Ohio picks up a 24th and 25th recruits

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For those of you interested in watching the race to the top of the B1G recruiting rankings, Ohio picks up Jamal Marcus, a 3* OLB from North Carolina who was deciding between Ohio and East Carolina... not a a signature recruit but he's enough that Ohio is inching closer and closer to us in the scout rankings...


EDIT: They also just picked up Kyle Dodson, making it 25 and passing us in the Scout rankings.


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I think that maybe posts like this miss the forest for the trees. We could probably *secure* our Scout victory over Ohio by filling up our remaining scholarship spots with 3* prospects, but that wouldn't serve us as well as banking those spots for more talented commits at positions of need next year. Recruiting rankings are only valuable in a broad way (are we one of the best classes in the nation?), not in a discrete, specific way (are we the #4 class in the country or have we dropped all the way down to #5?!)


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I almost always disagree with the idea of banking a schoalrship. Does everyone remember what it was like when we were playing at a super scholarship disadvantage during the early RR years? The bottom line is that attrition always happens and what looks like it will be a small class(I think this class originially was slated to be only 20 or 21) can balloon quickly.  Now I don't think the coaches should offer merely offer for the sake of doing so, but if you can find a guy that is maybe a bit raw or maybe can be a great depth guy, I think you should by all means offer the scholarship. 


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I find it amazing that despite Urban Meyer's unprecedented recruiting "magic" at Ohio State, and the flood of 4 and 5 *'s they picked up seemingly daily, we are still even with them or ahead of them.  And we have picked up very few recruits in the last few months.

They way some folks carry on, it's as if they are 20 classes ahead of us and pulling away.  The sky definitely is not falling. 

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Aren't they already full at 23? Am I missing something?

Also, Alabama with 28+ recruits again? Can someone who is more internet recruiting database savy than me put a list of Saban's recruiting classes during his stay there? Has he ever gone below 28?


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"He is rated a four-star prospect, and holds over 20 scholarship offers, including Auburn, Clemson, Florida, North Carolina, Notre Dame, South Carolina and USC. Marcus narrowed his choice down to two Ohio State and East Carolina before choosing the Buckeyes."



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On ESPNU, they just said that Ohio is expected to announce 23 players today. I thought they had 24 players committed/signed already?
<br>Am I missing something?


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Don't forget we have a five star deciding on Friday night, and we have a pretty good shot.  If we get Diamond, it will be awesome, but a top 5 class regardless of who we share it with is just awesome.


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Apparently, Ohio cannot exceed 23 (82 overall)...unless they give an excuse.  Yes, it's just that simple to avoid the sanctions imposed upon Ohio by the NCAA:



RT : Ohio St could add others today, but need to keep Big Ten informed about how/why gettiing to 82, must be at 82 for preseason


Then, about 30 minutes later, this tweet:


 RT : Jamal Marcus picks 


I guess it doesn't take long to find a bench rider to come down with a 4-year flu. 

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Dunn being one of the EE's.  I don't think it matters much whether OSU is at 23, 24, 25 or 26 for signees right now.  What matters is "82", and that only matters when we get to the spring/summer.  They know exactly what the numbers game allows them.  In the realm of NCAA recruitcheating, they aren't even close yet.

If I were Jaamal Berry, I'd be talking to my lawyer about serving probation at Cincinnati.

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Next year, they might have a class of just 15-18 kids.  The "Three" number does mean something -- 82 instead of 85; it just matters when and where you make the count.  What will be most interesting is whether we see any substantial attrition for less than clear reasons.

Berry is an obvious case that has nothing to do with Meyer.  If he is gone, teh suspicion level is nearly zero.  But if as a result of some brutal workout conditions this spring, OSU sees six guys transfer, then that is a very different matter.


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My father, longtime hockey coach and pure lover of the game would always respond when asked by his players who they were playing as such, " whoever shows up, and I hope they're good."
<br>As much as I dislike Ohio and their eerily similar resemblance to dog feces, I hope they're good everytime we play them, win or lose, it's beneficial to play the better competition for the resume as well as player progression.
<br>When it comes to losing recruits to them however ala Reeves, it makes me want to Brady Hoke thunder point through Brutus.


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This kid Marcus will not sit the bench and should be a 4 star recruit without a doubt.  I have seen a lot of film at the LB position and this kids is one of the most impressive this year.  I had heard about this kid from a friend who is a gator fan and was blown away when I watched the film.  This kid is a beast and I would take him over any LB in Ohio's class.  I would take him over any LB in our class also with the exception of Bolden and still would probably rather have this kid.  He reminds me of a young Clay Matthews but I think he just arrived on the scene a little late and some of the bigger programs didnt get in it with him until late.  This kid plays in beast mode and I think is on a different level from a few of their other LB commits. 


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We cannot do anything about them oversigning it is a fact of the B1G now with Meyer.  He has changed how things work.  I really don't think that we need to complain though because I honestly feel that we are going to be the only team that will be able to compete.