is Urban Meyer is FAR more likely to bolt for the NFL (after a 9 day retirement to preserve his health and family life, of course.)


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Ohio has won 7* or the last 9 meetings with Michigan, just signed the #2 recruiting class in the country and is preseason ranked #4 in the country for the coming season and Meyer feels he has to resort to bullshit like this to compete?  Unbelievable.

* 2010 vacated