Ohio Police Release Documents Regarding Zach Smith

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Coincidentally ONE WEEK after Meyer announcers his retirement.  




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I remember seeing a few of the B&W but the color episodes are what I remember most.

I used to sing along with the theme song whenever I watched the show:

Come ride the litte train that is rollin' down the tracks to the junction

Forget about your cares it is time to relax at the junction

Lots of curves, you bet! Even more, when you get

To the junction

Petticoat Junction!

There's a little hotel Called the Shady Rest at the junction

Petticoat Junction!

It is run by Kate come and be her guest at the junction

Petticoat Junction!

And that's Uncle Joe He's a-movin' kind of slow at the junction

Petticoat Junction!



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“I ended up dropping the charges because Urban had the team attorney come talk to me and convince me that it was going to go to the media and he would lose everything if I didn’t drop the charges," she claimed.

It would not shock me at all if indeed the primary reason Urban did something was because it would either improve or maintain Urban's position, including try to quiet domestic abuse allegations.